The Different Types of Wedding Bands for Her

Types of Wedding Bands

Picking out wedding rings for the love of your life is one of the most incredible moments you’ll experience. The feeling of finding the perfect types of wedding bands for her is something that you’ll never forget until your dying day. More than two million weddings occur each year in the United States of America, so you need to find particular wedding band types that stand out from the rest.

Knowing the differences between a wedding band vs. engagement ring is crucial if you want your wedding day to be remarkable. The good news is that you’ve found a comprehensive guide to learning about how to choose a wedding band and what each option symbolizes.

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Classic Wedding Band

The most iconic wedding band to consider for her is the classic wedding band. Going back in history, the original wedding bands were simple metal bands that represented eternity together with the love of your life. Yellow gold was the traditional choice for couples, though you can spruce the wedding band up a bit if you want to make it extra unique.

The typical classic wedding band is made from precious metal and smoothed out for a shiny and glossy appearance. You can choose from several finishes to find the perfect wedding band types for your bride-to-be. The best jewelry stores will carry these types of wedding bands.

Eternity Wedding Band

Another viable option when you’re shopping for types of wedding bands for her is the eternity wedding band. It’s a popular option because it brings stunning beauty and symbolism to the table. Diamonds cover the entire exterior surface of the ring, though there are variations you can choose to switch things up.

The half-eternity wedding rings cover the top half of the ring. You can also choose different gemstones depending on the preferences of your future spouse.

Infinity Wedding Band

The infinity wedding band is quite similar to the eternity wedding band, but they feature the infinity symbol in their design. It’s a great option to show your future bride that you’ll be there for her to infinity and beyond. Your love for her is boundless, and this is the perfect wedding band to choose to display that love on your wedding day.

Channel Set Wedding Band

A channel set wedding band is a style named after how the diamonds are mounted to the ring. The most common type of channel set wedding band is an eternity band. The diamonds get set into a groove to keep them secure while creating a beautiful design.

Now You Know the Best Types of Wedding Bands for Her

Knowing the best types of wedding bands for her makes shopping for wedding rings a much simpler task since you can find the right combination of beauty and symbolism in the types of wedding bands. Infinity wedding bands are the perfect option to display your infinite love and loyalty. The classic wedding band is perfect for the bride who loves minimalism and the traditional way of doing things.

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