7 Best Jewelry Stores Like Tiffany & Co

Best Jewelry Stores

Yes, no doubt about it, there’s nothing like Tiffany’s & Co. if you want to buy jewelry. They have the most refund designs, the best quality that you can find and a very extensive catalog. Tiffany’s & Co offers jewelry for women, men and some item for kids or perfect for gifts.

Their Atlas collection is a legacy by now, but they are always adding new pieces to their offer, so you will always have something new to buy. But even if Tiffany & Co is almost incomparable, they are a few stores like Tiffany that they are at the same level or very close to our beloved brand.

Stores Like Tiffany

We also include a few places buy luxury goods online at a very reasonable price, in case you’re on a budget. Here is the list of best jewelry websites only for you.

Visit Tiffany & Co



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Gemafina offers a big catalog and a wide variate of lines. They also offer lines for women, men, and gifts. But as the opposite of some other jewelry stores like Tiffany & Co, this store is super affordable,  you should check it now!

I’m pretty sure that you will start buying jewelry the same second that you load the page.

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Elite Jewels


Official Site

Second, on our list of best jewelry stores, we have Elite Jewels.

This store has everything you might be searching for. A line for women, man, babies, gifts and so much more. While searching for brands like Tiffany, I found it, and the variety of materials that they offer is so extensive, that you will end up buying a bit more than what you were expecting at the beginning. It is definitely a must to visit.

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Crown Jewelers


Officiel Site

Next, in the list of brands like Tiffany, we have Crown Jewelers. In this store, you can find merely expensive jewelry, but excellent quality for sure.

They mostly sell jewelry for women, but the options are vast. Shipping is free after $199, before taxes. They also have a 30-day money back warranty clause that I’m sure you will love.

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QP Jewellers


Officiel Site

In the list of jewelry stores like Tiffany & Co., we also have QP Jewellers. This is one of the best jewelry stores that you can find online. QP Jewellers have a line only for women, but with pieces so delicate and exquisite that you will want to buy a few items for sure.

They have many materials that you will love. They also ship all over the world, so no matter where you are, you can always get your favorite pair of earrings at your door in a few days.

Prices are high but totally worth it. QP Jewellers have the best selection of gemstones. They do have worldwide shipping available. All their orders are shipped within 48 hours. Each item includes a gift box and certificate of authenticity.

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Lulu Frost


Officiel Site

Lulu Frost must be included if we are talking about companies like Tiffany & Co.

Their Plaza collection, inspired by the iconic Plaza Hotel in New York City is a simple and pure luxury. Anyone that loves NYC must have one piece of this magnificent collection. But they also have other great collections, like Zodiacs, for all the astrology fans out there.

Their men collection is as great as the women one, definitely a store that you need to visit. Ah, I can’t forget to mention that they do ship to Canada and almost all over the world for a flat fee.

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Officiel Site

We cannot leave behind Zales in this list of best Jewelry sites. They are the diamond experts since 1924. You can find a diamond for any budget and their designs are modern or timeless, depending on what you are looking for.

They certainly have a gift for everybody, woman, men, and children. Their return policy is one of the best in the market, 60 days to return the item, simply perfect. But the cherry on the pie is that they offer free shipping on all the orders!

Definitely a store to keep your favorites and to visit when you are searching for a gift or to treat yourself.

If you are searching for the best jewelry sites, search no more, we have them all on this site. Go and visit the above links so you can start shopping for jewelry as soon as possible. Any event is a good excuse to buy new jewelry, honestly. So go shopping now!

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Limoges Jewelry


Officiel Site

I also found Limoges Jewelry when I was in my quest to find jewelry brands like Tiffany and Co.

Their prices are mostly pretty affordable, and the variety of their catalog will give you the chance to find the perfect gift for that special person in your life. They don’t have free delivery, but the shipping cost is super small, and the service is fantastic.

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