The Best Flight Sites Like Kayak

Travel packages, car rentals, tours, food services, and more can be taken from Kayak’s site service. But if you are looking for alternatives to their service, we brought you a nice list of the best flight sites, Like Kayak. Keep scrolling!

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Flight Guru

Official Site

This booking engine specializes in first-class and business-class flights. They offer you a great deal at an excellent price. In addition, you will receive special offers and packages just for creating and logging in to your Flight Guru account.

They do not have a section for things to do on your trip. You will only find car rentals, hotels, and airline ticket sections.

They indicate that their search algorithm always allows them to get the best options in the market. In addition, the contracts are usually personal relationships with partners, allowing the existence of incredible prices on their platform.

On the other hand, users rate their customer service as excellent. It is personal and speedy.


Meager prices.

Optimal help center.

Special recommendations.


No “Things to do” section.

Flight Guru is one of the best sites like Kayak available. Their prices are second to none. In addition, the support system is highly personalized and can solve any problem you may have. We recommend using Flight Guru on your next trip.


Official Site

On this platform, you can plan your trips from scratch. You have a section for lodging, transfers, car rentals, things to do, and even travel packages. Through this last option, you can receive recommendations given by the platform according to your needs.

Orbitz aims to give you the best possible experience while building your trip. They even offer discounts valid only for using the Orbitz mobile app. This promotion gives you a 10% discount on the first hotel you choose within the app. It can reach a maximum of $150 value, valid only for hotels.

The offers vary depending on the destination and options selected. However, these are incredibly economical and enjoy various discounts and promotions.


Multiple discounts.

Traveler packages.

Mobile app.


Poor customer service, according to user reviews.

Orbitz is a good platform in terms of the travel service provided. However, its users rate customer service as slow and inefficient. Therefore, we do not recommend this platform due to the potential problems that may arise from its use.


Official Site

Hotwire offers you a search service for cars, hotels, and flights as this kind of platform. In addition, you can find travel packages composed according to your needs.

On the other hand, they have a mobile app with different advantages. In addition to allowing you to access it from anywhere, the mobile app gives you several discounts. Therefore, you will always find lower prices in this medium than on the desktop website. Moreover, here you will also find discounts and notable credits.

Despite all these exciting promotions, there are many complaints about their service. For example, users indicate that this company takes too long to make refunds.

Sometimes, they make additional charges not indicated during the purchase process within the website.


Traveler packages.

Lots of promotions and credits.


Misleading advertising.

It would help if you did not get carried away by their promotions. But unfortunately, the additional charges and the complaints from their users do nothing more than hit Hotwire’s reputation. Therefore, we do not recommend using this platform.


Official Site

This platform ensures to get you the best prices in the market. The unique feature to freeze prices within Hopper stands out.

The platform makes highly reliable predictions for future prices. When you get an exciting price according to your needs, you will be notified that there is an exciting option. If you cannot plan the trip then, you can freeze the price until you are ready.

In addition to that, they can rebook your flights at no additional cost. You can even use this if you are assigned an option that is not viable for your schedule.

You can download their mobile app through the website. This will facilitate notifications and allow you to stay on top of existing alternatives.


Price freeze.

Notifications for exciting options.

Efficient rebooking system.


Additional charge for a price freeze.

The price freezing and rebooking system make Hopper an ideal platform. Few platforms offer this kind of service with such utility. Hopper is highly recommended to keep you notified of possible cheap trips.

Sygic Travel Maps

Official Site

This platform lets you plan your travel itinerary orderly and from your cell phone. In addition, they have a fully functional mobile app on Android and iOS devices.

In addition, you can study the navigation maps of your destination and/or location offline and from your mobile device.

On the other hand, the platform is based on accurate planning. With this, you can know the travel times, learn what activities you can do, and your arrival times.


The application is compatible with Android and iOS.

Offline navigation maps.

Realistic itinerary creator.

Not only dedicated to travel.


It may have cost discrepancies.

Surly, Sygic Travel is simply one of the best sites like Kayak. With its excellent mapping system, you can get to know the city without feeling lost at any time. In addition, by using it, you can organize your travel itinerary better than on any other platform.

You have to give this platform a chance on your next trip.

Google Flights

Sites Like Kayak

Official Site

With the Google Flights platform, you can build your travel plan in no time. The website has sections to explore and know what things you can do at your destination. You can organize your trip from point zero with this platform without requiring another external server.

Its main objective is to give you the most economical options in the market. It even lets you know when a flight is below its usual price. If the cost is below, it will be highlighted in green. If it is higher, it will have a red color.

It should be noted that the purchase process is not done with Google Flights. Instead, the page will redirect you to the provider’s website when you select an option.


Extremely competitive pricing.

Multiple analytics to study costs.


Sometimes there may be additional charges.

You do not purchase directly from them.

If you are going on a trip, you should compare prices from other servers with those on Google Flights. The reason is that you will find the best prices here on most occasions. Although it lacks some options, it is a necessary complement for any traveler.

Flight Network

Sites Like Kayak

Official Site

Like its competition, it maintains the same premise, to give you the best prices. The prices they offer are pretty competitive according to the opinions of their users. They have the traditional sections for car rentals, hotels, and airline tickets.

It also can select your trip with stopovers or direct flights.

The most special section is their customer service. Very few people have had any problems with refunds. Generally, they do refunds if you cancel your trip without much hassle. You have to contact their support team to solve your situation.


Competitive prices.

Good customer service.


No outstanding features.

Compared to other travel itinerary-building platforms, this one is nothing special. It may occasionally have some good deals, but it has no standout functions or features. It is a good idea if you want to use it for some cheap flights in its catalog. However, we don’t recommend it as your default medium.


Sites Like Kayak

Official Site

With Flightics, you will also find excellent prices. Furthermore, this platform is dedicated to designing stopover trips with Europe as a destination. Therefore, you can find many exciting tours valid for this region.

You also have a catalog for car rentals and hotels. However, its platform is more geared toward the purchase of airline tickets.


Cheap tickets.

Lots of tours and flights in Europe.


Not extensively globalized.

It is an excellent option to order a trip to Europe. Especially for those extensive trips. If that is your intention, this platform can be ideal for you. It is deficient in its hotel section but still has a perfect flight section.

At the End

Ideally, you should use several platforms to organize your trip itinerary. We recommend using Google Flights and Sygic Travel Maps regardless of destination and purpose.

With Google Flights, you will always find a good deal. Using it as a point of comparison with other platforms would be ideal. On the other hand, with Sygic Travel, you can stick your itinerary to reality. You will not have time problems, and it will allow you to make the most of your stay.

At the same time, Hopper has a frozen system. This is ideal for those passionate about travel. The platform can recommend an offer, and you freeze it. You will have them available when you are ready to make the trip.

Finally, we think you should rule out options like Hotwire and Flightics. They do not offer any exciting service and have many negative reviews.

You can keep the rest of the sites like Kayak in mind to compare, but don’t support them as your preferred search engine.