7 Best Viral Video Sites Like TopBuzz

Best Viral Video Sites

Who doesn’t like viral news? The viral news is what’s hot, what’s trending, and what has to be seen by eyes all over the world. This kind of news can be found on social media and websites dedicated to such things. On these sites, you can find articles, videos, pictures, and silly and sarcastic memes.

TopBuzz is one of the best websites for viral news and viral trends. On the TopBuzz site, you can find thousands of funny gifs, top news articles, trending videos, and more. If it’s something that has to be shared with the world, it’s found on the TopBuzz website. New content is always refreshed on this site so you always know what’s really going on at the moment.

You’ll never be left in the dark with TopBuzz. If you like TopNews you might want to download the TopBuzz app. This app is available for Android and iOS and it will notify you each time something of interest pops up on their site. With this app, you will always be in the know, wherever you go.

Sites Like TopBuzz

Below, you will find more sites like TopBuzz for news and viral videos. Bookmark them all to stay up to date on current trends, celebrity mishaps, unbelievably going on’s in the world and more.

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BuzzFeed is one of the most popular sites like TopBuzz for the best viral videos found on social media. On this site, you can find tasty food videos, recipes, DIY hacks, cute kittens, epic fails, and a whole lot more.

BuzzFeed has vital journalism, quizzes, celeb news, and breaking stories on current events. BuzzFeed is a site to watch if you want to know what’s cool, what’s exciting, and what’s not so fun, right now in the world.

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Reddit might not be the most pleasing to the eyes, Reddit makes up for its appeal by having a ton of content. Reddit is one of the biggest websites in the world for viral news, discoveries, questions, and answers.

On the Reddit website, you can browse for hours and always come up with something interesting. There’s so much content on this site that you’ll never get to see it all in a lifetime. We guarantee.

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Flipboard is the less common option when it comes to sites like TopBuzz but it shouldn’t be missed. This social sharing site is a great place to watch funny videos, catch up on scandalous stories, and read about ethical controversies. Flipboard is a site like Pinterest, but for news.

FlipBoard is a place for passionate people and world stories, all in one place. Download the app now to know everything you need to know, even on the go.

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News Republic

Official Site

You won’t find a fake video on this site called News Republic. This alternative to TopBuzz has to break local and worldwide news every day. Best of all, it’s 100% free. News Republic can tell you about the weather, news, silly trends, and fashion.

You can also personalize the content you want to see with each login. Save time by finding exactly what you want to see every time you use this application. News Republic also lets you share what you find interesting on all your social media accounts with a single click. This site is great for coffee breaks at work or while waiting in line.

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News Break

Official Site

News Break has breaking local news and events from all over the world. Personalize the content on this app to see what interests you and stay away from what doesn’t.

These personalizations can be changed anytime. The information on News Break all comes from trusted sources so you’ll always know it’s real and not fake. News Break, just like News Republic, is great for short breaks from a busy day.

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If you’ve been searching for a site that shares a viral video of the day, you’ve come to the right place with DailyHunt. With this addition to our list of sites similar to TopBuzz, you will find coverage on hitting stories, sports information and scores, and the latest news of the day.

The people working at DailyHunt scour the web each morning to find only the best to share on their site. This guarantees that you’ll always be in the know without having to do the searching yourself. DailyHunt has news on everything including entertainment, politics, and top headlines.

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Fast News

Official Site

Fast News must also be found on our list of sites like TopBuzz. This viral news site has new viral videos each day, shocking headlines, scandalous celebrity mishaps, facts, and political events, all-in-one. Fast News is a fast and lightweight app that will be great for anyone that needs to know it all.

With this app, you can access all the best information concerning local and worldwide news. Choose what you want to see when you log in and compare newspapers of all kinds with Fast News. Click on the link above to get started and remember that Fast News is completely free!

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