The Top 5 Types of Lawyers You Need to Know About

As the world becomes more complicated and lawsuits of all kinds become more common, many types of lawyers are emerging in the field as well. So if you have a legal issue, you can bet you will be able to find a lawyer that serves that particular niche or need.

Knowledge is power in this regard. That’s why we have created the article below – you can find more about the legal profession, so you know who to ask for help next time you get into trouble with the law.

1. Intellectual Property Lawyer

You have probably heard of patents or copyrights before. It’s when someone creates a pharmaceutical product or writes a book and has rights over that item for a certain number of years (20 years for pharmaceutical drugs, the lifespan of the author, plus 50 years for literary or musical works).

If a person feels that someone has stolen their intellectual property, then a lawyer can help fight the case on their behalf. However, it’s a complicated piece of law, and you don’t want to deal with it on your own.

2. Wrongful Death Attorney

What is a wrongful death situation? It’s when someone dies due to the negligence of an individual or organization. For example, someone might have been crossing the street and got hit by a drunk driver, dying from injuries.

That’s when the family would hire a wrongful death attorney to fight their case and get proper compensation. Get more details about wrongful death attorneys here.

3. Business Lawyer

Starting a business but unsure of what kind of documents and certifications you need to do it, right? Hire a business lawyer to ensure you don’t end up in a lawsuit or be subject to fines because you made a mistake setting up your business.

4. Immigration Attorney

Planning to move to the United States, the land of opportunity? Or moving to a European country like Portugal or Spain? Then you will need to hire an immigration attorney to ensure you and your family can safely and easily move to wherever you wish to go.

5. Family Lawyer

If you are currently going through marital troubles, and want to know what your custody rights would be or what your settlement amount would be, then a family lawyer is the one to contact for that. They can help with all questions related to familial issues.

Many Different Types of Lawyers to Make Your Life Easier

There’s no point trying to fight through court cases on your own. Why would you when you could call upon the wealth of knowledge that many different types of lawyers have built in their practice?

Make sure to choose the right kind of lawyer for your problem, and you will be well on your way to solving the issue. Keep browsing through the various articles on our website so you can build your knowledge base.

Diana Muniz
Diana Muniz

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