The Complete Guide to Selecting Hand Trucks: Everything to Know

Are you looking for a simple hand truck system to lift and move heavy equipment? Do you want a handheld truck that’s sturdy and reliable? Do you have difficulty finding the right handheld truck? In any e-commerce operation, you’ll be moving items around your warehouse regularly. Much of that movement will be warehouse hand trucks. They are handy to have. But not all are created equal, so you want to do some careful consideration before making a purchase. Here’s the complete guide to selecting hand trucks. Keep reading!

Size and Weight Capacity

Hand trucks come in a range of sizes, from small, lightweight models to larger models capable of carrying heavier loads. Smaller models are suitable for light- to medium-weight items, while larger models are better for heavier items. When selecting a hand truck, ensure its capacity is suitable for the items you need to transport.

As a general guideline, choose a model rated for twice the weight of the items you will be carrying. Consider the size of the items you are transporting when selecting a hand trolley; if the items are too large for the model, you won’t be able to use the truck.

Consulting the manufacturer’s size specifications will help you determine the best size and weight capacity for your needs.

Types of Wheels

Smaller wheels may be better suited for surfaces that are even and mainly indoors. Larger and more durable wheels can handle rough terrain and off-road conditions. Wheel materials should also be considered, with options including plastic, steel, rubber, and semi-pneumatic wheels.

Each material provides different benefits, so it is important to consider wheel materials when selecting a hand trolley.

Ergonomic Features

Aside from knowing the types of hand trucks available, some essential considerations must be taken into account. You need to ensure that the model you select will be comfortable to use and minimize the risk of injury.

Look for items such as reduced weight, soft grip handles, enhanced stability, and folding capacity. Portable hand trucks are perfect for anyone on the go and have to make multiple deliveries in a short period of time. Models with a wide handle to reduce the strain on your hands and a large base plate are also great options.

Quality of Construction

Choose a model that is made of strong hand truck materials, such as metal or aluminum, so that it can withstand the rigors of transporting heavy loads. Check to see if the materials used are rust-resistant, and make sure joints are held together with rivets or bolts. Additionally, pay close attention to the overall design of the hand trolley, and make sure it is ergonomic with its handle and maneuverability.

Different Factors to Consider When Selecting Hand Trucks

When selecting hand trucks, there are several essential considerations one must keep in mind. Consider different factors like weight capacity, handle type, and wheel size to ensure that you get the proper hand trolley for your needs. Shop around to find the best quality and price, and be sure to keep safety in mind.

Start now by selecting the perfect hand truck for your needs!

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Yvan Lebrun
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