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Looking for unique, branded clothing that almost no one else will have? Then Solid & Striped may be the place you are looking for.

This is their main premise; they make all their clothing 100%, and they guarantee uniqueness and quality. So, today we decided to review what they have to offer:

What is Solid & Striped?

Solid & Striped is a virtual shop where you can find a wide range of clothes. What we can find ranges from swimsuits to dresses. This also includes a section of clothing for men, where we can find a variety of options. Besides, they offer accessories that can accompany the clothes in the store.

Within Solid & Striped, we can find a quite dynamic catalog. We will be able to observe how the garment looks like in the models. There is also a second option, where we can see a second image of the garment that most attracts our attention in a somewhat different environment.

Finally, Solid & Striped work independently; it is not part of any secondary clothing line. Nor is it part of any clothing firm. All their garments are made by themselves.

How does Solid & Striped work?

Solid & Striped works like the average virtual store. You can check out the catalog without having to buy, you can choose what you like best, but you will also have to create a user to buy.

We have to add a payment method that can be used to use Solid & Striped correctly. Everything we want to buy will go straight to our cart, in which we will store everything that caught our attention.

Besides, Solid & Striped works with a free shipping method that allows you to reach every corner within your national space for free.

How much does Solid & Striped cost?

Like the other virtual stores, they vary according to the products we can find inside the store.

The products within Solid & Striped vary in price from $60 to clothes worth over $300. Everything is made with high-quality material to satisfy the customer.

The final price will depend on the purchases the user wants to make. The more garments you take, the more you spend. Otherwise, the use of the platform is free.

Is it reliable?

Even though Solid & Striped is a virtual store that does not have commercial allies, it has earned people’s trust after having several years in such a well-known market.

They have a verified Instagram where you can see most of the comments from people who have bought the brand. It is the easiest way to show confidence. Besides that, they are verified.


  • All the products they offer are of high quality.
  • They have a wide variety of designs to suit all types of people.
  • The style they offer is more unique than other stores.
  • They have quite a dynamic catalog inside their page.
  • They offer a double view of the product you want to buy.


  • The prices of their clothes are usually quite high.
  • Shipping prices can be quite high outside the national range.

What makes it better than other options in the market?

Something that makes them different from all of its market is the quality of the garments they offer. Although we can find similar garments in terms of quality, Solid & Striped’s finish puts them one step ahead of their competition.

Besides, the fact of offering free delivery makes people feel more attracted to what they are offering. Even if it is in a certain place, this draws people’s attention and positions them above the direct competition with other stores.

Also, the trust they have built up plays into the hands of the brand. They have customers who will vouch for the brand and prefer to pay a little more to garment this style than another brand’s garment.

Final verdict

We can safely say that Solid & Striped is a real bombshell when it comes to its quality. They have managed to position themselves, which deserves all the merit due to their work. They have a following, which allows them to speak very well of the brand in general terms.

On the other hand, the biggest disadvantage of Solid & Striped is their prices. Their range is quite high, and despite its quality, it keeps people away from buying a product for the first time. They may need to think about a balance to have more impact.

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