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Somedays, you need to laugh. TheChive prides itself on being the best place to go to turn your frown upside down. This website has the world’s largest archive of funny pictures, videos, hot girls, hilarious fails, innovative photography, and art from the four corners of the globe. TheChive really is a one-stop place for all things funny, sexy, and original.

There’s nothing but awesome on TheChive, making it one of the best sexy and funny sites on the net. This website, full of visual entertainment, is owned by Resignation, LLC, and is independently operated. Each day, the staff working at TheChive search domestic and worldwide websites to find only the best for their daily submissions.

Sites Like theChive

Yes, this site is entertaining and funny, but it also knows how to give back to society. TheChive runs their own charity called Chive Charities. They collect money and boost awareness to give back to families and individuals in need. Veterans, kids, victims, rescue squads, fire departments, and more have benefited from this charity. Listed below are more sites like TheChive that are guaranteed to make you laugh. Enjoy!

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Funny or Die

Official Site

Our list of top men’s websites must include Funny or Die. This site is a massive collection of funny videos. Each day, user-generated and exclusive content is added to make you roll over with laughter. Celebrities and up-and-comers can add parodies and skits too.

Anything that’s considered funny can be added to Funny or Die. Just because anything can be added, it doesn’t mean it will stay. Funny or Die lives by its name. If it’s funny, it can stay on the site. If it’s not, it will die and be deleted. Your votes can help decide what survives or not.


Official Site

There’s a ton of things to discover on Cheezburger’s website. Are you in the mood for funny pictures? Search the Memebase, the fail blog, and the “I Can have Cheezburger” for one-of-a-kind entertainment. In addition, you can find pictures of funny animals, lists of interesting celebrities, and an entire Geek Universe on Cheezburger’s website.

This is one of the places like TheChive for quality entertainment about everything and anything. Every time you scroll down on this site, you’ll find something new to laugh at or share on your own social media account. We’re sure of it.

If you need a good laugh, Cheezburger is definitely the site for you; it has a little bit of everything! As one of the best free online blogs, you can literally spend days on this site and its affiliates. On the main page, you can find wholesome cat snapchats, funny women on Twitter, hilarious passive-aggressive letters, funny things parents have had to punish their kids for, and much, much more.

The Cheezburger also has a great group of affiliate sites, such as I Can Has, which is full of cat, dog, and other animal memes, gifs, and videos; Fail Blog, which, obviously, has all kinds of fails, such as dating fails, parenting fails, or tattoo fails; Memebase, which has, you guessed it, memes, all kinds of memes plus funny stuff such as the art of trolling and puns; and Geek Universe, with satires and comics about fave shows like Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead. Seriously, you can find pretty much whatever your humor is looking for on this page! Check out Cheezburger today.


Official Site

QuickMeme is all about memes. Meme’s here. Meme’s there, meme’s everywhere, on this site called QuickMeme. This site follows all the latest trends and laughable moments floating around on the internet today. So if something is popular, it’s bound to be on this website.

On QuickMeme, you can also upload your original ideas or click on “caption a meme” to write an original meme of your own with the collection of pictures on this site. If you love memes, you’ll love this site found on websites like TheChive.


Official Site

If you think spelling mistakes on popular items and storefronts are funny, you’ll love Engrish. This site is sad but true. When people can’t spell right or translate wrong, it can certainly be hilarious.

That’s why Engrish must be added to our list of websites like TheChive. A no-smoking sign that says “no smoking,” a bathroom warning translated to “the bathtub launches, step on the jar inner piston please!” and an outdoors sign translated to “no sightseeing while walking, no walking while sightseeing” are just a few examples of what to expect on this site that adds the ridiculous to writing.


Official Site

Lastly, on our list of sites like TheChive, we must add 9Gag. This site has gags, jokes, GIFs, WTF’S, and a ton of content unsuitable for work ( NSFW ). Don’t look at this site near children or your boss. You have been warned. 9Gag also has an app installed on your phone or tablet for awesome stuff on the go.

New posts are added each day, and you have the freedom to vote for the ones you love best, which will make those favorites move up to the first place. Then, with one simple click, you can instantly share the content you love on Facebook or a site like Pinterest. 9Gag is an adult-centric website for funny, explicit, rude, and idiotic content.

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Whenever you have a few minutes to spare or if you find yourself bored out of your mind, check out WildAmmo and find which stories interest you. You can easily share what stories you find stimulating or keep them to yourself. WildAmmo has pages and pages of interesting, funny, and informative stories. So stop being bored and start reading! Check out WildAmmo today!

The Oatmeal

Official Site

The Oatmeal is definitely a unique type of blog and is one of the best free blogs available. This site is described as a humor and webcomic site created by Matthew Boyd Inman, a cartoonist, in 2009. Inman updates his site regularly with occasional articles, fun quizzes, and awesome original comics.

If you enjoy comedy with a twist of realism, this site may be for you. The Oatmeal offers gems such as “My Dog: The Paradox,” a hilarious tale all dog owners can acknowledge, “The Oracle,” which really puts things into perspective, or “It’s Going to Be Okay,” a story about a plane crash survivor which an ending that will surprise you.

The Oatmeal can really give you something to think about, or it can give you something to laugh about. Whichever you prefer, you can find very clever versions of them here. So when you’re bored or need a spiritual lift, check out The Oatmeal; you won’t be disappointed.


Official Site

Just as the title says, this site is full of funny “junk.” Making fun of everything from politics to Star Wars, this site is one of the most popular blog sites for free. Check out humorous memes about politics, Twitter, WholesomeMemes, 4chan, Tumblr-Content, and much more. This site literally has hundreds of pages of funny stuff. You can sort by what you like best, and you and you can block what you don’t like. So if you have some free time and don’t know what to do with it, check out Funnyjunk and get your laugh on!


Official Site

Uberhumor is definitely one of the best free blogs online today. Advertised as the “funniest site on the net,” Uberhumor can deliver laughs day after day. Pages of new material are uploaded every single day; readers can’t seem to get enough. This site offers a variety of funny videos, pictures, memes, quotes, and humor-sided politics. In addition, every day, there’s a “Daily Morning Epicness” and “Daily Afternoon Chaos,” both of which include thirty to fifty funny memes, pics, posts, quotes, sexy pics, and gifs.

This site definitely can give you a laugh, a lift, or, sometimes, a valid way of looking at things with humor. Whenever you find yourself with a few minutes to spare, log on to Uberhumor, and get the most out of the day with some laughs.

The Onion

Official Site

If you’re looking for one of the best free online blog sites, look no further than The Onion, a satire site. It’s penned to be “American’s Finest News Source,” but the “news” isn’t exactly what you may find on the front page of the Washington Post. Instead, it’s news with a satirist spin.

Stories are about topics such as Serena Williams secretly having been using two rackets all this time to win or how a man can always fall back on a terrible job with “shit pay” if other, better jobs don’t come through.

Sometimes it takes twisting what’s really going on into something funny to get a much-needed laugh. Also, The Onion has many categories, such as Onion Social, politics, sports, local, entertainment, opinion, and video, in addition to links to a dozen other interesting blogs. So if you can’t find anything worthy of The Onion, it gives you enough links to find something you do like.


Official Site

WildAmmo is one of the best sites for blogging on various topics, not just funny ones. This site boasts articles about historical pictures worth more than a thousand words, simple tricks for homeowners, celebrities from their younger days, Harry Potter movie goofs, and hilarious improper sign placements. Some of the stuff is funny, informative, and random; all are entertaining.


Official Site

Laughing is better than medicine, and DailyHaHa gives you your daily dose of hilarity with each login. This vivid entertainment website is guaranteed to satisfy your need for fun and laughs. DailyHaHa has videos, pictures, flash games, and silly jokes that you’ll want to share with your friends and family. Create a free account to save your favorites, and be sure to check out the animated gifts that span a ton of different subjects.


Official Site

MetaCafe is home to millions of user-contributed videos and published works. In addition, you will find short video clips and full-length videos that you’re guaranteed to enjoy on these free-to-use websites.

MetaCafe is home to silly scenes on tv and in the movies and unbelievable events that have been caught on tape in real life. So if you want to see people acting stupid, getting hurt, and looking like idiots, this place is the place to go.


Official Site

This app can keep you laughing for hours. iFunny shows you random funny memes, photos, and other funnies, and you can vote if you like them. Besides, you can also create your own funny stuff and upload it to see if it can make it through moderation to be shown on the main feed.

Just remember, this app generally contains mature content and isn’t meant for children. However, if you’re an adult who likes humor, this free app is definitely one for the download list. Of course, you can also share your favorite funnies with friends too.


Official Site

This is another app that has funny memes, pics, gifs, and other anecdotes. In fact, it’s a competitor of iFunny, so it has similar humor with quotes, autocorrects, even Tumbler pics. There are dozens of fun categories to choose from, like fail compilations or stupid autocorrect, but you’ll want to see all of the funnies, not just a portion. Like the others, this is also a free app, and you can share what you find the funniest with your friends on other social media.


Official Site

Do you like JibJab? Well, IFUNFACE is similar; it’s an online fun video editor as well. With this app, you can put a funny face onto a funny character, making your own funny video. In addition, you can use pics from your very own gallery, upload a new one, or use one from the internet.

The possibilities are endless! See if you can make your funny short video go viral. You won’t know until you try! This app is also free, and you can share your funny videos on almost any social media platform you want. So have fun and show your friends how much they can have as well!