Best Student Loan Companies Like LendKey

Given that not all people have the same luck in business, the best way to ensure a future usually is going to college. Many doors open to those who qualify for jobs that not everyone can do, but the truth is that studying at a university is expensive.

Every day studying at the university is harder to sustain. Enrollment, books, and other expenses make this a heroic task for parents and solo students;

This is why it is not surprising that families allocate a savings fund to pay for the University of their Children even before they are born.

But. What can you do if you do not have enough money to pay for college!?

This is where most people decide to apply for student loans, but we usually forget that, like other loans, they impact the credit rating.

Therefore, failure to comply causes a “default” in the rating, which will remain -perhaps for years- until the debt is paid. Besides, the federal government can impose restrictions until the debt is paid.

Student Loan Companies Like LendKey

One of the first options is LendKey, considered one of the Top student loan companies online. This company allows you to request through the website or a phone call.

They offer guides to help you make the best decision when refinancing a private or federal student loan. You can enter as a borrower or lender and get what you are looking for, among many other things.

It is also protected by Norton Secure and SSL Encrypted and an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau. However, there are other good options out there that can offer reliable and probably more flexible credits for your career.

This is why in this article, we are reviewing the best student loan companies like LendKey. So, let’s get started!

Visit LendKey


Visit Credible

This company helps you obtain the best student loans thanks to its association with large lenders like Citizens Bank, Sun Trust or Discover Student Loans.

Besides, it has been chosen by at least 121 student associations as the first option to obtain loans or refinancing.

They have a wide section of questions where they answer 38 questions divided into 8 categories. Thanks to their strategic partnerships, they offer fixed rates with a minimum possible of 4.50% APR and variable rates with 3.69% APR automatic payment to avoid late payments.

You must complete an online form to opt for Credible services. Once that step is completed, if you are looking for loans online, you must establish the amount you are looking to finance, and in minutes, you will receive offers that you must analyze to see which one is most convenient for you.

In the end, if you have a good credit rating, you will get good offers at low-interest rates and fees.


  • No penalty for early payment
  • You can enter a co-signer, increasing the possibility of loan success
  • The co-signer can be released
  • They are partners of 9 prestigious lenders
  • BBB accredited member
  • Intuitive website


  • Although friendly, it is required to complete many steps
  • In its orientation to excellence, it can become annoying with surveys and SMS

Credible is oriented to offer the best service to its clients and, thanks to that methodology, they have managed to develop a reliable web. However, if you are not very patient, it can be uncomfortable to use.

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Visit AboveLoans

If you only need a site to get loans online, AboveLoans is the best solution you can find to finance your university studies.

The loans that can be obtained through this website are in a range of between $ 500 and $ 35,000.

To use this site, you will need to register by completing a form with personal and banking information and certifying that you have the income to pay off the debt in the stipulated time and submit the following basic requirements:

  • Be of legal age.
  • Proof of citizenship -Social Security number or proof of legal residence-.
  • Proof of a regular income.
  • Information on your checking account.
  • Work and home contact numbers.
  • A valid and checkable email address.


  • You can order up to 35000
  • Money could be received the next business day
  • Use an SSL security protocol to protect personal data


  • The “E-Consent” can be annoying
  • AboveLoans is not a lender and is not responsible for any procurement obtained through your site
  • They do not provide refinancing service

Using this site, you can get many offers that fit your possibilities; keep in mind that these are independent lenders who will offer different rates and conditions. You must read in detail to decide whether or not you agree.

They usually also request your credit rating, which can be a wall in your way if you don’t have a record.

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Visit Uprade

This is also not a specialized site like LendKey offering student loans, but it offers the opportunity to obtain personal loans for the financing of different projects; as acquisition or improvement of housing, business, consolidate debts, among other things, from some of the Top student loan lenders

Very much in your favor, this website offers the opportunity to obtain online loans for up to $ 50,000.

Here, as a borrower, your duty is not to get as much as possible of those 50000 $ but only the amount you need to finance your university studies.

The upgrade is a secure website accredited by the EqualHousing Lender is a BBB accredited merchant and has the McAfee Secure security seal.

All of the above accreditations that certify it as a safe place to obtain the money you are looking for from the comfort of your home.

Additionally, it offers a tool that allows you to obtain passively, without affecting the points, your credit rating, alerts via e-mail, and other mechanisms that help you follow your rating. You can get information on how to improve your credit points in your credit health center.


  • Has various certifications
  • The maximum amount to ask for is $ 50000
  • Your help center offers you a lot of useful information as a borrower


  • It is not easy to distinguish where to click to ask for the credit
  • It can be tempting to ask for more money than you need

Through this site, you can obtain a large amount of money that will allow you to consolidate your university debts or, in any case, satisfy any need related to your studies.

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Visit SoFi

It is a company where you can get a refinance or consolidation of the best student loans.

The objective of this is to save money by obtaining more attractive rates. Keep in mind that the consolidation of student loans is about combining several loans into one.

On the other hand, the refinancing of student loans is when you get a new loan at a new interest rate and/ora new term.

Like LendKey, it is easy to find comments that qualify Sofi as reliable; you can access the official Sofi where different topics on the career, lifestyle, money, and news are developed in their blog. You can also see and write reviews about their service.

Another service offered by Sofi is “Career Coaching,” where you invest money in professional training that will help you with:

  • Career transitions: a professional will help you to know your potential and achieve it.
  • Job search: you will get training on how to prepare your curriculum, manage your networks, behavior in an interview, among other things.
  • Personal brand: you will create a brand that will identify you from other candidates.
  • Personalized support: you can meet with your professional advisor and obtain a personalized plan to boost your career.


  • Save money through consolidation
  • Student loan calculator
  • Get refinancing


  • Offer a $ 300 referral bonus, which is difficult to obtain
  • Some people are not eligible
  • It is not easy to use

They offer a free service to obtain the best benefits of your student loan. However, some inconveniences may arise to be able to qualify as they are usually hard on approval.

To Know More About SoFi: SoFi Review For Student Loans With No Credit

In Brief

Securing the future by qualifying for higher positions or getting the skills to drive business properly can make the difference between an average life and the life of your dreams.

As difficult as it is to decide the career to pursue may be to decide how to obtain that money under the premise of a student loan. While LendKey offers benefits such as ensuring that your private data is highly protected, low-interest rates for student loans, and advice, other online loan companies offer similar services.

If you are looking for a place with loans dedicated exclusively to students, you should select Sofi or Credible.

About this, Sofi is a place specialized in refinancing and consolidating student debts to save some money. On the other hand, Credible offers refinance that saves but loans for students with meager interest rates.

Remember that if you acquire a huge amount of money and end up unpaying your debts or being irresponsible, you could pawn your financial future even before starting work.

Handle loans responsibly, pay your fees to avoid damaging your credit rating, and show that you can face the real world with success!

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