5 Cell Phone Shopping Sites Like Wirefly

Cell phones have become a fundamental element of our lives. They allow us to be in continuous communication with family, friends, and colleagues, and since the appearance of the Smartphone we can do many more things, such as managing social media or bank accounts, edit photos and videos, play games, among many other –And more advanced- functions.

The rapid advance of these technologies practically forces us to change our mobile devices every so often, but other factors such as deterioration, work demands or wanting to make a gift make us approach a store.

Sites Like Wirefly

Now, you will not always want to go shopping, and sites like Wirefly are a great option to avoid going out. But Wirefly isn’t the only choice, so we have prepared a list with the 5 best options available for you to buy a nice cellphone online.

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My Rate Plan

Official Site

Initially, in order to make any purchase through My Rate Plan, you have to register a user through your email. Once you are done, you can make a purchase through this site, if you do not do the same you can use their tools to analyze models of phones and service providers.

With an availability of 192 mobile plans in the repertoire, this website shows a tool that will let you know which plans are available to you based on your habits of use and consumption, taking into account what you need in terms of calls, mobile data and text messaging, even analyzing the possibilities according to the phone models that you search for.

You can also see a list of the latest cell phones added to their stock or according to their “hot offers” section.

It is particularly interesting that My Rate Plan will show you when choosing a cellular model all the plans available with the different operators for that specific model.

In addition, they are recognized by the Better Business Bureau(BBB) and have been on the web for 20 years, generating enough confidence for many people to choose their platform to buy cell phones. They also offer extra services such as remote help center, business support, credit cards, mortgages, among other things.

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Wireless Emporium

Official Site

Wireless Emporium is an online store for after you bought your cell phone since they are exclusively dedicated to the sale of cell phone accessories. They offer a 15% discount to registered users or insiders applicable only to the first purchase, and they may send codes for discounts that you can apply at the time of paying your order afterward.

Once you cancel the order, the shipping process immediately begins. In case your purchase exceeds $ 20, the shipping is free; Of course, make sure you place the shipping address correctly to avoid inconveniences in this part of the purchasing process. They ensure that the package normally arrives between 1 and 3 days, but this is subject to certain variables.

You can enter the site and choose accessories depending on the brand and model of your cell phone, once you have entered this information you can choose between the accessory categories:

  • Cases and covers
  • Wallets and clutches
  • Screen protectors
  • Chargers
  • Cables
  • Batteries
  • Montages
  • Bluetooth and audio

You will also find daily offers and your credit card data is protected by SSL encryption provided by the Shopify Secure Company.

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Official Site

We consider this site to be the first option of our list that is a direct seller. Here, you can buy both the mobile device and the line or sim card.

When you enter Tracfone you will notice that the design of this online store is very simple and, since it is a service provider, they do not have a wide variety of cell phones at your disposal to choose from, but they do have a good selection.

As they indicate on their site, they only sell phones of reliable brands, but they also offer the possibility of you only purchasing the telephone line and keeping your current cell phone if that is what you want, the advantage is that you become part of a 4G service LTE with national coverage, with the additional option of keeping your phone number or your current network.

They differ from other similar providers in the sense that they do not sell contracts with their products, you are free to take a pre-paid plan that suits the use you make of your cell phone; these are generally accessible plans, although low in volume, but ideal for those who make limited use of the cell phone’s content.

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Official Site

When you need to buy a high-end cell phone Cellhut is one of the best options available.

But not if you look for massive discounts, they do offer discount codes to registered customers in occasional purchases, but it is not common to receive these codes.

We must point out that this is also a physical store, located in the city of New York (Pennsylvania). Since they are a physical store you must understand that their stock is not as wide as that of other online stores, but the advantage is that you can go directly to them to get advice on some aspect of which you have doubts or need help.

One advantage of Cellhut is that it not only accepts payments with credit cards but also receives payments through PayPal, this is great if you are abroad and do not handle credit or debit cards with funds in USD.

You can find cell phones of all kinds, as well as accessories. As an added value we can mention that you have access to 11 e-commerce functions to better serve your customers. In addition, most of the customers who have used their services are satisfied with the overall results of the experience.

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N1 Wireless

Official Site

Enter the N1 Wireless website is to connect with a very wide network of products at your disposal.

Of all the online stores on our list, this is the one that offers its customers the largest variety of items, you will find cell phones of different generations, sim cards, video game consoles, charging banks, headphones, home theater, and many other things plus.

To buy with them you will obviously need to register a user, having to provide certain personal information such as email address, names, and physical address, among others.

But don’t worry, to protect this and your purchase data, they have established an alliance with the company Signifyd, dedicated to identifying scam sites.

They say they are customer oriented, so they constantly seek to offer offers on their products up to 75%, which includes state-of-the-art smartphones in brands such as Samsung; LG, Sony, Huawei, among others.

When you access their home page you come across the offers of the day, the latest items added to the stock, and main product categories featured items and best sellers. The site is simple to navigate and very intuitive, well organized, so you can always access what you need from the search engine or through the selection of categories.

At the End

Making purchases online is increasingly common, and with the selection of websites dedicated to the sale of cell phones and related items, you can trust that you will get your ideal item.

You have access to other items such as headphones, cases, chargers, screen protectors, among other things.

Just remember to choose a platform with which you feel confident, some offer free shipping under certain conditions such as Wireless Emporium, others, such as N1 Wireless prefer to offer discounts on the prices of their items.

Do not forget to read the terms of use well of any of the pages that we have presented to you to avoid inconveniences of some kind and ensure that you have a happy purchase and a great new phone!

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