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Investing money in the stock markets is an activity that requires you to spend a lot of time analyzing the market, speculating on the behavior of your assets, currencies, stocks, and other values.

In this regard, you need the most tools that help you make wise decisions to invest wisely.

Portfolio Management Software

StockMarketEye is a simple tool to use and very useful to analyze the market. It also has several additional elements that help the customer to be attentive to the stock market news.

Its objective is to spend less time accessing and/or managing your wallets to use it to analyze your next movements.

How StockMarketEye Works?

First, you have to buy the software corresponding to the equipment you use to work (Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, or Apple) or try their test software (to be used for 30 days).

Once you have installed the program on your computer, you can import the different portfolios you have, synchronize them, organize them, and tag them. This will allow you to save the time you dedicate to enter your wallets to make movements or obtain data.

The multiple currencies are admissible in a portfolio, and StockMarketEye performs an automatic currency conversion, so you always know the value of your investments; this allows you to monitor your profits or losses better.

You can also get performance reports, a tool that will help you quickly determine whether or not you have made a sound investment.

What It Offers

Investing in the stock market does not only mean following the market trends, but your analysis can also lead you to decide to invest with a high risk of failure.

To minimize this risk, you can create tracking lists, where you can see the securities’ performance in which you intend to invest before releasing your money, having to track up to 1,000 shares, ETFs, mutual funds, options, and currencies around the world.

Graphing the market is the most practical method to apply when performing the analysis before investment, which is why StockMarketEye uses analysis with comparative graphs to compare their performance in the selected time period; or use one or more of the more than 14 available technical indicators.

The intraday charts of 1 and 5 days are also an option. You can even set a custom range for EOD graphics (4 weeks and more).

Additionally, you can synchronize the different devices with which you interact with StockMarketEye (tablets, computers, or laptops, smartphones) to keep your information fully updated.

The Alerts

Another of the most important functions that this software has is market alerts. StockMarketEye provides a built-in alert system that notifies you of activities highlighted in your tracking lists and/or portfolios. Setting up these alerts is simple, using a symbol at a certain value on any item or value in your tracking list or portfolio.

These alerts are manifested visually by symbols clearly visible in the list. These alerts are also displayed on the desktop, useful for times when you are not operating, and there is a significant opportunity in one of your investment values.

About the Software Purchase

From a practical point of view, it is an investment to protect investments.

This program has an affordable price compared to the potential that it gives the investor in terms of performance and accessibility to information, and the purchase is made only once, even in the case that you acquire it for personal use and use several digital devices, you only need to make a purchase.

Besides, it may take between two and three years before it is necessary to update the software –Update, which you have to pay for-.

Now, given the case that you plan to acquire this program to improve your traders’ performance, you must buy a license for each one of them.

Interestingly, they offer a discount to those who qualify. The bad thing is that to find out about the conditions of that “qualification,” you have to get in touch with the support team, and this particular request takes some time.

To Conclude

This is a very handy designed for stock market investors to quickly and easily track their interests’ evolution or involution.

From scalping trades to long-term bets, StockMarketEye is a good tool that gives you a wider view of the markets before choosing your next trading options.

Try it out! Its price is worth the deal, and its various tools make this software an attractive option for if investments are your business.

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