Best Live Video Streaming Sites Like Periscope

Periscope is one of the most famous sites for streaming your content, but it is far from being the only alternative. So, as the competition goes up, you may want to check the Best Live Video Streaming Sites Like Periscope we listed for you.


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Restream is a page that offers a streaming platform so that users can see, in a few words, the content that interests them most. The platform is not closed to a single type of streaming but seeks to get more people to join and share its content with the community.

The platform’s use is summarized in-stream videos and share the content that is being made with the community. Each user gives it a different touch, which makes the platform unique.

People can register for free and choose the basic tools. But, on the other hand, they can pay plans from $19 to $49 per month.

The trust the site has gained is mainly from the users and the content they have shared. All the content has been verified, and people feel confident when they see it.


  • The content is not limited to news.
  • People can upload their content.


  • You cannot stream by phone.

Restream is a good option for streaming on different pages, and above all, to see other users’ content with peace of mind.


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The Brightcove platform is quite multifunctional so that people can get a wide variety of content. Not only does it engage in giving users content on certain topics, but the platform has managed to expand the platform’s content to make its users feel comfortable.

The platform does bring together various videos so that people can watch them when they want to. However, the platform also offers the opportunity for people to record and modify their materials within the site.

Brightcove has a basic package for those who only want to stream. But it has a paid service that people use to access more tools.

Besides, this site has several allies that give them the confidence to attract more people daily.


  • Offers a variety of video editing tools
  • It’s a multicultural platform.


  • No support for mobile applications

Therefore we can say that it is a complete platform. For both users and content creators, Brightcove is a great choice for reaching your audience.


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Vimeo gained fame years ago and, over time, has managed to position itself as a streaming platform for people. The platform is quite dynamic and allows for a user-page connection that other sites suffer from since it is often difficult to obtain.

What makes Vimeo stand out from other services is the ease with which it connects to the content created with people looking to stream. Besides, the content is not limited to a single point, but people can upload everything from news to recipes to exercise routines.

On the other hand, we can enter the platform for free but with certain limitations. To participate actively, you have to pay certain subscriptions, which range from 5 dollars onwards.

The platform has gained confidence due to the number of users who use it and actively participate.


  • It has a mobile phone holder
  • It has support for several languages


  • The tools at the basic level are quite limited.
  • The videos are pretty heavy.

Thanks to everything we said, we can easily say that Vimeo is one of the most important platforms for streaming. Because of the number of users, of videos, everything makes it a great experience.


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Panopto is a platform under construction. The site is still in a beta phase, but everything it has done so far promises a lot. Not only is it a traditional streaming platform, but it has many tools for those who want to edit, create, and upload their content.

The platform not only offers content creation opportunities but also has educational segments for people. Therefore, we can say that Panopto is a pretty complete platform.

People can enter for free with certain limitations regarding streaming. On the other hand, it costs $15 for the premium subscription.

As for trust, the platform has been under construction for 10 years, and several companies have bet on helping them.


  • Despite being in a beta phase, it has quite a few tools and materials.
  • It has business and user education segments.


  • The beta phase is not yet complete.
  • They don’t have phone support.

The Panopto platform promises to be an excellent option in the future. It is still growing but already has several eye-catching tools that are worth having up close and personal.


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BeLive is a platform that allows people who are part of the community to give a professional touch to the content they create. They are allies of Facebook and have a small partnership with YouTube to create and edit content.

The platform seeks to deliver tools for people to edit their videos professionally. Besides, it has spaces to track what is being created with the page’s tools to users.

You can enter for free and access certain tools. But they also have a benefit plan that costs between $29 and $45. As for trust, the allies are YouTube and Facebook, so there is no doubt that the platform is quite complete for the users.


  • It has innovative tools that go beyond editing.
  • It has mobile phone support.


  • Payment methods are limited.

We can conclude that it is quite a complete platform and has managed to harvest important allies to attract more users.


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Sendvid is a free service that people can use as a cloud. People can upload it and then share it on their social networks.

The platform allows users to upload their videos and then share the content, but it does not give the editing possibility that other sites have. Something also important to mention is that the content of the page is quite varied,

You don’t have to pay to use the site. As for trust, it is a site that is supported by Apple and has received several positive comments from its users.


  • No space limit for uploading videos
  • It’s not complicated to use
  • Hey! It’s free


  • No video editing tools
  • It only has iOS support.

It’s an average platform. There are better options throughout the internet, offering better options for editing and uploading videos; however, it is quite basic in terms of tools.


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YouNow is a platform that has been in decline over the years? At one time, it was quite popular for streaming, watching recorded videos, and editing them. At the time, it became popular in different countries, and even several companies used it.

The platform is used to see the content that people make, although today, they’re rarely more than 200 users at the same time. Entering the page is free, and no additional transactions are required.

On the other hand, trust exists. Media like MTV use it at the time despite the current decline.


  • It was a great platform in previous years.
  • It has support in several languages.


  • It doesn’t have the same confidence he had years ago.
  • No support on Android phones

It’s a good page. It is quite complete; however, it is not a platform that people are looking to upload content currently due to the problems it has had from 2018 onwards.


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Twitch is one of the most famous platforms today. Not only is it an active streaming platform, but it is also an extremely active community that is more like a forum. Great players, celebrities, even users who have become famous come alive within the platform.

The platform is a page that first has videos stored and then allows live streaming for all kinds of videos. Besides, it has subscriptions for people who want to come to life on the platform because of the packages they offer.

You can enter for free, but they can also enter Twitch Prime for $13 per month, making it the best price-value option out there. Trust is something that the platform does not lack. Even the platform has been used to broadcast esports tournaments of great games, such as League of Legends.


  • It has an easy-to-use interface.
  • It has support for mobile phones.


  • It does not work with slow internet connections.
  • Growing up on the platform is complicated due to the competition.

Without a doubt, Twitch is one of the most important pages on the whole list. It is complete; it offers the possibility to make life inside the page, among many other things that make a quite complete platform.