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SoFi, which stands for Social Finance Inc, was founded in 2011 by a Stanford Graduate School of Business student and has become a company funded by more than $20 billion in loans.

Student Loan Refinancing

As their websites positively state, SoFi is a finance company that can help you get ahead. But, they are a community that caters to a strong membership by offering a series of loans, refinancing options, and tools to help you get settled financially.

Refinancing student loans and mortgages to getting personal loans or career coaching has many different ways to get you money and support staff. They have over 500,000 members and over $300 billion funded into loans through their services. Anytime you refinance a current loan, you’re having another company pay it off and offer you a new contract and term. This includes changes to the length, interest rates, and other variables.

Refinancing is an excellent option for people who are stuck and disappointed in their current loan terms. Student loans take years to pay off, and a lot can change within that time. Shortening your loan term with SoFi and getting better APR offers can save you several thousands of dollars over the years.

Some student loans are high-interest or unsubsidized, with contract terms that last decades. Paying high interest for that long can hurt over time and cost you thousands by the end. Shorter periods, lower APR, and customized loan details by the SoFi staff help reduce the extra amount you pay and keep it close to what you owe. Sometimes student loans can rack up hundreds of thousands of dollars, so every penny counts when shaving off that interest you end up owing.

SoFi helps with this, and their rates start at 3.95%! That’s about $15,000 in lifetime savings on average. Does it sound worth it to you yet?

Best Student Loan Sites Like SoFi

And obtaining a mortgage is easy with the online application and 10% down. Of course, when discussing money, it is always wise to compare options. These are some of the best companies like SoFi we found, and we hope one of them can help you get a loan and achieve your goals.

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One of the most popular sites, like SoFi, is LendKey. They help you get low-interest loans from a network of community leaders. With over 50,000 borrowers served and a 97% satisfaction rate, you know this is an option you need to consider. The process is straightforward; first, you fill out an online application.

Once you send it in, a decision will be made instantly, and you will see the different rates and terms you can access. Then, customize your loan by selecting the rate, term, and monthly payment, verifying your information, uploading your documents, and receiving your funds. It is as simple as that. Private student loans, student loan refinancing, and home improvement loans are available at this SoFi alternative.


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Sometimes you need to find a website like SoFi that can give you money fast. Instead of going to a payday loans website that will charge ridiculous fees, visit ThriveFinance and get a personal loan as quickly as one business day.

Using a vast network of lending partners, you will be redirected to a lender that can provide the loan you need when you submit your application. If you are at least 18 years of age, have a valid bank account, and prove income, you can qualify to obtain a personal loan.

Credible Student Loans

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From student loans to personal loans and refinancing options in between, Credible has you covered. Their platform is used by those looking for fast, easy connections to direct lenders online to resolve the financial crisis easily reliable way.

Credible is one of the top loan matching sites out there, and they cater heavily to students looking to get through college or refinance their old loans. Instead of figuring out your options or settling for the first thing you stumble across, Credible takes your information and processes it with a network of lenders to get you instant results.

These results will show you easily what loans you qualify for, so you can look deeper into your offers. In addition, it’s all obligation-free, so there is no reason why you shouldn’t give it a try! Finally, periodically reviewing your refinancing options for student loans can provide reliable ideas about what you’re paying and how to save money.

You can get personal loans through Credible, but they were mainly designed to help students. Credible is a great way to look at your other options for student loans and refinancing than what you already know is available. Refinancing options on Credible can come from up to 11 different lenders and have been proven to save you over $18,000 on average in the long run. If you’re looking to take out a loan and not refinance, you have eight lenders to choose from that Credible has pre-approved as reliable and trustworthy.


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People searching for a site like SoFi can get a student loan to pay for college or school loan refinance, use the SimpleTuition website, and make the process easier. The Student Loan Comparison finds the best lender who offers the most favorable borrower benefits.

The PayBackSmarter tool provides information about getting out of debt faster and what repayment options are available. Not many students are aware of the many federal loans that exist. Direct loans, Perkins loans, PLUS loans, and GradPlus loans are sponsored by the federal government and can be disbursed to students, and SimpleTuition can help you apply for them.

College Ave Student Loans

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Covering up to 100% of your school expenses using a student loan is possible with this SoFi alternative website. Students in associate’s or bachelor’s degree programs can apply for an undergraduate student loan. Graduate student loans are available for anyone currently studying for a master’s or doctoral degree.

Parents who want to cover their children’s school costs can apply for a parent loan. If needed to reduce the total cost or manage a current student loan, refinancing options are also accessible. No fees are charged for applying, and early payments can be made with no penalties.

iHelp Student Loans

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iHelp provides student loans that originate from community banks with low rates that may save you money. Private student loans have no origination or prepayment fees. They have three options: defer the payments until you graduate, make interest-only payments, which will lower the overall cost of the loan, or make principal and interest payments. The application can be made online, and you will find out if you are pre-approved in a few minutes.

Another service offered at this SoFi alternative is refinancing student loans available for federal and private student loans. It will allow you to unify current student loans into one potentially money-saving account. Repayments can be made through a 24-month interest-only payment schedule or as a graduate repayment with a choice of 10, 15, or 20 years.

Discover Student Loans

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Not many sites like SoFi reward students for their excellent grades. This is what makes Discover an attractive alternative. If you have at least a 3.0 GPA, you will receive a 1% cash reward of the loan amount. Besides the typical undergraduate and graduate student loans, particular loans are available depending on what you need to cover.

MBA student loans, heal professions loans, law loans, and residency loans for students preparing for internships or bar exam loans for anyone preparing for a bar exam. Best of all, no loan applications, origination, or late fees are charged.

Apply in as little as 15 minutes or less and choose between in-school or deferred repayment options. Refinancing student loans can lower your interest rate or monthly payments for personal and federal loans.


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Personal loans and school loans refinance are offered using the latest technology available. The applicant’s full education, employment, and financial profile are evaluated through specialized software and algorithms to obtain a thorough financial profile.

This lets you access lower rates. If you are financially responsible, this is an application you should fill out to refinance and consolidate student loans. An estimated rate will be sent to you in just a few minutes.

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