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Sportsmans Warehouse is an American outdoor sporting goods retailer operating in 25 states in the United States, including Alaska. It sells clothing, footwear, and equipment for sportsmen and women interested in hunting, shooting, reloading, camping, fishing, and other outdoor recreational activities.

Located in Australia, they have been in the sports market since 1983 and have made a name for themselves. They now have specialized apparel and sales teams based in Canberra, where buyers can design and manage their sports equipment, club, or school.

How does it work?

Their website is one of many out there to buy from. As you would expect, it has a standard and straightforward interface, where you can see the different categories and options, such as registration or the cart icon.

What does it offer?

In terms of products, Sportsmans Warehouse offers many, many sports. Tennis, soccer, fishing, golf, badminton, boxing, volleyball, basketball, and swimming, among many others.

The “fitness” category offers all the necessary equipment such as resistance ropes, bicycles, weights, multi-strength lifting machines, and even yoga mats.

In addition to all the necessary implements and equipment, it also offers a variety of products and clothing brands for both women and men. You can even shop on the site for sportswear for the little ones in the house.

Is Sportsmans Warehouse legit?

In short, yes. They have been in business for almost 40 years, and their buyers count on their services for sports equipment. Besides, the company has several good user reviews on Google, Facebook, and other platforms, staying above the 3/5 rate in most cases.

Pricing and Plans

Speaking of prices, we have to say that they are a bit steep at Sportsmans Warehouse. However, it’s nothing that’s crazy, plus the clothing is from well-known brands like Nike, Adidas, Canterbury, and Converse, among others.

We can also consider the quality of the clothes and that they are probably the newest collections. However, $40 or $45 sports tops are not an option when you can get them cheaper in a department store.

Likewise, almost $300 sneakers still seem slightly expensive to me when we can get the same quality for less. This, it should be noted, is without the price of shipping.

Depending on the machine and brand, the machines range from $600 to $5mil.

They have no first purchase discounts or promotions. We also didn’t see them shipping free over a certain amount of money. However, they do have a category of products on sale, and from time to time, they give away 20% and 30% off coupons.

In addition, you can purchase a “gift card” or “e-gift card” ranging from $20 to $200.

Finally, they offer special prices for registered sports clubs. The process is to contact them and prove that you are part of one of the registered clubs or, in case you want to write one, contact them, send them information and wait for their response to see if it qualifies.

Payment Methods

Payments can be made through virtual wallets such as PayPal, Openpay, Klarna, AfterPay, and ZipPay. Also, through bank credit cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay credit cards.

Customer service

As for customer support, we didn’t quite understand how it works. Their page doesn’t show a number or email through which you can contact them. They only have a method where you are the one who must give their data and wait for them to contact you.

In this kind of “note,” you must put your name, email, and phone number (this last one is optional), plus the message you want to leave them. That is, write a complaint if you have one and wait for them to respond to see what can be done about it.

Perhaps this is where most reviewers complain as there is a lack of good customer support after purchases, and complaints take a lot of time to be worked on. However, in many other reviews, and to summarize, the issue of customer service is repeated, and complaints about shipping are also added, such as that it takes too long.


  • Variety of sporting goods
  • They offer many recognized brands
  • Variety in payment methods
  • Good promotions for those who have or are part of a sports club.
  • Varied shipping methods worldwide
  • They have physical stores in various parts of Australia (Link)


  • Somewhat High prices
  • Customer service seems to be relatively poor, if not bad
  • Lots of negative reviews, so it’s hard to trust the website
  • Late or inefficient shipping

Regarding their refund policies, they say yes, the goal is for customers to be satisfied with the products, but if it is necessary to return a product, they are willing to help with the process.

No, if you can customize your orders, the answer says it depends on the creator and the product. All options are described on the product page, so if available, it’s a matter of looking it up on the page and customizing the product.

At The End

Despite being a company with a very long time in the sporting goods market, one that is even recognized and trusted by its buyers, maybe their website is not that good.

The reviews don’t leave a good taste in your mouth; based on that, the wisest decision would be to look for another sporting goods store. However, if you are interested in a product, it would probably be best to go directly to the nearest store.

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