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When looking for personalized cards, whether for invitation, presentation, or anything else. The Gallery Collection will surely arise on your search engine. So, today we dedicated a space to review what they have to offer and their prices.

What is Gallery Collection?

Many companies are dedicated to the creation of personalized cards. However, not all of them have the reputation and the great quality that The Gallery Collection offers.

As its slogan indicates, its objective is to provide us with top quality products with a lasting impression, through a wide catalog that has multiple options to satisfy all tastes and needs, such as cards for:








New baby




Thank you

They also produce calendars, certificates, business letters, and presentation folders.

Undoubtedly, you will be able to get the perfect card for any occasion, with the motif of your choice, with the colors you want, adding as many images as you like, choosing your favorite design with the highest quality materials, and with completely professional printing.

How to get a card from The Gallery Collection?

One of the most outstanding features of The Gallery Collection is the comfort and ease provided to its users through its website.

Just enter the link in the search engine, and you will find the official site of this company that presents a beautiful and dynamic interface where we will see many examples of the products they offer.

Ordering online will be a straightforward process.

  1. First, you must select the card option of your preference in the upper bar or click on one of the examples shown on the home page.
  2. As a second step, we must choose the motif we want our card to have, which will cause a menu with all the available models to be displayed.
  3. To continue, click on the card you like the most, redirecting you to a website where you will be shown all the product specifications, such as sizes, materials, design, artists, and visualization of the card from different angles.
  4. When you are sure of your choice, press the “customize and buy” button, select the quantity you want, choose the font color, font type, personalize the message and design the style of the envelope.

Finally, select the state to which the envelopes will be sent, the shipping method, and the delivery time. Make sure all the data entered is correct on the invoice and add a payment method.

It is straightforward to purchase your products, and all of them will be personalized; you don’t need to log in to buy on this website, but you will get more benefits as a user. If you need help, you have a phone number and an online chat where they will give you advice. You can also request a quote or a sample catalog that will arrive at any address in the United States or Canada.

Is Gallery Collection Legit?

We cannot deny that Gallery Collection has become one of the most prestigious card companies in the world due to its high reliability, which we will see reflected in the comments of each of its customers through social networks and in a special section of the web.

Thanks to the excellent work done in the company, customers have taken the time to leave their testimonials, to the point of reaching more than five thousand comments with an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars and 100% satisfaction.

In addition, The Gallery Collection offers an excellent privacy policy that aims to safeguard every piece of information you enter. It is also a registered trademark of Prudent Publishing Company.


  • The variety in their designs and models will be one of their main attributes since you will get a perfect card for any occasion you can imagine. Furthermore, with its default templates, we will have a great world with endless possibilities to create the ideal card that fits our tastes, needs, and requirements.
  • All the alternatives are customizable, where you will be able to choose the color of the foil, the size, type, and color of the typography, add allusive images, the color of the frames, among other aspects. In addition, you will also have the possibility to write an allusive text, add the name or logo of your company, customize the envelope and the internal content, among many other options.
  • All materials used are of the highest quality, using papers and inks that will be properly preserved over time while providing a luxurious and professional look. In addition, the printing will be done with high technology machines which makes it much more aesthetic and durable.
  • All cards are environmentally friendly, from the manufacturing process to the final result. In addition, the company ensures that each product helps to reduce the carbon footprint that could be left in the world, using renewable energy.
  • Gallery Collection puts the best technological tools at your disposal to make the buying process as satisfactory as possible. Thanks to the dynamism of these resources, customers will have a great shopping experience without any complications during the purchase.


  • The minimum order will be 25 cards. In case the number of recipients is less than that, you will have cards left over.
  • Each model has a base price, and each aspect that you personalize will have an extra charge. Therefore, don’t be surprised if you select a $60 card package and the final price is $100.
  • Compared to other card companies, their prices are a bit high.

To Sum Up

Despite its few disadvantages, The Gallery Collection will always represent the best choice when it comes to creating a card, calendar, business folder, or certificates for your company, business, family, gathering of friends, or any other event. Cards will never go out of style and much less when they are of excellent quality like the ones offered by this company, so don’t hesitate a second longer and create your first order.

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