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Yes, it is imminent. Summer is here. Bikini and little white dress time arrived without I even noticed it. No big deal, I have all my Summer wardrobe ready to wear. Suddenly, I look at myself in the mirror, and there it is, my Winter fat trying to get out of my bikini. How did this happen?

Where did the time go? I have to face it. It is time to get fit. Summer is just starting. I went directly to Fabletics for some affordable yoga clothes to get some motivation. I got my 2 sets of affordable yoga clothes, and they did motivate me.

After 20 minutes, I was already getting fit. But then I thought, hmm, I need more like this Fabletics clothing. But since I did get my VIP subscription, I decided to search for some more cheap yoga clothes online to train more every day.

Stores Like Fabletics

I was really successful at searching for affordable workout clothes, and I want to share my discoveries with you, that might be in the same position as me. Or, maybe you want some Fabletics alternatives. I hope that you like my list as much as I did!

Visit Fabletics

Mika Yoga Wear

Official Site

This is one of a few sites like Fabletics. They offer you a wide variety of yoga clothes so you can have the most trendy yoga outfit for your entire class. I personally love the classic tops, but if you have more fun and bubbly personality than me, you will be pleasantly impressed with the unique sparkle tops.

Available only per special request. And if you’re searching for the best workout leggings, this store will not let you down. There’s a style for all tastes.

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Official Site

Another of a few Fabletics alternatives is Evolve. I definitely have to add this store to my list of favorites. Their leggings are super soft, and they get dry in speed time, so you can work out longer without being uncomfortable. If what you like is to jog,

they have a considerable big offer of shorts that will make you want to run a mile more. If you’re searching for a gift for your brother or partner in crime, they also offer a line for men and have discount yoga clothes every season.

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Beyond Yoga

Official Site

While searching for stores like Fabletics, I discovered Beyond Yoga. Yes, if you’re searching for cheap yoga clothes, this is not exactly the place for that. But if you feel like treating yourself with some luxury set of yoga clothes, you will find something in here.

Create your own ensemble from hundreds of options and get spoiled at least once. Or maybe, what about using that gift receipt that you have since December?

Why don’t you call mom and tell her that it is time to cash it! Check the site often, you can find discounts up to 30% often, and delivery within the US is free on orders over $100.00.

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Yoga Direct

Official Site

Yoga Direct has for you the best yoga clothes and so many accessories that you will not know what to buy! I have been doing yoga for a while now, but while searching for stores like Fabletics, I found this one, and I couldn’t believe all the amount of available accessories.

Mexican yoga blanket? Search no more. Yoga Direct has it. Or perhaps it is time to induce your little boy into yoga, so you can always have someone to practice it with you. Well, here is the place to get his first yoga mat. Girls will love the pink with flowers. I am sure about it.

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Everything Yoga

Official Site

Still a bit away from affordable workout clothes, but not for too much is Everything Yoga. Their quality is outstanding, their models are really nice, and the activewear is super comfortable. I personally like also the outwear to go back and forward from the gym.

Get always free shipping on orders over $99.00 and save. If you search for something more than the best workout clothes for women, this store has a skin and body line that includes nutritional supplements.

Oh, I was forgetting. They also have a gift line that will make your life way easier for your mom or best friend’s birthday.

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Brighter Yoga

Official Site

In the list of stores like Fabletics, I can’t leave off Brighter Yoga. Their models are not a lot, I would say mostly limited, but without any doubt with the best workout leggings and almost the same quality when searching for Fabletics alternatives.

You can also find discount yoga clothes seasonally. If you like to practice yoga down the beach (lucky you if you can!), you will get amazing blankets perfect for that occasion. Yes, you’re right, a yoga blanket is perfect for any outdoor occasion, so why don’t you go and get one!


As you can see, in my search for stores like Fabletics, I found some of the best workout clothes for women at all prices and budgets. If you’re calling me a party killer because you ran out of excuses to keep your winter fat, well, that I am.

Why don’t you stop calling me that and join me in the quest for our summer body? We still have many weeks to wear our sexiest outfits before next winter is here. Remember that winters are long. Get out, get some sun, and enjoy the season looking at your best.

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