6 Best Video Sites Like WorldStarHipHop

Sites Like WorldStarHipHop

Launched in 2005 by a Queens-based hip-hop fan, WorldStarHipHop is one of the world’s top hip-hop content aggregating video blogs. This means the website scours the internet searching for hip-hop-themed videos and adds them to the database to be posted.

There is also plenty of other content, from the WorldStarHipHop naked girls to WorldStarHipHop fights to some with public shaming, which has earned the website a reputation for being more of a shock site on several occasions. Due to its large fan base, WorldStarHipHop has been chosen as a platform by many artists and bands to debut their music singles, videos, products, and apparel.

There is a WorldStarHipHop store where you can purchase various items, from shirts and hoodies to bags or phone cases. The hip-hop world is enormous, and one single website can’t be enough to gather it all, so here are some of the best video sites like WorldStarHipHop you should take a look at.

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DRAMA CITY HIP HOP Is the closest-looking website when it comes to WORLDSTAR HIPHOP. The website, which Was 1st called drama614, would only post Columbus Oh and surrounding cities. However, it has now taken on the same look and feels as WSHH while posting hip-hop videos, viral videos, and urban news. You can also submit your music video to the website to gain talent exposure.

Vlad TV

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This WorldStarHipHop alternative is the world’s leader in celebrity interviews and urban news. Content is regularly updated, and the Trending Now box will let you review the latest news just as it is happening.

One feature that allows this site to find content before many other WorldStarHipHop alternatives are that any visitor can send in tips, photos, or videos. If you are searching for a specific topic or video, use the built-in search bar, and in just a few seconds, the page will fill up with all the related content.


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One of the best video websites like WorldStarHipHop for anyone who wants to watch the hottest videos is raw and uncensored. When you click on the channels, link you get a drop-down menu with dozens of options.

Pick the one you are interested in, and you will be sent to the videos about that topic. These include everything from celebrity and comedy to music news & videos and battle rap.


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Over 5 million hip-hop fans visit this site each month, making it one of the most extensive WorldStarHipHop alternatives out there.

It has been dubbed “the CNN of hip-hop” and offers all sorts of daily news, exclusives, and breaking info. It is also a good entertainment source, with the latest rumors and gossip stories ready to amuse you every day.

Get the low down and inside scoop on Hip-Hop stars in these legendary sections.


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DatPiff is a peculiar WorldStarHipHop alternative. It acts as a distribution platform to download and listen to free mixtapes and find hip-hop music, videos, and urban music.

It is an authority in the hip-hop world and has received sponsorships from major brands like Nike and VH1. As a registered user, you have a limited number of downloads per day, but you will have all limits removed if you upgrade to a premium plan.


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Among the best sites like WorldStarHipHop for hip-hop information, rap music, mixtapes, and new videos, Sohh is in the lead. Called by many the “best overall hip-hop site,” it has been online since 1996, making it the longest-running hip-hop community. It has millions of loyal visitors who come to read the latest trending news and watch videos of their favorite artists.