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There are several sites out there for hiring freelance professionals. But, for USA workers and employers, Thumbtack is quite a new and fascinating option. But is Thumbtack safe? Let’s take a deeper look!

What is Thumbtack?

Thumbtack is a website. Its company is located in the USA and is in charge of communicating with employees and/or freelancers with the clientele of their own sector.

Corporate finance people or local business managers come to use Thumbtack to provide a reliable service model. Certain teams that take care of representing the organization’s site encompass the following categories:

Canine grooming

gate, and fence fitting

outdoor design and landscaping

home grooming

massage therapy

appliance repair

home services

cell phone repair

maintenance equipment

home improvement and restoration

staff grooming

wedding officiating

Thumbtack has an extensive scale of workers who use this site to offer their own promotions in front of a virtual clientele, looking for a solution for those customers who need support in any service.

How to access Thumbtack

Thumbtack’s main objective is to connect clients with professionals in their own sector who can fulfill and support any service. Virtual users start by accessing the website, or they can also access your application from the google play store (on android) or the Apple store (In the case of iPhone).

To register, you must add your basic data, such as, for example, the service you provide, along with your zip code. Then you will establish an account where you will need to include the data such as; name, date of birth, and room address, among others. Finally, the Thumbtack site or app will run a data check on all its users.

When the check is done, you can start editing your profile. Adding components such as, for example, user reviews can help you stand out from other professionals. You are also allowed to add elements such as the rate so that the virtual users can contact the professionals directly by asking questions.

Then it starts working.

From that moment on, users will be sent a list of competent experts to perform the required activity. Subsequently, the user can investigate each professional’s work in their profile, consulting costs, and order views of each attached search to determine their results.

When the user can locate a suitable expert, the system allows the user to communicate with the professional. Thus, both the user and the expert can converse online firsthand using the application, and, in this way, they can discuss the parts of the requested project, charge a premise for free, and the disposition. Furthermore, if the user establishes that they possess compatibility, they can retain the services of the expert.

Is Thumbtack reliable?

For a freelancer inquiring about perfecting their clientele following, Thumbtack may be the ideal one, with the value of connecting users with professionals with the right expertise to perform a particular activity.

The professional has to pay for the virtual user, no registration fee, and the website will not receive any percentage of its profits. This company offers the opportunity to trade fees and refund procedures with users directly.

Startup experts should master their authority with care. For example, some reviews about the Thumbtack website point out a problem with misleading virtual users lately. Therefore, users should be sensible of the cost of virtual users so that, if the opposite is true.

Advantages of Thumbtack

  • Possesses the ability to order your particular rates.
  • Allows you to incorporate the rates in your profile.
  • At the end of the project, both the user and the professional can be refunded offline.
  • Independence when receiving the refund.
  • No commissions.

Disadvantages of Thumbtack

  • Lack of follow-up.
  • Insecurity in the particularity of the work.
  • Inferiority is the investment in the company.

Suggestions to Succeed

As some suggestions to reach the achievement in the Thumbtack site, we should consider making the profile again at least once a month. Furthermore, it should be updated with the most important data and user reviews to ensure the continuous progress of the profile.

Drafts should also be created for use in responding quickly to virtual users. The website or application allows only a few professionals to show their promotions for a project, so speed is the key to contacting users. Therefore, creating a few different drafts that can be used for different situations is important.

Thumbtack offers promotions from service professionals by phone, mail, or according to the user’s preference, and the user selects the promotion they want the most. However, Thumbtack needs a blog to support users who wish to be guided.

Some of the experts have certain tools to achieve to serve their users without face-to-face contact. The most common service categories are Lawyers, Real estate workers, Doctors, Nurses, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Educators, and Marketing and design agencies.

The most common guaranteed services are:

  • Counseling: professional, certified counseling to control mental health, physical well-being, education, and professional preparation.
  • Supervision: Establishes the relationship between different professionals who manage and follow up a procedure.
  • Consultations: It is done through an agreement for requesting professional services.

To Conclude

The services of experts offered virtually are common practices established by platforms such as Thumbtack. In this case, it is possible to have access to various professionals from home or office. Their services include technology as the main foundation since professionals must communicate with the user to meet any need they want to solve.

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