8 Delivery Bidding Sites Like uShip

Every minute and every hour of the day, there’s a truck rolling along the highway on its way to deliver the goods in its vehicle. But have you ever found yourself in need of a big shipper for something like a car or a statue? Did you know that numerous online sites let you add your item to their list and watch as others bid to be the ones to ship it for you?

Delivery Bidding Sites

This list is filled with ways to find great shippers and fantastic deals. For example, shipping a car through a company like FedEx would be very expensive, but you can save hundreds of dollars if you pick the right person on one of these online shipping websites.

uShip is one of the best delivery bidding sites in North America. This is also the same site that’s featured in the popular television series called Shipping Wars. If you’ve seen this show, you already know how the process works.

You bid, deliver, and if everything’s intact and you give excellent service, you’ll get a good rating. This rating system isn’t just part of the show; everyone who ships with uBid will get ranked. This lets the future buyers know just how great a shipper you are because the people who get the last bid on uShip aren’t always professional drivers.

Sites Like uShip

All it takes is the right size vehicle to tug the load and the wiliness to drive cross country on a deadline. The prices are very affordable on this site, but check our list of companies like uShip below if you want more options. There’s bound to be one that has the shipper made for you.

Visit uShip


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It is a shipping platform, personalized getting freight quotes, it is fast and straightforward, and it is an excellent service that allows us to choose which carrier handles our products, which gives us peace of mind and at the same time get the best rates and we can select the time how fast we need it.


  • This one helps us, not only in freight movement but also with quote information and pricing in minutes.
  • It is fast and easy
  • It gives you multiple quotes.
  • They will track your freight throughout the entire process.


  • This site does not allow us to store our information.
  • It does not send a quick response sometimes.

It is a fast and simple app that offers smoother international freight from importers and exporters, and retailers in the freight market. Although it has several toolkits, this service allows us to choose which carrier handles our products.


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It is a platform that facilitates consumer mailings, gives brands and 3 PLs e-commerce fulfillment powers, and facilitates sending mailings directly to the consumer through our service fulfillment solutions and our warehouse management software.


  • On this site, you have a quick solution for companies that have their warehouses.
  • Ensures you have the fastest and lowest cost shipping option for each order.
  • Quickly identify and combine orders.
  • It also manages purchase orders to help you replenish your suppliers’ stock.


  • This one is minimal, with no charts.
  • Relatively complicated in technology.
  • It has a slow turnaround time,

This app allows the Shihero customer to pick, pack and ship orders, scan barcodes and manage inventory. No matter where it is in the warehouse, it is a complete selection for companies with their warehouses. They are also quick to resolve any issues in their transactions.

A-1 Auto Transport

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With almost 40 years of experience, A-1 Auto Transport offers you experience and quality service. No matter what you need to transport. From trucks to cars and even boats and RVs, they will always be one of your best options. The services are offered not just in North America but also worldwide.

A-1 Auto Transport has also offices in almost all the major cities within the US, making them the most approachable transport service in the industry.

With all these advantages, you would think they are expensive, but you will be surprised! The prices are very affordable without sacrificing quality. Come see it yourself, their friendly staff will be happy to provide you with a quote that you will not be able to decline.

Post Bid Ship

Official Site

Post Bid Ship is the revolutionary new way to ship in the 21stcentury. This site makes it easy for both the sender and shipper to negotiate a fair price before making a deal. Post Bid Ship is great for small loads and huge loads that need commercial freights. Create your free profile on Post Bid Ship now to start shipping or bidding right away.


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This delivery website called Shiply is an excellent alternative to uShip. Shiply lets you start by adding an estimated size and weight of your item to get a free quote online. This quote can tell you how much to expect during the bids. The final cost can be much higher or much lower than your budget. Don’t forget to add a stop price to avoid getting the small end of the stick after delivery.


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CitizenShipper is a peer-to-peer marketplace for delivery men and women who want to help ordinary folk with troublesome items that need a bigger vehicle than a standard car.

On this site, you will find bids like the other sites mentioned above, but you can also find things like movers, ways to become a driver, a list of the best drivers at the moment, and more. In addition, CitizenShipper lets you track your shipments, explains all the terms, and lets you ask questions before both parties sign off on the deal.


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Our list of sites like uShip needs to include AnyVan. AnyVan lets you move anything, anywhere, and with each delivery, you will be given a free quote before being given a chance to publish your item online. So you can ship something small like a box of bees or an old broken-down ice cream truck if that’s what you want.

Take a picture of your item, add a short description of the sizes and approximate weight, and sit back until the bids come in. No deal is final until both parties have agreed on the rules and regulations.


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This online auction site for drivers specializes in heavy equipment, oil and gas equipment, drilling tools, asphalt and concrete, buses, agricultural machines, and more of the genre.

If you have a huge load that needs to be shipped, add it to this site now and watch as the bidding war begins to deliver your item for you. One of the best things about RBAuctions is that this online bidding website doesn’t require any form of payment until 120 days after delivery.