Best Sites to Learn Calligraphy Online

Handwriting is almost a lost art by now. So, if you want to get yourself some nice letter in case you ever need it, or even want to start writing pretty to impress someone, here are the Best Sites to Learn Calligraphy Online:

Julie Blanner

Official Site

Jullie Blanner is a content creator who began her career in 2008 and, since then, has built a successful blog dedicated to vintage as a lifestyle. Cocktail recipes, exquisite dishes, desserts, painting techniques, decoration, and much more you get there.

Most importantly, if you want to learn calligraphy online, you can consult this one of the best options. Under the guidance of Madi Reid Sanders, Jullie developed a method of five simple steps that you can put into practice to master this technique.

Through a series of beautifully crafted photographs by Jenny Wheat, Julie shows you the exercises needed to exercise your hand and get it moving in the right way, how to hold your pen, the proper way to tilt your notebook, and other important details.

The most interesting thing about the images is that they reflect your learning process, in five simple sessions, with the help of Madi. Of course, to learn each step correctly, you have to watch the series in, so pay attention to the titles and don’t let any detail escape:

  • How to learn calligraphy online
  • Before you start
  • Basic Principles
  • The alphabet in calligraphy
  • Words to practice
  • Practice makes perfect
  • Calligraphy and handwriting resources for left-handers


The main advantage of learning calligraphy under Jullie’s method is that you can review the material many times as you need to review the lesson. Besides, you will see and practice other artistic styles that Madi shares and save a collection of poster ideas that she leaves in her blog.


Photography as a resource may not be the most dynamic or understandable format when following each part of the process. Still, if you pay enough attention, this will not be a disadvantage for you.

You will see that the content is agile and fun, so learning each technique will be quite easy. Besides, you won’t lack inspiration because the visual aesthetics of the photo series is truly exquisite.

My Modern Met

Official Site

When it comes to curiosity, ingenuity, and variety, My Modern Met is ideal because it is designed for lovers of technology, art, photography, architecture, science, ecology, and more. Not to mention that they have a site full of incredible ideas and DIYs and a store where you can buy their most outstanding items.

What interests a calligraphy lover is that you will find everything you need to know about this ancient art. History, styles, curiosities, and much more information are available for those who wish to enter this fascinating world.

My Modern Met has a complete and simple guide, with which you can learn even the most basic details about calligraphy, such as: what type of pen to use, what is the most suitable paper, or which books you need to read, whether you are a beginner or not.

Some of the suggested titles are on their website:

  • Mastering Copperplate Calligraphy: A step-by-step Manual, which contains practical exercises to exercise letter tracing.
  • Modern Calligraphy: Everything you need to know to get started in a script Calligraphy. You will learn to choose the right calligraphy style according to the material and the occasion.
  • The Calligrapher’s Bible: 100 complete alphabets and how to draw them, a must-have for any apprentice who wants to progress quickly in the world of calligraphy.


You will find short lessons, explanatory videos, and the possibility to start online classes with Craftsy and CreativeLive. Not to mention, if you subscribe to the site, you will be able to receive their weekly newsletter, where they share a lot of valuable information about art, trends, lifestyle, and, of course, calligraphy.


Although all the basic details are very well explained throughout your article, you may have to rely on supporting images from external sources to reinforce each lesson.

This site is ideal for creatives, apprentices, professionals, and amateurs in the plastic and visual arts.


Official Site

The 3 million active followers on SkillShare will give you the confidence you need to finally join their community of creative artists and lovers of the Vintage style. Photography, art, social activism, environmentalism, originality, and stunning designs are what you’ll find on every site.

The highlight of its content is the long list of at least 100 online courses and classes on calligraphy, lettering, freehand design, drawing, painting, and tracing techniques shared by professional artists worldwide.

The classes are given in video format, adapted to all levels and requirements, so there is no need to choose the material to train you in the art of calligraphy, as you expected. Instead, you will learn everything about pens, ink types, drawing techniques, paper, and as you progress through the lessons, you can perfect your projects.

There is certainly a lot of variety in the content, but there is always a favorite everywhere, so you might be interested in knowing what the five most popular lessons are:

  • Introduction to Modern Brush Calligraphy
  • Hand Lettering: 4 easy steps to modern calligraphy
  • Unique lettering with watercolors
  • Brush lettering: The beginner’s guide
  • Calligraphy essentials: from the first script to the final flourish


It is a very dynamic and artistic site, so no doubt the inspiration will not be lacking. Besides, there is so much material and incredible ideas that you will surely learn much more than expected. Besides, their community is 100% active, so there will be no lack of people to ask and, of course, you could make new friends.


The videos and classes are not rated by experience level, so you may need to review several videos before finding the one that fits your learning requirements.

In general, this is a highly recommended site for those interested in calligraphy and all the valuable content available on the site.

Udemy – Calligraphy

Official Site

As these are courses, UDEMY is one of the first references. Free or paid, the platform offers a wide range of training programs for all levels in different areas.

In this case, you will find a series of four video courses by Mary Jane Russel, related to calligraphy, each one more interesting than the last; all designed to make you an expert in this millenary art popular nowadays.

With a maximum of 6 hours collected on video, you will be able to enjoy all the courses for a few days, but if you still don’t feel confident about enrolling, check out the titles of each class before making your decision:

  • Calligraphy: The Basics
  • Fun with hand lettering
  • Simple gothic hand calligraphy
  • Italics calligraphy Masterclass


Udemy has a standard of quality and credibility that few training sites have on the Internet. Besides, once you finish the paid courses, you can review the material as many times as you want. In addition, you will get for each one a certificate of completion, downloadable design resource packages on your computer, and access to the advice in real-time.


In the case of Mary Jane Russel’s courses, the free one is just a mouthful of all the available content, so you will most likely have to pay for the others.

However, UDEMY is a high-level educational platform, and fortunately, it has more classes, and teachers specialized in this subject, so you will only need more time to explore.

Oak Leaf Calligraphy

Official Site

If you’re looking for credibility and experience, Janet Smith fits that profile very well. She has 25 years of experience in calligraphy, a freelance artist, and owner of Oak Leaf Calligraphy, a business dedicated to producing art pieces whose fundamental basis is calligraphy.

If you don’t want to wait until you have the skills to make your masterpiece, you can turn to her to make the product you want. First, however, you should know that she has been teaching calligraphy for years and is one of the most reliable instructors in this area, so that you could trust her courses.

On the official website, you will find many of the testimonies that show how interesting her teaching-learning method is, so don’t forget to visit it. And there you will also see his second-star product: the family trees, which are trendy gifts in his store.


The pieces are personalized, adapted to the customer’s requirements, tastes, and specific occasions. Janet advises you on choosing the item you want to buy to fit what you are looking for.


The site has some security parameters that may prevent you from easily accessing each section to review everything it offers, but don’t worry. When this happens, a list of instructions to follow to find the material you want to see appears on the screen.

In general, it is an excellent option to choose a box or calligraphy-based painting.

To Sum Up

While writing in calligraphy is not common nowadays, you can easily grasp it with some of these sites. Keep in mind places such as Skillshare and Udemy. These are amazing when learning almost anything and will offer you some great support during and after your lessons.