10 Best Knife Stores Like Budk

You’ll love this list if you’re an outdoorsman and always like to be prepared or cook. The websites on this list have one thing in common: they’re all great places to buy knives online. Budk is one of the best sites with excellent blades for sale and one of the oldest on our list. They have been around for over 20 years.

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This company has a warehouse of 85,000 feet filled with knives. These knives are all discounted up to 80 % off retail cost. On the Budk website, you can find kitchen knives, ninja-martial art blades, swords, hunting and shooting items, camping and survival gear, home and garage items and decor, and many other cool things.

Budk has special savings throughout its site, and additional coupon codes are found on their homepage. If you want to save even more, add more than $29 worth of blades to your cart for free shipping. Please request a free catalog to browse their entire collection while you’re relaxing at home.

Stores Like Budk

Every item on this site is well described, and reviews can be found at the bottom of each page, so you know exactly what you’re getting. Knives can be found in many shops, but not all of them are of high quality. These best knife stores like Budk listed below have a respectable reputation that you can trust the next time you search for any blade online.

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Knife Country the USA

Official Site

If you’re shopping for discount chef knives or a dangerous sword, you can find them on this site. This addition to our list of stores like BudK has many knives, like backpacks, camping gear, bug-out bags, axes, flashlights, and more.

Please select a category to find the day’s savings and add more than $99 worth of Knife Country USA merchandise to your cart to take advantage of their free shipping offer.


Official Site

It is a platform created to distribute your products online, such as knives and tools that help you face the challenges of a demanding world. It is an entirely new site of a high voice system that works with different and high-quality materials.


  • It is a genuinely innovative site in the knife industry.
  • It is distributed and sold all over the world.
  • Here brands may not be copied, imitated, or used, in whole or in part, without prior written consent.
  • Allows the user to make purchases from the company.


  • No license is granted concerning the use of trademarks.
  • User information may be collected by both the company and payment processing companies.
  • You should expect to wait 3 to 4 weeks to process the purchase as we manufacture small batches.

SOG’s mission is to create innovative products that stand out from the rest. The products have met the highest standards. The website is a resource for users to learn more about the company and its products and services.


Official Site

It is a Web site where you can create file formats that can be made with different electronic design programs such as PCB, Wizard, Eagle, and Dip, among others, the files in this format contain commands and coordinate data that allow the computer and the people programming to understand the function and design of the board in question.


  • In this program, the files are written in simple letters and numbers.
  • It has software available that can display an image of the content information in the file.
  • It has interaction with stakeholders, which is of significance to the process.
  • Stability, capacity, and growth of the platform.


  • There are restrictions on retailers.
  • There is a lack of strategies.
  • It has a somewhat obsolete format.

It is a necessary file format for the creation of electronic design programs. Files in this format contain commands and coordinate data that allow the programmer to understand the purpose and design of the board in question.

Blade HQ

Official Site

It is an e-commerce platform that generates as much traffic on mobile devices and computers and allows better order management in native and robust marketplaces. Blende HQ: is the go-to source for knives, tools, and equipment for those who love knives.


  • It has massive social acceptance reaching dozens of consumers.
  • It has a physical store selling knives and blades of all shapes and sizes.
  • Allows better management in the market
  • Possesses stability, capacity, and growth.


  • Blade HQ is a pretty complex marketing strategy.
  • It also presents restrictions to retail and traditional merchants
  • For several months sales were only through digital sales, which the chain could carry.

It is the platform that streamlines its e-commerce for faster growth, offering customers challenges in marketing constraints.


Official Site

It is a store that distributes its products online, gets a limited lifetime warranty, has personalized service, its automatic knives, the blade is very sharp and high-quality, it offers the knives for Military, law enforcement, public safety, licensed, to outdoor hunters. This site is trustworthy and our go-to source for knives, tools, and equipment.


  • It has an unlimited warranty service.
  • The knives are well made.
  • Customer service and treatment are suitable.
  • They offer special discounts for military, law enforcement, and public safety.


  • This product is quite expensive.
  • Design flaw present.
  • It is complex to access on the site.

This app is a store with an online service that distributes its automatic knives to Military, law enforcement, public safety, and outdoor hunters. It is offered with a license. Also, custom knives are designed, bringing innovation and quality to the market.


Official Site

It is a platform that distributes knives. It is Made in the USA. Its goal is to design the most innovative and reliable high-performance products. Although Spyderco products are designed for cutting and sharpening tools, they also work with new producer information and Spyderco e-newsletter.


  • It has a warranty for the life of the product.
  • This warranty includes that the products are free from material defects.
  • Spyderco knives are assembled to precise tolerance by trained technicians.
  • They offer sharpening and repair services.


  • To restore the function of your knife, a fee may be required.
  • They are subject to wear and tear.
  • Knives require proper maintenance to function correctly.

This app distributes knives for the military, law enforcement, and public safety is licensed to employees of distributors and manufactures custom knife designs providing a level of quality. In most cases, the products are designed and manufactured as cutting and sharpening tools guaranteed for long-term use.

Knife Center

Official Site

Knife Center is a site very similar to BudK. Like most of the excellent blades for sale found on the other sites mentioned on this list, Knife Center also has combat gear, tactical knives, fixed blades, multi-tools, sharpening tools, folding knives, cutlery, etc. indoor and outdoor living essentials.

You can find Benchmade, Boker, Buck, Case, Chris Reeve, and Cold Steel on this site. Knife Center saves up to 70% off retail costs and free shipping on most of their items. If your item doesn’t qualify for free shipping, don’t worry. Knife Center has a $2.99 flat-rate fee in the United States and a $9.95 flat-rate fee in Canada.


Official Site

Camouflage has a massive collection of knives and other military stock like clothing, footwear, backpacks, rations, belts, and more. Camouflage is also a great website to shop for discounted airsoft and paintball gears and guns.

This store has an enormous selection and unbelievable discounts on each page. You’ll love this site if you like knives, camouflage, military, and camping gear. In addition, a cart worth more than $99 will qualify for free shipping.

Ontario Knife Company

Official Site

This international manufacturer sells premium goods made in the USA. The Ontario Knife Company, found among the best knife websites like BudK, is a place to shop for more than just cutlery online. The Ontario Knife Company has unique pocket knives, tactical gear, RAT series, machetes, fixed blades for hunting, and more.

This site only sells quality, which explains the prices.  Higher quality comes with higher costs, but it doesn’t stop you from shopping on this site. As you browse the pages, you will find discounts and deals on every budget.

Swiss Knife Shop

Official Site

The Swiss Knife Shop stocks a lot of blades. Their prominent collection features Victorinox Swiss Army and Leatherman. In addition, the Swiss Knife Shop has some of the best pocket knife brands. You can find limited editions and quality throughout this site.

If you’re looking to buy kitchen knives, you’ll love their cutlery discounts of up to 60%. The Swiss Knife Shop only ships within the United States at the moment. All of their shipments, at any value, ship for free.