Sites Like Taskrabbit to Find Local Professionals

There will always be chores and many things you must do at home. But maybe work keeps you busy, or some other activity doesn’t allow you to do those tasks.

Now, you can find a local professional to do these tasks for you. Whether it’s shopping for some groceries, assembling a piece of furniture for your home, carrying boxes, or even taking care of your garden. This can be accomplished through TaskRabbit, where you can hire someone to do tasks for you while taking care of other things you need.

The people who perform these tasks on the TaskRabbit platform are called “taskers,” who offer their services on the website, and with one click, you can hire them to start working immediately.

Sites Like Taskrabbit

To register is very simple. You can do it with a Facebook account and add the task you need to do, placing the price you would be willing to pay. In addition, this application allows you to add an audio description and even photos.

However, this is not the only application dedicated to this activity. There are many other sites like TaskRabbit, where you can find people to perform your tasks.

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This is a U.S.-based site that connects freelancers with people who need to perform specific tasks based on their location. This site was born from the idea of how difficult it can be to hire people for jobs such as plumbers, bricklayers, or piano teachers. You can find two versions, Thumbtack and Thumbtack Pro.

The difference between these two is who uses them, the former is designed for clients, and the pro version is intended for workers. You can use Thumbtack to offer any service, from training your pet, installing a door, cleaning your house, massages, and getting a wedding officiant.

How much does Thumbtack cost?

The various costs of the different tasks can vary according to their execution or difficulty. For example, you can hire a music instructor for between 50$ USD and 60$ USD. Depending on the infested area, you can also get a person to fumigate your house if you need it for less than 500$ USD. Normally the price range on this platform is between $65 and $2,000.

Is Thumbtack reliable?

Internet users define Thumbtack as a reliable and easy service where people who have done work have had good results. As a result, there are very few reviews and negative opinions about this application.


It is easy to register and get a freelancer.

The site is reliable and checks its worker’s rights.

You can expect a good quality of work.


Poor customer service.

Unfriendly interface.


Official Site

Handy is a site similar to TaskRabbit, where you can find others to perform tasks for you while you perform other activities.

It is designed for business management, specifically for automating tasks, pre-sales, delivery, and sales on the road. With Handy, you will not have to worry about handling Excel or generating manual reports. Instead, this app keeps you informed with an operation that allows you to save battery and mobile data.

This app works with a high precision artificial intelligence for the location, avoiding the generation of false addresses through external applications.

How much does Handy cost?

You can try this application free by registering on the website without needing a credit card. However, now, the usage plans do have a cost. To start operating within Handy, you must choose a working plan.

These plans range from $19.99 to $29.99. It also allows you to contact the developers to establish a price for a greater number of benefits.

Is Handy Reliable?

What is said about Handy is not 100% positive since this app has very negative reviews regarding quality and functionality. In addition, there are multiple complaints about the treatment of customers and its services, stating that they do not work as well as they should.

On the other hand, it has very positive opinions as well. For example, it gives you the power to plan your calendar flexibly and much more comfortably.


  • You can download the app for free.
  • Create customized forms.
  • Compliance with the agenda.
  • On-the-fly invoice printing.
  • Daily summary through e-mails.


  • Some jobs are not worth it.
  • Irregular management.
  • Poor customer support.


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Houzz is an online site dedicated to interior design and home renovation. The main idea of Houzz is that a homeowner can find a local professional to do remodeling. This site is a place to get ideas you can do in your home, hiring experts with a lot of experience and advising you about remodeling your home.

How much does Houzz cost?

This software has a cost starting from $57.90. By paying the cost of this program, you have the opportunity to have client-worker communication, online payments, templates, and various 3D design tools, allowing you to create various products in conjunction with suppliers.

Is Houzz reliable?

The user experience on this site is positive overall. Thousands of users have reported having a pleasant experience using this platform. But, without a doubt, Houzz offers a different level of experience in home remodeling and decorating.


  • Reliability in the use of services.
  • A website with an easy-to-use interactive interface.
  • Moderate costs.


  • Bad experiences in terms of customer service.
  • The email subscription can be spammy.


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This is another jewel in our search for sites like TaskRabbit, basically with a similar operation. TalkLocal is a search engine that connects consumers and workers. Here you can find local professionals in a very effective and fast way. The idea of TalkLocal is to find a provider that suits the client’s needs.

How much does TalkLocal cost?

Using this platform is free. However, you must register with your data, such as email, phone number, and zip code. The price of each service depends on who offers it. There are multiple options where you can check various prices and choose the one that best suits your budget.

Is TalkLocal Reliable?

The reliability in using this great platform is quite high since it is effortless and allows you to be in direct contact with the professionals close to your location. Therefore, you can choose the worker who best suits your needs efficiently and quickly.


  • Ease of use.
  • Reliability of services.
  • Good price-service ratio.


  • Not available in all countries.
  • Unfriendly page interface.


Official Site

It is a website that connects property owners with local contractors, all for home improvement.

This website includes articles on decorating your home, cost guides, and an online booking system. Porch has become a partner for the home. It has more than 300,000 active professionals in the US.

How much does Porch cost?

Porch is a free system for homeowners. It also works for free for professionals who offer their services and want to grow their business. They offer a subscription program for $35 per month, a service that offers some extras, such as additional visibility.

Is Porch Reliable?

Porch has a great immediate response system. Yet, at the same time, they perform quality work in the minimum time possible. Undoubtedly, Porch users have had excellent experiences, describing them as the best or the most professional people they have worked with.


  • The site offers a quite professional service
  • Porch is overall reliable
  • You can expect a high-quality service done


  • Problems in communication with the client.
  • Inconveniences in the subscription of those who offer their services due to high regulations.


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Zaarly describes itself as a marketplace for things that have no market. It is a platform to buy and sell goods and services to people near your location. All this through your cell phone. All your trades are executed in real-time based on location.

How much does Zaarly cost?

As this site is similar to TaskRabbit in terms of operation, the costs and payment methods are very similar. You must agree on a price with the person offering the service or product for sale. The cost of this may vary depending on what you need to purchase.

Is Zaarly Reliable?

Zaarly is a reliable platform in terms of what it offers. Moreover, its reliability has increased as time goes by, making it a place in the market and becoming famous as the marketplace for goods with no market.


  • Good performance of the platform.
  • Reliable suppliers.


  • There are some problems in the communication between the client and the service provider.
  • Few options in terms of customer tastes.


Sites Like Taskrabbit

Official Site

Fiverr is a platform dedicated to buying and selling digital products and services, which means that everything this site offers has to be delivered in a digital format. They do not offer anything in physical format.

This is one of the most popular online portals in the world to earn money with odd jobs. It is also known as a site that offers one of the best freelance services on the internet.

How much does Fiverr cost?

Fiverr offers its services completely free. You can register and use the site without paying. However, Fiverr will only keep 20% of each transaction you complete. The prices of the services vary between 5$ USD and 995$ USD, which are the amounts that can be charged according to the terms of use. You can receive payments through PayPal or Payoneer.

Is Fiverr Reliable?

Fiverr is one of the safest places to find a person to do a project. It is certainly a safe platform free of scams and scams. Contacting a worker is easy. There are a lot of categories where you can find the service you need.


  • Worldwide functionality.
  • Reliable platform.
  • Secure payments.
  • Multiple categories for services.


  • Possibility of a worker not completing the task.
  • Difficulty in establishing a work-life relationship.


Sites Like Taskrabbit

Official Site

Bloomchase is dedicated to the same activity: bringing you professionals in the areas you need. Although their main office is in Atlanta, they operate all over the country and in Canada.

You must complete a simple online form to receive a list of the people available to you. You can also use the search engine if you don’t know exactly how much help you need. However, if you want to provide your services here, you must complete several steps to make your profile attractive to customers:

  • Allow them to check your criminal record.
  • Allow access to your professional website.
  • Let Bloomchase validate all your professional certificates.
  • Leave a link to your social networks so customers can get to know you.

As each professional will set the fee for their service, it is impossible to indicate prices. However, it’s interesting to know that they offer discount coupons, something rare on this online site.

We did not find a Bloomchase presence on customer opinion websites. It’s quite strange if we consider that they handle a large volume of customers. Something we liked: if you are a professional, they offer to put the Bloomchase Professional logo on your website.


  • They claim to have professionals in thousands of categories.
  • Professionals are subjected to an exhaustive process to belong to this platform.


  • You can only read references from previous customers on the website.
  • As a professional, the registration process is tedious.

It is a nice site to find professionals in various areas doing a great job. It’s easy to get experts near you and the information you need about them, personally and professionally.


Sites Like Taskrabbit

Official Site

This is a place that specializes in locating contractors for you. Contractors offer services for both domestic and commercial customers. The design of the Homeflock website is straightforward.

They claim to be more than just a contractor directory. They say they function as a public record of the good and bad of contractors. This way, you can find out what other people in your area think about the contractor you plan to use. The main categories include:

  • Architectural design
  • Carpentry
  • Electric
  • Engineering
  • General Contractors
  • Maintenance personnel

Each contractor establishes the value of their service. So you won’t be able to get a fee for a service from the website. Remember that the prices of the quotes you receive do not include taxes and other applicable fees.

The positive with HomeFlock is the opinions about professionals you will bring to your home or business. In addition, if a previous client is an acquaintance, you may be able to come personally and see the work.


  • You can find contractors’ positive and negative opinions on the website.
  • It includes information from state and federal agencies.


  • This online platform does not cover some important work areas.
  • It is not very easy to navigate the site.

Excellent contractor directory where you can find the one you need. The additional information they offer about their latest jobs can help make good selections. Knowing the negative feedback will also help you know what to expect.


Sites Like Taskrabbit

Official Site

This is a platform for getting freelancers. The design of your website is very contemporary and easy to use. They have more than 560000 workers willing to help you.

The operation is different from other platforms. First, you have to complete your registration to get a full user. Then you create an ad indicating the work you need them to do, the time of the relationship, and other details. Finally, your ad will fill a “Wonoloer” who will decide if he accepts your ad. Among the most requested ones are:

  • Warehouse Operations
  • General task
  • Delivery drivers
  • Food production

They do not make known what kind of fee they apply to charge for the service. It is logical to think that it will be related to the level of the work and the duration of the work. If they mention that they are transparent in the bills sent.

Even though you can’t find references on other websites, the information provided by Wonolo is excellent. They claim to receive a 97.8% customer satisfaction rating. Normally, their workers do the job well.


  • You save time by avoiding the selection process.
  • The satisfaction rate is very high.


  • Not available nationwide, only in major cities.
  • The policy on workers’ insurance is not very clear.

Wonolo is a time-saving platform for locating workers by skipping the selection process. If you like a worker, you can select him as your favorite. Just make sure you write an ad with the necessary information.

In the End

Looking for professional freelancers to do an on-site job is still better with TaskRabbit. Nevertheless, you can check out some of our other options if you want to get any task done outside that platform.

On the other hand, TaskRabbit is not essentially the best place for online tasks. As a result, you will probably find more use for Fiverr in this area.