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The Neat Company is a platform that has sought to simplify accounting for large and small businesses around the world. Its software was created to make it easier for people to keep their records and accounts and track their income and expenses.

The important thing is also the innovation they bring. This company offers fresh, new software that will undoubtedly mark future generations giving way to a new world that had not been previously exploited by other people; Or maybe not? So today, we present our “The Neat Company” review:

How does it work?

The page has several functionalities. Everything related to accounting has been simplified and carried out electronically, allowing users to leave behind the old reporting methods.

In addition to maintaining an accounting report, it serves to track, trace, and prepare taxes, among many other things. The site has sought to simplify and make everything easier for users, thus creating high-quality software to innovate in the market.

In short, The Neat Company came to facilitate and give way to a new generation of reporting where people will be able to have more automatic processes.

How much does it cost?

The Neat Company’s software is priced differently depending on the package we want to achieve. However, we have the possibility of doing a free trial for a short time. The first 14 days of use will be completely free, allowing people to adapt and fall in love with the software.

On the other hand, there are two types of plans and two different packages. On the one hand, we have the basic monthly package with a cost of 15 $ per month; While the premium monthly package has a cost of 35 $ per month.

The annual plan options are a little cheaper in the long run. On the one hand, the basic annual package has a cost of 13 $ that is billed during the year; While the annual premium package has a cost of $29/month per year.

All the options are presented as a great opportunity to acquire first-class software. It all depends on the type of use people want to give or just a small test they need to do.

Is it reliable?

The Neat Company is a website that has managed to attract hundreds of people over time. It has also managed to get several renowned companies to join the brand to extend its reach and transmit more trust.

But that’s not all. The site provides sensitive and sensitive services and must be followed closely as non-compliance can lead to legal problems. However, the company has its back covered as it has certification and licenses to operate, giving a plus to the trust already created.

Besides that, we have all the user reviews. Many of them have given their approval when using Neat’s software. Something worth mentioning since users are the first consumers, and therefore, they must be the ones who are most satisfied with the product they are acquiring.

A plus is that we can find product reviews at the bottom of the page. This is a way to increase the page’s trust, allowing new users to know in advance the quality of the service and how it has helped other users.

Advantages of Neat Software

  • It has multiple functions that allow you to make big calculations in a few minutes.
  • Software compatible with cell phones and other devices
  • Easy to use for everyone
  • Affordable prices for all types of users

Disadvantages of The Neat Company

  • Not all features are fit for small businesses.
  • Complexity in some calculations

Final verdict

The company offers high quality, multifunctional, and forward-looking software for accounting and administration. The Neat Company created a tool that has been useful and will continue to be useful for future generations due to its innovation in a market that has remained traditional.

We can’t make a complaint or dismiss it as a bad service since everything we achieved left us wanting to try more. Therefore, it is a tool that we can recommend to all people who need to improve their reporting and accounting systems in a company.

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