5 Social Media Dashboard Sites Like TweetDeck

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Twitter is a social media app that has hundreds of millions of users each day. When you post something, it can get buried quickly. Having a program that posts automatically can really help you get your posts seen. The more you post, the better your exposure can be.

Doing this all day can take up a lot of time that you don’t have. Luckily, sites like TweetDeck exist to make this much simpler. You can add the posts you want to share and set them on a schedule to post automatically.

TweetDeck is a social media dashboard that works with Twitter. Using TweetDeck is very simple. Start by creating a free account with your existing Twitter name. Then, take a few minutes to compose the tweets that you’d like to share.

From there, you can select the date and time that you’d like your tweet to be posted. With this program, you can tweet, reply, retweet, favorite, and send direct messages. You can also manage multiple accounts at once. TweetDeck is a great way to simplify the hecticness that comes with Twitter.

Sites Like TweetDeck

TweetDeck is great for Twitter, but if you use another kind of social media like Facebook or Tumblr to gain followers and share your brand, company, or daily adventures, you might also like the other social media scheduling sites like TweetDeck listed below.

Each one can be used with one or multiple accounts, can be controlled on your pc or smartphone and can be customized to your personal preferences. Check them all out to see which one works for you.

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One of the top social media tools and TweetDeck alternatives on our list is called SproutSocial. SproutSocial has many features and a very nice interface. This website gives you all the tools and data you need for every report you ask for.

With SproutSocial, you can access a social inbox, a monitoring section, a PDF creator for your reports, a queue system, browser add-ons, an RSS feed reader, and more. The only problem with SproutSocial is the price, it’s a little more expensive than the other sites like TweetDeck, but you will get your money’s worth. SproutSocial will cost you about $39 a month for 10 accounts.

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HootSuite is one of the best sites, similar to TweetDeck. This website knows how important it is to stay current with your social media accounts. The HootSuite dashboard lets you link your networks and displays up to five of your primary social media accounts.

HootSuite is easy to the eye and easy to navigate with its streamlined nature and features. There’s no need for extra pages. All your accounts can be viewed in one place. HootSuite offers a free service, and if you want to go pro, you will have to fork out a small fee of $5.99 a month.

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SocialPilot is an advanced alternative to TweetDeck. This website is highly recommended for those who have a lot to manage and don’t want to spend their days on social media doing everything manually. SocialPilot is a way to manage social media on auto-pilot. This website is an all-in-one tool to help with marketing, organization, and more.

Create posts, work with multiple team members, post on one account or across many, track all your activity, make your brand visible, use the bulk scheduling service to schedule hundreds of posts in advance, and more.

SocialPilot is basically an awesome way to engage your audience without spending all your time on social media. You can manage up to 3 social media accounts with 3 posts a day for free, or you can upgrade starting at $10 a month.

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If you need a good social media management site, SocialDraft is another top site like TweetDeck. This social media scheduler has a calendar like planning, bulk content uploads, the ability to connect Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram, and so much more.

SocialDraft will also suggest the best time of day to post your content, depending on your personal activity. This website gives you a free 14-day trial, no strings attached. If you choose to become a full-time user of SocialDraft, it will cost you $15 for a solo account, and $80 for a team account each month.

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Sprinklr is a great social media management website for small or large businesses. This site can help your brand through marketing, advertising, sales, research, commerce, and more.

You can link up to 21 social channels with Sprinklr on one integrated platform. Understand your analytics and control your email all in one place. Sprinklr is an automated social media tool that delivers a human and intuitive experience for every customer.

Request a demo to get started and see just how powerful this software is and how much it can help you rise in the ranks. Click on the link above to learn more about this amazing set of tools for any enterprise.

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