8 Men’s Clothing Stores Like Huckberry

Clothing stores aren’t that easy to follow online. But, as the market rises with so many options, you always want to take the lead on the next great brand, and there are several opportunities out there to renew your wardrobe to represent the style you look for! So, keep scrolling to know the best 8 Men’s clothing stores like Huckberry.

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Within the Olivers catalog, you will find a marked dominance of grayish and bluish tones. However, many garments also have brown as a protagonist, presenting an elegant style without excesses.

The style is very similar to that of Huckberry. However, their prices are not very accessible. You may find one or another alternative, but the costs will still be identical to what you could find in Huckberry.

One of their flagship products, the All Over Short, is proof of this. This garment is ideal for any gym lover; however, it costs $75. This amount may be excessive for most customers, making it difficult to have one for every workout.


Stylish styles suitable for multiple situations

Maintains an athletic essence

Wide variety of options

Slim / fit style garments


Some articles can be expensive

If you are passionate about the fitness world, you will find various options suitable for your workouts. You should only take into account the high costs of their garments. It should be noted that the quality of their products is extremely high so you should not worry about it.


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In Myles, you can get garments aimed at sports activities. Therefore, their garments have an essence of durability and easy wearability. This is especially attractive if you are a person who does not like to complicate things when dressing.

As for prices, at first glance, they seem to be a bit more affordable than those offered by Olivers. However, when comparing a style of shorts similar to Olivers’ AOS, in this case, their price is $68. They are still expensive products, but they may be priced slightly more competitively.

Their best-selling products are those intended for use in the gym. You can find shirts, shorts, and even hoodies perfect for wearing in these stores.

There are a lot of positive reviews about their Everyday shorts. Their customers consider this product one of the market’s best quality/price alternatives. In addition, they deeply highlight the excellent material and durability it possesses.


Extremely durable materials

Perfect for athletic activities

Slightly more competitive prices


Few attractive urban options

For the simplicity of their garments, there may be better options. However, what makes them unique is the high durability they possess. They are perfect if you want an option to go to the gym.


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Here dominates a country style of good quality and elegant finishes. Their garments are perfect for customers from the countryside and low temperatures. They also have an extensive catalog for bags and luggage.

At first glance, it may seem a very different style from Huckberry. However, it is not so different. The shirt section is similar to Huckberry but is a little more expensive.

They are not the cheapest products in this category in the fashion market. There are options capable of offering similar garments for lower prices. However, Filson’s clientele considers their products extremely durable and perfect for the situation.

The company’s shipping facilities are widely noted. You will enjoy free shipping and return offers under certain conditions.


Free shipping

Good Return Policies

Durable products


High costs

Only ships within the US

They offer you high-quality products for an equally high price. These are not casual wear garments; they are intended for use in the field. If this is your goal, Filson products may be right for you.


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At the moment, this is the case that maintains the most Huckberry-like essence. Most of the catalog has an elegant urban style. However, it does not have an extreme elegance intended only for specific occasions. Instead, we could define it as a casual style you can wear on almost any occasion.

Regarding prices, these are just as high as those of Huckberry. However, the difference is practically minimal. You can see this when comparing the shorts, where Rhone has a cost of $78, being even higher than AOS.

If you think objectively, there are better options than those offered by Rhode. The prices are excessively high. Despite providing a comprehensive casual catalog, most people find it highly inaccessible.


Casual catalog with great diversity

Global shipping


High prices

There are better options to get the style of products that Rhode offers. Their products may have excellent quality, but the cost is excessively high.


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Once again, we have a new option focused on sports. In this case, especially for those passionate about outdoor activities. But, again, they have outstanding quality products within a reasonably extensive catalog.

Prices seem to be below. You can find shirts for less than $90, sweaters for $110, or even jackets for less than $200. This is rare in stores with this quality, so it is a highlight.

We think it lacks other kinds of clothing. They seem exclusively for outdoor activities but do not have casual-style garments. This would be the only negative point you could find in Patagonia’s catalog.


Reduced prices

Extensive catalog geared towards outdoor activities

Free shipping under conditions


Lack of more casual options

Patagonia is a great option to consider. They offer you garments with highly competitive prices and that you could adjust to some occasions. Therefore, we recommend buying clothes in Patagonia.


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In the case of Bonobos, it stands out as an elegant/casual style. This can be an excellent option to replace Huckberry’s style. They offer elegant garments, with a casual style and others more aimed at sports use.

All their garments present dominance of simplicity with immersed elegance. In addition, you can buy them at relatively affordable prices.

You can find shirts for less than $80, pants for less than $100, and other options. You also have offers published constantly on the Bonobos website.

On the other hand, they have a section destined to publish all their offers. Here you can find discounts of up to %80, something rarely seen in their competitors. In addition to this, they offer you more deals for your first purchase or after spending a certain amount.


Reduced prices

Constant discounts

First purchase discounts

Free shipping


Some items are of poor quality

Option if you are looking for the lowest possible cost. We don’t mean to say that these are bad products. On the contrary, these are very good, but there are better ones that are much more expensive—recommended for the low price and the many discounts the platform offers you.


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The catalog consists of shoes generally aimed at outdoor activities. In addition, they have sections for climbing, running, and casual, among others. In general terms, they offer a large number of shoes with many styles to choose from.

These prices are much lower than those found in the Huckberry shoe section. For example, you can find some shoes at $60, a price challenge to see in the Huckberry catalog.

The style is similar to Huckberry in some cases; however, it does not reach the same quality. At least in physical appearance, TheClymb products are of lesser quality. Customer reviews don’t say the same, but their products still look worse.


Very competitive prices

Interesting offers

Discounts available

Free shipping


Low-quality physical appearance

Their products are incredibly competitive in cost, much lower than Huckberry. However, Huckberry’s products maintain a better physical appearance. You may be able to find an exciting option at TheClymb, but not all of the catalog is very attractive.


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This platform is not a clothing store. It works the same way as a blog, with the difference that this one is intended to promote Amazon products. The quality of the products referred can be very variable. However, this one does not follow the standards we are looking for with garments similar to Huckberry’s.


Variable recommendations


Does not maintain the Huckberry style in any products promoted

There are some interesting recommendations on this web portal. However, they are not good, and you can get more Huckberry-style items from other alternatives. We do not recommend using this website at all.


Huckberry quality standards can be found in stores such as Olivers, Rhone, or Patagonia. These stores maintain a similar style to Huckberry. However, they can be a bit pricey at times. These are your ideal choices if you are looking for excellent quality regardless of cost. Cheaper alternatives can be found at Oliver’s.

On the other hand, other options, such as Rhone or Myles, have high-quality standards. However, these are not very similar in style to Huckberry. They are not casual garments. They are intended for use in the field or as sportswear.

Finally, Bonobos offers you a style very similar to Huckberry. Despite this, their garments seem to be of lower quality. They may be only within the catalog shown. Customer complaints are minimal, and they recommend the product. We recommend you look at their product catalog for aesthetics and cost.