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Properly manage your investments in the stock market can make you earn a lot of money, but you could also lose it in the blink of an eye.

Therefore, making sound decisions is a critical issue in this type of business. When you are learning about the stock market –or even if you are already a professional- you need the best tools to keep track of all transactions.

TimingCube is a system developed for this purpose by its founders, which sends synchronization signals of the stock market trends (purchase signal, sales signal, or cash signal) by email.

These notifications indicate to you when the company’s detailed analysis suggests that it is the right time to act in the market.

How does it work

Thanks to deep research and experimentation with market trends that follow investment approaches, and with more than 25 years of giving confirmed advice consistently superior returns in all phases of the market, this online company is dedicated exclusively to providing data that help you understand when to act.

TimingCube system designers Dr. Serge Dacic and Frank Minssieux have a history of designing successful business models.

Serge is responsible for its strategy and daily operations and information technology infrastructure, while Frank is responsible for developing, maintaining, and researching its investment models.

By subscribing to this service, you get full access to the site, including the current signal from the Turbo and Classic models and the latest update of the ETF global ranking list.

To subscribe, follow the process on the Subscribe page. Then, choose a user ID and password that will give you immediate access to the current signal and other resources only for subscribers.

They offer two subscription plans: a monthly plan ($ 49.95 per month) or an annual plan ($ 499.95).

Investment education

They make available an investment knowledge database that contains several articles on investments and recommendations on how to make the most of the system they set on the platform.

Besides, their weekly blog posts, published every Friday night, and well-respected articles on finance offer a general overview of the week’s market action along with interesting original publications on economics, markets, and investments.

On the other hand, in the FAQ section, you also get fairly simple answers to understand at least more than 30 questions about the site, divided into the categories General, Global Classification of the ETF, and Service and Subscription.

In case you have more questions, in the end, the option to contact them appears, and the support service is quite responsive.

Their products

TimingCube business model is designed to offer you only three types of products, which are listed as the Turbo Model, Classic Model, and World Classification of the ETF based on the timeframe of your preferred investments.

Turbo model:

It looks aggressively for opportunities to benefit from the stock market trend, whether that trend is up or down. Operations can last a week or months in slow and trending markets or be a day of 1-2 days in volatile markets.

  • Purely mechanical model based on the price-volume of NASDAQ 100 (QQQ).
  • 70% of the signals have been profitable.
  • The signals are issued after the market closes for trade the next morning.
  • Take a position: long (buy) or short (sell).

Classic Model:

Calls to action only every 3-4 months, on average. Again seeking to obtain gains from the market trend, this model focuses more on raising market movements, changing to cash security when stocks are weak.

  • Purely mechanical model based on the price-volume of the NASDAQ Composite index.
  • 67% of the signals have been profitable.
  • The signals are issued after the market closes for trade the next morning.
  • Take a position: long (purchase), cash, or short (sell)

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World Classification of the ETF:

With this option, you can apply the classic model to a ranking of the strongest global markets instead of buying the QQQ when the model emits a buy signal, so you take the same position in the 5 main world markets. –Put, it is the same as the classic model but applied to a global reflection of the operative signals to increase income.

At the End

With a very respectable approval rating and has won the trust of many experts in the market thanks to the credibility of its founders, we can say that hiring TimingCube’s service is one of the best investments you would make in the stock market depending on your investment capital.

Considering the possible profit margin, the price of $ 49.95 per month or the annual plan of $ 499.95 is worth the investment for operative amounts of more than 2500$.

Their operating scheme is quite simple. You only need a valid email and be alert to possible messages to increase your chances of profit. Enter their site and sign-up, dive into the world of investments with more security.

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