10 Best Jewelry Stores Like Tiffany & Co

Best Jewelry Stores

Yes, no doubt about it, there’s nothing like Tiffany’s & Co. Suppose you want to buy jewelry. They have the most refund designs, the best quality you can find, and a very extensive catalog. Tiffany’s & Co offers jewelry for women, men, and some kids or is perfect for gifts. Their Atlas collection is a legacy, but they are always adding new pieces to their offer, so you will always have something new to buy. But even if Tiffany & Co is almost incomparable, they are a few stores like Tiffany that are at the same level or very close to our beloved brand.

Stores Like Tiffany

We also include a few places to buy luxury goods online at a very reasonable price, in case you’re on a budget. Finally, here is the list of the best jewelry websites only for you.

Visit Tiffany & Co


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Diamonds-USA consists of several companies available online that customize diamonds. One thing that identifies Diamonds-USA is selecting different materials for your ring and selecting the best shade. Therefore, the customization includes the shape of the cut you want under your previous authorization. In addition, the offer includes engagement rings, earrings, pendants, and loose diamonds.

  • 14K and 18K
  • White gold
  • Yellow gold
  • Pink gold
  • Platinum
  • Two-tone combinations

To hire them, you must complete the online form. It includes a catalog with varieties of cuts and diamonds available according to weight and purity. Diamonds-USA is also willing to make what you have in mind. You must contact them via email and provide a photo or drawing for this service. Then, they will send you a computerized design to the email, waiting for your approval to start the work.

Is it reliable?

Its founder is the third generation of a family of diamond cutters. They’ve been online since 1997. Those who have used their services have been satisfied by the quality of customer service. But on the other hand, the physical location matches that published on the website.

Due to the sums associated with this type of purchase, they publish the opinions of their customers. Next to it, they place the mail of these customers. You can communicate with them and ask about their shopping experience. All customers are satisfied with the quality of the work. Diamond ratings are usually very close to any independent valuation.


Stores Like Tiffany

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We cannot leave behind Zales in this list of best Jewelry sites. They are the diamond experts since 1924. You can find a diamond for any budget, and their designs are modern or timeless, depending on what you are looking for.

They certainly have a gift for everybody, woman, men, and children. Their return policy is one of the best in the market, with 60 days to return the item is simply perfectly. But the cherry on the pie is that they offer free shipping on all orders!

Definitely a store to keep your favorites and visit when searching for a gift or treating yourself.

If you are searching for the best jewelry sites, search no more. We have them all on this site. Go and visit the above links so you can start shopping for jewelry as soon as possible. Any event is a good excuse to buy new jewelry, honestly. So go shopping now!

Elite Jewels

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Second, we have Elite Jewels on our list of best jewelry stores.

This store has everything you might be searching for—a line for women, men, babies, gifts, and so much more. While searching for brands like Tiffany, I found it, and the variety of materials they offer is so extensive that you will buy a bit more than what you initially expected. It is a must to visit.

Crown Jewelers

Stores Like Tiffany

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Next, we have Crown Jewelers in the list of brands like Tiffany. In this store, you can find merely expensive jewelry, but excellent quality for sure.

They mostly sell jewelry for women, but the options are vast. Shipping is free after $199 before taxes. They also have a 30-day money-back warranty clause that I’m sure you will love.

QP Jewellers

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In the list of jewelry stores like Tiffany & Co., we also have QP Jewellers. This is one of the best jewelry stores that you can find online. QP Jewellers have a line only for women, but with delicate and exquisite pieces, you will want to buy a few items for sure.

They have many materials that you will love. They also ship worldwide, so no matter where you are, you can always get your favorite pair of earrings at your door in a few days.

Prices are high but worth it. QP Jewellers have the best selection of gemstones. They do have worldwide shipping available. All their orders are shipped within 48 hours. Each item includes a gift box and certificate of authenticity.

Limoges Jewelry

Stores Like Tiffany

Officiel Site

I also found Limoges Jewelry when searching for jewelry brands like Tiffany and Co.

Their prices are mostly pretty affordable, and the variety of their catalog will give you a chance to find the perfect gift for that special person in your life. Unfortunately, they don’t have free delivery, but the shipping cost is super small, and the service is fantastic.


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Gemafina offers a big catalog and a wide variety of lines. They also offer lines for women, men, and gifts. But as the opposite of some other jewelry stores like Tiffany & Co, this store is super affordable. You should check it out now!

I’m sure you will start buying jewelry at the same time you load the page.

Lulu Frost

Stores Like Tiffany

Officiel Site

Lulu Frost is a jewelry store that combines current fashion with vintage designs. It was founded in 2004 by Lisa Salzer. Although she is the founder, the jewelry store is a family business she learned from her grandmother. Lisa applied the knowledge she acquired at Park Place Estate Jewelry for 40 years.

They are located in New York City and ship nationwide and internationally. Thanks to their different style, they have achieved important clients such as Michelle Obama, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Alicia Keys. Among the pieces you can get in this online jewelry store are the following:

  • Rings
  • Necklaces
  • Pending
  • Brooches
  • Bracelets

What they do

As is normal in any jewelry store, you can look for accessories to give you a stylish look. You will also be able to access all the common services in these businesses. If you need a repair, you should send an email with photos from various angles and proof of purchase. If your purchase is over one year old, you will pay $35 for the repair.

You can do other things to your accessory when you buy them, like converting letters or numbers and enlarging or reducing necklaces and bracelets. Unfortunately, all these services also include fees.

An interesting service they offer is customizing antique jewelry that you may have inherited. For example, you can convert an old piece into a new necklace, earrings, or bracelet. Just use your imagination. Then make the delivery, and they will make a model for you to decide if you like it. But check out their website so you know what materials they can work with.

To generate loyalty, they have a point accumulation program. For every purchase, you generate one point. So, for example, when you reach 10 points, you get a free bracelet of your choice worth less than $95.

Jared The Galleria Of Jewelry

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If you’re looking for designer body ornaments, you’ve come to the right place with Jared. This site is great for finding a Rolex or buying diamond studs online. Jared will certify each purchase and guarantees perfect cuts on each diamond. You’ll only get the best from this store.

The prices vary from the low hundreds to the tens of thousands. Check out the “dazzling deals” tab for extra savings. This jewelry store also has an extra perk. If you purchase the warranty, you can have your diamonds and gems inspected and cleaned as often as you want during the warranty period.


Stores Like Tiffany

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Angara specializes in gemstones. This site lets you customize your heart’s content to make something perfect for you.

This website is great for a personalized gift that will be cherished forever. Choose your metal type, style, and cut, and add a gemstone to make the piece shine. Many purchases give you gifts, and you’ll never pay the full retail cost.

All the jewels on Angara are heavily discounted. They also have free shipping and free returns on anything in their store. So let your creativity flow as you create your customized pieces.