Create a Blog: 12 Good Sites Like Weebly To Do It

Years ago, people kept private diaries. Nowadays, the world has gone a lot more public. You can find billions of privately owned blogs open to everyone online. Blogs can come in all sorts of formats. You might find a blog on a specific website made just for that, or you might find a blog on a social networking site like Twitter or Facebook. You might not realize it, but your Facebook account is your own private blog. You add pictures, quotes, recipes, and anything else that might relate to your life and tell the world more about who you are on your social media account. These sites like Weebly let us be ourselves while others try to pretend they’re someone they’re not.

So if you’re searching for a new place to add content to your life, like your thoughts, ideas, and things that make you smile, you’ll love this list.

Sites Like Weebly

If you want to create a blog, there are several options to get started. And the best thing is that nowadays, you don’t need to know a bit of programming to become a famous blogger.

Therefore, here is our list of the best 12 sites like Weebly to get your new blog done!

Sites Like Weebly

Official Site

To open our list of 10 online sites like Weebly Style Blog, we have the most popular and outstanding content management system, with which you can create blogs and any website. It has almost ten years of experience and more than a thousand templates to start creating. features:

  • An ideal system for a website that frequently updates because the content is ordered chronologically from the most recent to the oldest.
  • You don’t need much technical knowledge to create your blog.
  • It has a system of plugins that can extend the capabilities of WordPress.

With WordPress, you can easily and quickly create blogs, corporate websites, online stores, booking management websites, business directories, and video channels, among many other things. Its interface is quite easy to understand. Its popularity and trajectory have consolidated it as one of the best online sites to create blogs.

Official Site

No, we are not confused and repeating the website. is not the same as, even though they are websites that we could call family. Call them cousins if you like. And the main difference is that they have different ways of creating websites. features:

  • It’s an open-source project site or “home” to the entire WordPress community.
  • You also have access to free WordPress themes, templates, and plugins.
  • It has a support forum, information on what’s new, etc.
  • The website is translated into multiple languages, although sometimes the templates and plugins may be in English only.

As you can see, even though they belong to the same family and sometimes serve the same purpose, and have different features and functionality. So visit the website and download for your web-enabled computer to start your blog like a pro.


Official Site

At Wix, you can create web pages very easily, and it’s completely free. You can create amazing websites with a professional look that you can easily edit and update.

Wix features:

  • No technical skills are required.
  • The websites you create are fully search engine friendly.
  • The editor is easy to use, allowing you to create your website according to your needs with the traditional drag-and-drop method.
  • You can use templates to create your website quickly or start from scratch with a blank template.

In short, Wix is right for you if you don’t have any technical knowledge of website creation but are still interested in having one of your own. It has many features and functions that you can use quickly to suit your tastes and expectations. On the downside, this is an old-fashioned marriage. Once you start with Wix, you can’t migrate your site to any other platform.


Official Site

Another online site to create a Weebly-style blog is Squarespace, with which you can create and manage websites very similar to the one mentioned above in our WordPress listing, Blogger, etc. For example, you can create online stores, portfolios, or blogs on Squarespace.

Squarespace features:

  • You will find everything you need to create a website within the same platform: domain, hosting, templates, and web management.
  • You can create an online store without plug-ins and forms, image galleries, and your own analytics.
  • The Squarespace platform is always stable. It does not depend on third parties, nor will you have problems due to incompatibilities.

Visit the website to see for yourself the many features and functions you’ll be able to enjoy on Squarespace when creating your website. It’s straightforward, so you don’t need much knowledge about creating websites to have your own.


Official Site

One of the most recognized content managers worldwide is Joomla, where you can find more than 10,000 components to add to your website. There are about 30 million websites created with Joomla, so it is quite accepted and recognized.

Features of Joomla:

  • You can manage all your websites, modifying and adding new options or features quickly and easily.
  • You do not need advanced technical knowledge to create or manage your website. Basic knowledge of Microsoft Word or some other text editor will be more than enough.
  • It is free software so you can use it for free.

To sum up, Joomla is one of the main references in creating websites because of its easy use and the possibility it gives you to completely manage your website, adding or modifying what you want at any time.


Official Site

Medium is a platform where you can create your content, such as articles, analysis, etc., in a platform with an innovative, sophisticated, and impeccable look. And you can access it through the web and the app they have in both the app store and the play store.

Medium features:

  • You can edit and customize your blog or reading experience, adapted to your tastes.
  • You will access all the site’s functionalities and read what you want by paying for the subscription.
  • As a creator of your texts, you will be able to receive economic remuneration from the community itself and not from external advertisers.

In Medium, you can give free rein to your writing skills and clearly. The best is that you can generate income with your ideas and original content, making it an option to consider if you want to get monetary benefits for your creations.


Official Site

One of the most popular sites on the internet is Blogger, where you can create and publish an online blog with the content you want without writing code or installing server programs. It is quite popular and recognized by the community of writers or bloggers, so it has a firm foundation.

Blogger features:

  • You can edit and schedule your blog entries.
  • Design your templates to customize your blog without requiring technical knowledge.
  • Publish to custom domains.
  • Add images or videos with the post editor.
  • You can provide public access to your blog or restrict it and make it private.

This is just a shortlist of Blogger’s many features, which vary but offer customization options to adjust to your taste or needs.


Official Site

Jimdo is one of the most popular websites on the Internet. This site has a content management system, and you can create websites without requiring HTML editing.

Jimdo features:

  • Create and customize your websites.
  • Your website will be hosted on the servers of Germany, Japan, and the USA.
  • You can use the paid service of Jimdo Business to create domains and have 50Gb of storage on your websites.
  • Available in 8 languages.

Besides, Jimdo’s interface is based on a simple system for easily adding, moving, and removing items. You can even add your text or images or those of other platforms like Youtube or Flickr. It’s also fully customizable with your templates or default site templates.


Sites Like Weebly

Official Site

Tumblr is currently one of the most popular social networks for blogs. Thus, surpassing others like Medium and WordPress. It’s effortless to create a blog on Tumblr and add all kinds of content, you don’t need absolutely any knowledge to do it, and you’ll certainly love it.

Tumblr features:

  • You can publish and share content such as GIFs, links, stories, photos, videos, and songs; in short, you can think of any content without distinction.
  • Besides, it’s free. So anyone can create a blog on Tumblr.
  • Customize it as much as you want, without limits.

Tumblr is known in all blog communities, no matter the topic or genre, and already has 440 million blogs created in different languages, with content, fresh ideas, and anything you want to find.


Sites Like Weebly

Official Site

To close our list, we have Ghost, a content management system under an MIT license and written in JavaScript. This is another option to consider if you want to create your website.

Features of Ghost:

  • One of its main features is using pure HTML markup to create your websites with Ghost.
  • Working on the Ghost platform is easy and simple.
  • You can create entries, edit, and manage menus, tags, or categories quickly and easily.

Every website featured in this list has characteristics that set it apart from the rest, and Ghost is no exception. Its features are multiple, and working with it is extremely easy. So if you are interested in creating your website, you should consider Ghost among your options.


Sites Like Weebly

Official Site

Jekyll is one of the top blog hosting sites many people don’t know to think about using. This free blog lets you turn your plain text ideas into a strategic website and blog easily and without complications.

You won’t find any annoying updates on Jekyll that need to be installed, nor will you find any comment moderation or databases. This site is a place to write and read without any written judgment. If this kind of blog you want, sign up for a free account.


Sites Like Weebly

Official Site

Yola is a place online that lets you create your free website. This free website builder has many tools and features that you’ll enjoy if you’re starting in the field or an expert.

Yola is great for individuals and businesses, and every post added to this site instantly adds to major players like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. So start making your own free Yola website now. Premium features are also available with a paid account.

In the End

Creating a blog in 2020 is way easier than it used to be. If you think your blog can evolve to a full-powered website, WordPress solutions are your best choice. On the other hand, if you keep things simple, Medium, Tumblr, and Blogger are cheaper.

Also, there is Wix, which is famous for the possibility of adding full site plugins to your simple life blog. Ultimately, it is up to what you want to create, so visit these sites and start your blog!