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Getting involved with borrowing money is scary for anyone, but it can be an inescapable choice depending on the circumstance. Are you in need of a personal, business, home, or refinance loan? The Loan Exchange has you covered!

Though They do not do direct loans, they provide a valuable service to those looking to borrow. They also cater to many needs and have a massive network to work with and more exciting, helpful features.

What Exactly Is The Loan Exchange (And What Do They Do?)

The Loan Exchange services are similar to many websites out there but perfected to a science. You won’t get any money from this website specifically, but they have all the tools you need to connect with a perfect lender match that can fulfill your financial needs.

They also have a great customer service team, a blog with many helpful articles full of advice and tips, and some of the lowest rates with lenders’ most trustworthy network.

Is The Loan Exchange Safe?

Yes! There is no risk of using Them since they never require any of your money. All of the information you give the site is used to match you with lenders.

Once your loan begins, you move on to dealing with the lender himself, not The Loan Exchange. It’s a helpful, reliable, and perfectly safe service online.

Details About Business Loan Options

Unlike most connection services, you can actually get matched with lenders that have business loan options. Most matching websites cater only to personal loans in small amounts, but The Loan Exchange wants to provide you with everything you could need.

The network of lenders on The Loan Exchange will have varying terms and details, but you can expect your offer to fall somewhere between these variables:

  • APR starting at 19.30%
  • Loan amounts between $6,000 to $250,000
  • Loan terms ranging from 24-120 months
  • Your monthly payments could be as low as $133!

Details About Personal Loans

This is where things get exciting for The Loan Exchange and potential users. The offered rates are honestly incredible, especially compared to some other matching sites out there. You’re guaranteed to be offered a loan between these ranges, but feel free to shop around with your offers to find the lowest cost.

Expect to see a loan that will look something like this:

  • APR starting at 16.64%
  • Loan amounts ranging between $7,500 – $100,000
  • Up to 180 months to repay it
  • Monthly payments could be less than $100!

Details About Mortgage & Refinancing

Lenders on The Loan Exchange can also offer mortgage and refinancing options. While The Loan Exchange doesn’t list exact loan details on the site, they make a few positive statements about what to expect from a lender who submits an offer for you!

The Loan Exchange says this about their network of lenders involved in refinancing and homeownership:

  • No credit score affect for checking out your offers.
  • Competitive, low rates
  • First-time homeowners have lower rates, too!
  • Same-day funds (when applicable)
  • No prepayment penalties for paying your debt off early
  • Personalized bundles

Qualifying & Applying

They only need basic information to submit through their network of lenders. An application is breezy on their website. It’s quick and simple, and once you’re pre-approved, it’s even easier than ever to give the rest of your information to your lenders.

To make sure you qualify, have these things confirmed and settled before you apply to save yourself time and effort:

  • 18 years old at minimum
  • Have a valid ID to show age and citizenship
  • 500 or above credit score
  • Have an active checking account (in your name)
  • Prove income and employment status

If you meet these requirements, you’re all set! Just give the site your information and watch the offers roll in. The Loan Exchange is great because it can give customized offers relating to your unique circumstances.

Get Started On Your Journey To Financial Stability!

Stop worrying about money or the process of finding a reliable lender on your own. Let The Loan Exchange help! Window shopping your offers and seeing what is available is always recommended when you’re looking to borrow, especially for a business or homeowner.

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