5 Things to Do During Your Trip to New York

More than 61 million people plan to take a trip to New York in 2023. While there are tons of things to do in New York, vacations only last so long.

If you intend to visit New York City this year, you’ll want to spend your money wisely and only fit in the best activities. Do you know which sites and events are can’t miss for a 2023 NYC vacation?

Read on to uncover five can’t-miss things to do in NYC and simplify your trip planning.

1. Catch a Show

When planning vacations, don’t forget that NYC has no shortage of famous theaters to visit. There are theatre tickers for sale that come in a wide variety of prices that fit any vacation budget.

Consider catching a show at the historic Broadway theater that dates back to 1929. It has an extensive stage with plenty of room for large casts, so it’s the perfect spot for musicals.

If you prefer live music, check out Radio City Music Hall for a great concert lineup this year. The venue also plays hosts to comedians, and acts like Ricky Gervais will grace the stage this year.

2. Sitesee On Wheels

There are so many great sites to view in New York City that sightseeing can get a bit overwhelming. But sightseeing bus tours help visitors knock out many of the top spots on one convenient trip.

The tours allow riders to hop off at each site and then get back to move on to the next location. They make stops at places like the Empire State Building, the Brooklyn Bridge, Madison Square Garden, and Wallstreet.

3. Views From Above

After you explore the city streets on a bus tour, why not take in the views from above? You can visit the Rockefeller Center and take the elevator up to the top. There, you’ll experience amazing panoramic views of NYC and other skyscrapers you might wish to scale.

If going to the Top of the Rock isn’t enough, you can also check out the city from atop the Empire State Building. On your way up, you can also catch a self-guided media tour of the building’s history.

4. Take to the Water

Boat tours are another great way to see a lot of iconic New York City locations in a short amount of time. Whether you choose a tour that sails the Hudson or East River, you’ll get great views of landmarks without any of the crowds.

Some famous sites you can see from the water include the Chrysler Building, the High Line, the Statue of Liberty, and DUMBO. It’s also a fun way to experience the shores of Lower Manhattan.

5. Explore Museums

Make sure to stop by the Met on 5th avenue for an immersive dive into art history. The museum boasts over 15 different cultural departments with diverse art from around the globe and throughout history.

You should also consider spending time at the world’s largest museum, the American Museum of Natural History. It has over 40 exhibition halls covering things like anthropological sciences, the planets, biology, and geology.

Plan Your Trip to New York

Now that you have five ways to experience the city, you can plan your trip to New York with confidence. Whether by foot, bus, water, or a skyscraper, you’re sure to see amazing sights no matter how long you plan to stay.

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Diana Muniz
Diana Muniz

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