8 Sites Like Uncommon Goods for Original Gifts

original gifts

Are you looking for weird and original gifts or maybe even collectibles? Then this list is just for you. Have you seen how Uncommon Goods allows you to just any crazy sort of gifts? Well, this is not the only place where you can find some crazy and meaningful pieces to give on Father’s Day, birthdays, or Christmas.

Original Gifts

Check out these Sites Like Uncommon Goods for Original Gifts:

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Not On the High Street

Official Site

This platform will offer unique and original gifts for your loved ones. They have a catalog composed of various items, from products with a handmade touch to jewelry with expensive and elegant finishes.

You can access sections with gifts for men, women, babies, and seniors. It is very unlikely that you will not find the right gift at Not On The High Street.

On the other hand, the platform has a lot of discounts for being a student or entering with your email address. However, the student promotion is momentarily disabled.



They act as a middleman between small stores across the Kingdom and you. This sometimes results in customers not being satisfied with the service due to reasons beyond the company’s control.

Despite this, their products are of great quality, and you can find a huge variety of items for little money.

Personalization Mall

Official Site

This store maintains a more elegant style related to graduations or weddings. The style of items you will find on this platform is perfect as an original gift for this event.

On the other hand, they also focus on gifts dedicated to fathers. You can find a wide range of wallets, ties, and men’s items for a relatively low price.

In addition, a wide variety of discounts are applied to the various departments of Personalization Mall. You will even receive a $5 voucher for creating an account on the platform.



You will always find a unique gift to give that loved one here. You can’t find an item like it on another platform. In addition to that, its discounts make it the perfect choice for most people. We can only reproach its prices without discounts, which can be a bit high.


Official Site

This platform is entirely dedicated to the sale of handmade items. The origin of these is very varied. You can get products made by artisans all over the world.

On the other hand, their items are very varied. You can buy clothes, jewelry, paintings, beauty items, or decorative pieces with a cultural touch.

Regarding their prices, you can find products with different costs in their catalog. They have items for more than $100 or some with a more reasonable price below $25. It all depends on the type of original gift you want to buy.



All their items maintain an intimate style with the culture of their manufacturer. Depending on your tastes, this can be very positive, but we could also consider it a limiting factor. You won’t find products with more minimalist or western details.


Official Site

Poketo breaks the trend of gifts with handmade touches. Here, colorful products dominate, with well-marked creative nuances.

The type of items you can find is somewhat limited. While none of their products are the same or similar, there are a few options. You can buy accessories, fabrics, and office supplies, among other products.

Poketo also has a clothing section, which is not as large as in other stores. You only have hats, socks, and the occasional T-shirt.

As for the prices, they can be a bit high. A T-shirt with a Poketo-style design is priced at $40.



If you like the colorful and minimalist style, this is your store without a doubt. However, you should consider that you may not get what you want or the prices may be higher than usual.


Official Site

Within the Fun store platform, you will find items from pop culture. They are very varied products, all related to a movie, series, or video game.

You can find household or office items such as mugs or plates. They also have clothes with special designs, games, toys, collectibles, and even Halloween costumes.

You can search directly through their categories if you want to get a specific item. This way, you will find products with designs of the movie or series you want.

They ship to a large number of locations around the world. However, these can be a bit expensive.



This is the perfect option if you want to give a gift to a person who is a fan of a particular series. You will surely get the item you want within Fun. In addition, you can always request a home delivery without any problem. Just remember that it may be a bit more expensive than usual.

Catching Fireflies

Official Site

Catching Fireflies does not have a very defined style. There are many items on offer, but none of them sets a clear trend. We could not say that this store is dedicated to selling any kind of product.

However, within its platform, you can get household items, kitchen accessories, and some original gifts. These can be cards or other items, but it does not seem to be a very developed aspect.

We can only point out that they have fairly low prices. It does not include stock, particularly expensive items.



It is not a good online store. Since it does not have a defined style, no feature makes it stand out from the rest of the options available in the market.


Official Site

This platform has very simple gifts. We can find this kind of item in any store. It does not have a defined style and lacks promotions.

In addition to this, the prices are excessively high. The items you will find in other stores can be in the Gifts catalog for twice the price.

Despite this, the platform has good reviews from its customers. They are satisfied with the service provided and the quality of the products. They maintain that they are exactly what the platform offers, and there are a few problems with the payment process.



The items found on this platform are too expensive. Besides, there is nothing special about them. It is the same style you can find in other stores very easily and for a lower price.

They may have good reviews, but there is no reason to want to buy on this platform. We do not recommend using it if you want to buy a gift.

The Grommet

Official Site

When you enter the platform, you notice that they focus on gardening and outdoor work. Few stores have this specialization, so this is a point in favor of Grommet.

However, this is not the only thing you can find in their catalog. They also have toys, accessories, kitchen items, and products designed as original gifts.

On the other hand, the price range is quite flexible. You can get expensive items above $200 or other products for less than $25.



This platform is very good regardless of what you wish to buy. They have a certain specialization in outdoor items. However, it won’t hurt to check Grommet’s catalog to see if they have the product you are looking for. Undoubtedly, it is a recommended platform.


First of all, we must mention those platforms with bad service. We recommend you discard Gifts and Catching Fireflies. We can’t say that they have bad products. They just don’t have any characteristic style. Nothing makes them stand out from the rest of the stores.

On the contrary, the rest of the alternatives are perfect, depending on what you want to give as a gift. If you want to give something as a gift to a movie buff, you should head to Fun. Here you will find all the pop culture items you need to look for.

In case you want to give something more handmade, you should go to Not On The High Street or Novica. Both have items with this style. However, Novica has items with this trend more marked.

The Grommet is ideal for gardening items. However, you can also get other types of products. It is quite a diverse platform with perfect items for multiple situations.

Lastly, Pokebo can cater to those with a more artistic taste. Meanwhile, Personalization mall is perfect for creating gifts for memorable events such as events or graduations.

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