12 Best Viral Video Sites Like TopBuzz (Now TikTok)

Best Viral Video Sites

Who doesn’t like viral news? The viral news is hot, trending, and what has to be seen by eyes worldwide. This kind of news can be found on social media and websites dedicated to such things. You can find articles, videos, pictures, and silly and sarcastic memes on these sites.

TopBuzz was one of the best websites for viral news and viral trends. On the TopBuzz site, you could find thousands of funny gifs, top news articles, trending videos, and more. If it’s something that has to be shared with the world, it was found on the TopBuzz website. New content was always refreshed on this site, so you knew what was happening at the moment.

You were never left in the dark with TopBuzz. This app was available for Android and iOS, notifying you each time something of interest popped up on their site.

Sites Like TopBuzz

Below, you will find more sites like TopBuzz for news and viral videos. Bookmark them all to stay current on trends, celebrity mishaps, and unbelievable events worldwide.

PS: This site has been replaced by TikTok, one of the most famous Apps in the last few years. It became available worldwide on 2 August 2018.

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In today’s world, everybody seems to be connected to the net. This can be a huge advantage since large communities have been created to share their points of view, and information travels freely.

Buzzfeed was launched to allow people to read, write, and share their posts and opinions. All you need to do is sign up using a social media account or email address. The Buzzfeed app is equipped with algorithms that learn about your preferences and customize your experience.

The more you use the app, the more it learns about what you like. Soon, you’ll see personalized videos, articles, animated GIF images, and news stories related to your interests. In addition, there are many sites like Buzzfeed, where you can create content and read what others have created.

BuzzFeed has vital journalism, quizzes, celeb news, and breaking stories on current events. BuzzFeed is a site to watch if you want to know what’s cool, exciting, and not-so-fun in the world.


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Not many of the apps can compete with this monster. For example, Reddit has over 540 million monthly visitors, and registered members can submit text posts or direct links and vote on what other members have shared.

The more votes it gets, the more visible it is to everyone else. The categories, or subreddits, are available for almost any topic you can imagine. And if it is not, go ahead and create it; soon, many others will join in. Although Reddit might not be the most pleasing to the eyes, Reddit makes up for its appeal by having a ton of content. This is one of the biggest websites in the world for viral news, discoveries, questions, and answers.

You can browse for hours on the Reddit website and always come up with something interesting. There’s so much content on this site that you’ll never see it in a lifetime. We guarantee.


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Flipboard is the less common option for sites like TopBuzz, but it shouldn’t be missed. This social sharing site is great for watching funny videos, catching up on scandalous stories, and reading about ethical controversies. Flipboard is a site like Pinterest, but for news.

This app can easily collect and share stories from productivity to food, technology, and holiday trips.  The content is gathered from CNN, ESPN, CBS, Fox Sports, Fortune, GQ, and much more.

It is a place for passionate people and world stories, all in one place. Download the app now to know everything you need, even on the go.

The News Republic

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You won’t find a fake video on this site called The News Republic. This alternative to TopBuzz has to break local and worldwide news every day. Best of all, it’s 100% free. The News Republic can tell you about the weather, news, silly trends, and fashion.

You can also personalize the content you want to see with each login. Save time by finding exactly what you want to see every time you use this application. The News Republic also lets you share what you find interesting on all your social media accounts with a single click. This site is great for coffee breaks at work or while waiting in line.


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NewsBreak offers breaking news and headlines from many different publishers. In addition, your feed can be personalized with news about kids, games, education, photography, astronomy, and many other topics.

You can also save the stories on your device and read them even when you are offline. Please browse through the channel showcase and find stories neatly organized into categories, block publishers you don’t like, and keep them from showing up in the app.

NewsBreak has breaking local news and events from all over the world. Personalize the content on this app to see what interests you and stay away from what doesn’t.

These personalizations can be changed at any time. NewsBreak’s information comes from trusted sources, so you’ll always know it’s real and not fake. News Break, just like News Republic, is great for short breaks from a busy day.


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If you’ve been searching for a site that shares a viral video of the day, you’ve come to the right place with DailyHunt. With this addition to our list of sites similar to TopBuzz, you will find coverage on hitting stories, sports information and scores, and the latest news of the day.

The people working at DailyHunt scour the web each morning to find only the best to share on their site. This guarantees that you’ll always be in the know without having to do the searching yourself. DailyHunt has news on everything, including entertainment, politics, and top headlines.

Fast News

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Fast News must also be found on our list of sites like TopBuzz. This viral news site has new viral videos each day, shocking headlines, scandalous celebrity mishaps, facts, and political events, all in one. Fast News is a fast and lightweight app that will be great for anyone that needs to know it all.

This app allows you to access all the best information concerning local and worldwide news. Choose what you want to see when you log in and compare newspapers of all kinds with Fast News. Click on the link above to start, and remember that Fast News is free!


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Digg is targeted at people of all ages. Of course, cricket-related articles are always popular, but so are trending news coverage and videos. One thing that makes this different from other apps like TopBuzz is its ability to get fascinating information about all the great subjects of the moment.


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Upworthy is one of those apps that focus on trending news. Over 50 million people visit them monthly, and articles, videos, and photos are shared with the readers. In addition, you can tailor the feeds you receive to match your needs and get local news and weather alerts wherever you are.

Instead of jumping through different news websites, get all your info in this app and save time. News that matters, entertainment you love, it is all here.


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Over 5 million hip-hop fans visit this site each month, making it one of the most extensive TopBuzz alternatives.

It has been dubbed “the CNN of hip-hop” and offers daily news, exclusives, and breaking news. It is also a good entertainment source, with the latest rumors and gossip stories ready to amuse you daily.

Get the low down and inside scoop on Hip-Hop stars in these legendary sections.


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DatPiff is a distribution platform to download and listen to free mixtapes and find hip-hop music, videos, and urban music.

It is an authority in hip-hop and has received sponsorships from major brands like Nike and VH1. As a registered user, you have a limited number of downloads per day, but all limits will be removed if you upgrade to a premium plan.


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Sohh is in the lead. Called by many the “best overall hip-hop site,” it has been online since 1996, making it the longest-running hip-hop community. It has millions of loyal visitors who come to read the latest trending news and watch videos of their favorite artists.