7 Sites Like Thingiverse – 3D Printable Designs

Since 3D printers became cheap, they also became something many people get in their homes. So, if you want to use yours right, we recommend you take a look at our list with 7 Sites Like Thingiverse – 3D Printable Designs:

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Official Site

3DExport is a platform where people can do many things, and everything is related to the world of 3D modeling. From tutorials to already made models, it is presented as an option for those who love the world of 3D modeling.

The site offers the possibility of buying and selling content among the users of the community. It is also a site that optimizes people’s teaching and learning since you can also get tutorials to learn from the basics to be a professional.

The page does not have a registration price and can be done for free without any problems. However, the internal prices of the products can depend on what you are going to buy. The most common range is from 50 to 130 $ per piece.

The site has several business partners and design software that works in conjunction with the site. This, together with the number of users, has made 3DExport a reliable premium site.


Platform available in several languages

Multiple contents in different categories


Complicated designs for people who do not know about the platform

Forced translation in some segments

3DExport is a great platform for all people who need to learn, buy, or sell their 3D content on the same page. It is also easy to use with a wide interface.

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Official Site

GrabCad is a page where you can get a lot of content relating to the world of 3D and modeling. It is also a site where people often share their ideas, participate in tournaments, and a lot of other activities.

The page has a lot of content to use. Its main strength is that people can share their own tutorials or buy content from the site’s official store. It is also a site where you can learn about CAD modeling.

The site does not charge anything to users logging in to share or learn about 3D modeling in terms of price. However, by having a store, you can get material with varied costs depending on your product.

Trust is not something that is missing within the page. The site is powered by Stratasys, a renowned firm within the United States. This, along with all the material that has been created by the members, and that is kept online, allows us to attest to the good functionality of GrabCad.


Multiple contents in various modeling fields

The working table included in the functions of the page


No support for mobile applications

GrabCad is a good site for those who want to create 3D parts and those interested in learning more about the world of modeling and the tools they need to use.

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Official Site

MyMiniFactory is a page where people have several options to explore and exploit all the features it has for the users who visit it: Printing, creation, and a blog with everything interesting in the world of 3D.

What the site offers is a lot of opportunities to exploit the ingenuity and creativity of people. But besides that, it is a site where you can buy pieces that have already been made by people. It also has a store to buy 3D construction equipment.

People can enter and visit the site for free without any problem. The cost comes hand in hand with purchasing products that can go from extremely cheap to great value pieces.

In terms of the trust, the site has achieved several important business partnerships. One of the most notable is a partnership with the game Fallout. Also, users have left positive feedback on the application and the site.


Extremely economical prices on high-quality parts

Available for use on mobile devices


Does not have a platform to design parts

MyMiniFactory is presented as a good option to acquire 3D parts or learn everything necessary to enter the modeling world. It is also one of the most economical platforms for printing parts.

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Official Site

CGTrader is a mixed platform where people can do multiple tasks. It is a page where work has been created and serves to design 3D parts.

The page has several functionalities. In addition to job opportunities, you have the opportunity to create pieces and sell them within the same site. There is also the possibility of printing pieces on the same page.

The price of the page is very varied. Logging in and starting to use it is free of charge. However, printing pieces or buying it carries certain costs for users. The same goes for sales, which leave a percentage for the page.

In terms of trust, the platform has received positive reviews, both in sales and in users’ treatment. Above all, it has received good responses on its platform.


It has multiple 3D printing options

Extensive catalog of parts for printing


No international shipping available

We can say that CGTrader is a high-quality site, both to work with and to sell parts to other users. The only thing is that it does not have a platform to learn with tutorials.

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Cults 3D


Official Site

Cults 3D is a French site dedicated to 3D modeling where people can upload all the content they create. The page has dozens of categories that are available so that the content is constantly updated.

The Cults 3D platform allows the creation, publication, and printing of 3D models. People can choose any options to use the platform and get the most out of it by selling or learning to use different modeling tools.

The platform can be used for free. However, the costs of the tools and selling merchandise are separate. People will have to pay a small percentage of the sales they make with their products.

In terms of trust, Cults 3D is one of the most important and renowned sites in the industry. Its users also attest to the trust that the site provides.


Multiple languages are available for the use of the page.

Affordable prices for everyone


The platform does not have much order in terms of categories.

High international shipping prices

The Cults 3D platform allows users to sell, buy, and learn functionalities regarding the 3D world. Besides, it’s a great idea to get a little more money on a platform with active skills and sales daily.

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Official Site

Pinshape is one of the sites like Thingiverse that is a great community created for people to share their pieces and experiences in 3D modeling. Within it, you can get a lot of information to innovate and get knowledge from other people.

The page allows you to get tutorials, anecdotes, and a lot of information about workpieces and printers to enter the world of 3D. Besides that, the community tends to be a great space for feedback where users constantly improve.

As for the price of the page, people can enter and use it for free. Many of its pieces are free to download, but others must be paid for. The good thing about it is that the pieces are usually inexpensive, with a price between 2 and 10 $.

The site has been on the market for several years. Since its inception, the community has been booming, and today, there is a large catalog of parts that are a symbol of confidence in the company.


Economical prices on a wide variety of parts

Free educational content


Few payment methods to purchase parts

Pinshape has proven to be a great community in every aspect of the word. People can sell their pieces, learn, and it has a fairly simple and easy to use interface.

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Official Site

YouMagine is a page created for users to share all the pieces they create. It is a site created to do the gallery function to download pieces while creating collections of their favorite pieces.

In short, the function of the page is to share the works of the users, which can be downloaded, shared on boards in collection mode, or shared with friends on social networks. It is a good forum to learn and improve modeling techniques while getting inspiration from other people.

The site is free to use. It has no internal microtransactions, and the pieces are free to download or share without any problem as long as the copyright is respected.

The site has gained trust since its conception. The key to gaining trust was its creators, who are renowned in the world of 3D and CAD modeling. After that, the community had exponential growth, and they constantly leave positive comments inside the forums.


Free downloadable parts (copyright must be respected)

Easy to use but elegant interface


It does not have a section for the education of people.

No subscription for new members

YouMagine is the ideal site for all those who are looking to improve in the field of 3D and CAD modeling. The feedback and teamwork have strongly marked the site, and it is what today allows it to be one of the most reliable platforms on the web.

In The End

Finding designs for your 3D printer is now easier than ever, so make sure to tackle some of these sites like Thingiverse and enjoy the best designs at the neatest prices.

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