Top Teenager Websites to Discover

It is now common for us to spend a great deal of time on the internet, contacting loved ones, informing us about events, or even working.

Indisputably the internet has become an almost indispensable tool in everyday life.

Of course, the use of this network is not focused solely on issues of work or information. It is also used for entertainment, especially when it comes to a teenager.

However, resorting daily to the same websites may become a tedious activity. If you have already exhausted your common entertainment options while browsing, we bring for you the top teenager websites to discover new places to spend your free time.

Teen Nick

Official Site

The channel is known worldwide for entertaining teenagers since the last century. Nickelodeon brings for us the platform of Teen Nick.

This site, also known as Nick World, is intended to offer you entertainment in various formats in a simple way to make your visit an enjoyable experience. In it, you can access options such as:

  • Games of different genres and difficulties inspired by cartoons and known series of the channel.
  • The next programming to be broadcasted, along with special videos.
  • Inform you about news about the stars of their programs.
  • Download applications.
  • Participate in contests.

In general terms, it is a quite entertaining website; however, the target audience is so wide that it can sometimes border on the infantile, which makes it look uninteresting in the eyes of teenagers of 15 or 17 years.

Despite this, it is a site commonly visited by teenagers, since this will depend, of course, on your particular tastes.

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Official Site

When we talk about social networks, it is to be expected that one of the first to receive compliments is the famous Instagram, this app that can be found in almost every smartphone, whether it is for young people or adults.

Here people share through something as simple as uploading photos, videos and give “like” to them. The impact that Instagram has had on today’s society is surprising, especially considering the simplicity of its dynamics of use.

This is why it is expected to be number two on this list, also taking into account these advantages:

  • It’s easy to understand and use, even if you’re not used to social networks.
  • Creating your account is simple.
  • Editing photos with this application becomes simple and fun.

It is not limited to photos and videos. It is also possible to make live transmissions, publish states, comment photos, and so on.

When we talk about Instagram, we know that we refer to one of the most influential applications in this generation of Youth.

You can spend hours in it informing yourself of current events, knowing more about others, or sharing a little of your life with your friends.

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Teen Stars Online

Official Site

In third place on our list, we present you a website made by fans and dedicated to fans. Teen Stars online provides information about young stars from series, movies or TV shows.

If you consider yourself a fan of a young artist or the content they produce, you can go to this page to enjoy these benefits:

  • Quality photos and audiovisual material.
  • Belong to different clubs.
  • Meet people with similar tastes to yours.
  • Share freely about your interests.
  • A blog where you can read articles on topics of interest to you.

Being a fan page, it does not offer an excellent quality interface, and because it has been created for a long time, not completely up to date.

Still, it is recommended for any fan who wants to know more about their favorite actors or share them with other fans.

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Boy’s Life

Official Site

If you are one of those curious young people who are always looking for entertainment and knowledge, Boy’s Life is a good option to find varied information on so many topics that it will be difficult not to find something that interests you.

You can get everything from life hacks to audiovisual content. You will even have hours of entertainment thanks to the variety of its content, here you will find:

  • Funny games.
  • “How to” articles through which you will learn to carry out amusing and simple activities.
  • Tips on tools and crafts here, you can clarify.
  • A section to clarify your doubts.
  • Stories and short stories.
  • Jokes, challenges, and jokes.

Something that may not please everyone about this page is that its content is aimed at the male audience, so it is possible that girls do not identify much with their material. It is more focused on children and adolescents until 13 years.

However, as it has such varied content, it can be useful for anyone interested in something of the aforementioned.

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Official Site

If you’re a person who likes to play games and make friends through them, Habbo might interest you.

It is a well-known community on the Internet used by a large number of young people and teenagers that exists since 2000. The fact that it has been almost 10 years on the network and is still visited constantly by many users speaks very well of the dynamics offered by this Website.

It is a social network in which you design your character and chat rooms in the form of hotel rooms that open a door for you:

  • Get to know and share with people from different countries.
  • Design the rooms and characters to your liking.
  • Access to a membership that will allow you to create groups, use exclusive commands, get a monthly gift, and so on.
  • Access fun games.
  • Find those who share your tastes.

Habbo is mostly used by young people between the ages of 13 and 18. It is ideal for talking and playing with your classmates from home after class and, at the same time, to meet new friends.

However, it is necessary to pay to make use of many of their options.

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Teen Chat

Official Site

In 6th place is Teen chat, perfect if in your free time you like to chat casually with other young people.

This website allows you to contact other kids of different nationalities and interests.

It’s just many chat rooms about various topics you can choose the ones you like best. By entering the page, you will be able to access:

  • Find out about interesting topics.
  • Make bonds of friendship with different people around the world.
  • Get to know new customs and cultures, as well as share about yours.
  • Contact people who share your tastes.

One of the advantages of Teen chat is that access to it does not require registration and is completely free.

However, its interface is not very well designed, which could make it confusing.

It is an interesting site for young people and teenagers who intend to make new friends with whom to share tastes, whether in video games, mangas, music, animes, culture, and so on.

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The InSite

Official Site

It is a page aimed at teenagers launched since 1997.

It was created to provide young people and teenagers a safe space to learn and obtain tools that allow them to adapt to the world they live in and thus generate a positive change in their lives. On this site, you will find:

  • Information on social justice, the environment, self-esteem, and so on.
  • It is a means of expression since it can send him your writings, photos, art, or music.
  • Answers to questions of any kind.

It is an excellent place for those young people looking for inspiration, information, or a means to share their experiences and learn from others’ experiences. However, it is very neglected and outdated.

At the End

After spending a lot of time on the nets, you may get bored by not finding anything new that is fun for you.

If you are a teenager who likes to socialize or chat with other young people, you can go to social networks such as Instagram or directly to the Teen chat rooms.

On the other hand, if you are interested in spending time playing, I’m bored is the best option.

Regardless of your tastes, the Internet is full of many pages to have a pleasant time, mainly those listed on this top.

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