Top 6 Apps Like Eaze

The 420 industry is flourishing in America. From fast-growing seeds to cultivation boxes, it seems like convenience is its next big thing. Cannabis apps with on-demand delivery are a perfect example of this tendency.

Eaze is a California-based medical marijuana app and is easily a leader in this field. It offers a comprehensive weed product selection, same-day shipping, and informative content for toker patients and recreational users.

Eaze isn’t the only tool with such functionalities, though. Below are six alternatives for learning about and ordering cannabis in Cali and elsewhere.

1. Weedmaps

Get it on iOS and Android.

Weedmaps is a community connecting shoppers, doctors, dispensaries, and businesses in the cannabis industry. It lets you search, explore, review strains and discover local shops and physicians.

The app contains information on cultivars, brands, and the best online seed banks to support educated purchase decisions. In addition, the map feature displays nearby stores to visit in-person or online.

The news feature helps you stay up-to-date with the latest legalization trends. However, many Weedmaps functionalities are only available to users in legal states.


  • Well-developed dispensary maps
  • Comprehensive product reviews
  • Only legitimate shops and offers
  • Discounts for large orders


  • Reports of bugs

2. Leafly

Get it on iOS and Android.

Leafly is a one-stop cannabis app for education and purchases. It features a massive cultivar library with reliable descriptions and a community of over 10 million active monthly users.

Besides sharing facts about cannabis, Leafly offers pickup and delivery services. The former allows you to order any product and pick it up at a local store. The latter is available in states with legal weed delivery and ships the package right to your doorstep.

Leafly displays location-based deals for budget-conscious shoppers. Unfortunately, the map feature is clunky in non-cosmopolitan areas.


  • Comprehensive product selection
  • Detailed dispensary reviews
  • Informative strain explorer
  • In-app ordering features


  • Clunky map feature
  • Deals lacking in some regions

3. Vana

Get it on iOS.

Vana is a premium marijuana education and order tool. Previously known as Muncheez, it connects users with top brands, dispensaries, and MJJ doctors.

The platform only cooperates with licensed shops and brands for shopper security. Besides displaying available delivery services and dispensary menus, it informs you of the latest industry updates.

Vana offers plenty of discount deals and coupons for trusted e-commerce sites. Unfortunately, it’s currently only available on iOS, while Android users access it through the website.


  • Robust and customizable features
  • Only compliant dispensaries
  • Plenty of educational content
  • Excellent deals and discounts


  • Available only on iOS devices

4. Emjay

Get it on iOS.

Emjay is among the most successful companies, like Eaze in California. It cooperates with cannabis shops in the Los Angeles area to provide a diverse and well-rounded purchasing experience. The selection of associated shops includes medical and recreational brands.

Deliveries are available in LA, San Francisco, and San Diego through on-demand and scheduled shipping. The interface displays sales and daily deals, and the email newsletter contain promo codes.

There’s 3% cashback with each purchase via the app, which is available only for iOS. Android users may access Emjay through the website.


  • Comprehensive product selection
  • Informative in-app content
  • Free deliveries and varied deals
  • Cashback with each order


  • Deliveries limited to three areas
  • Available only on iOS devices

5. PotBot

Get it on iOS and Android.

PotBot is an AI-driven marijuana app. It helps you find therapeutic strains for your needs by combing through peer-reviewed information on medical weed. You enter a health concern, and the platform suggests a cultivar and consumption method to address it.

The program includes over 750 strains to be recommended based on cannabinoids and terpenes. It also lets you locate nearby dispensaries stocking your herb. While not as detailed as the Eaze delivery map, this functionality provides accurate information.

The app carries immense educational value, but it uses somewhat advanced terminology. There’s no integrated delivery mechanism, either.


  • Exceptional educational value
  • Comprehensive strain selection
  • Peer-reviewed strain suggestions
  • Diverse filters for choosing cultivars


  • Specific to medicinal marijuana
  • No in-app orders or discounts

6. Caliva

Get it on iOS.

Caliva is a California-based direct-to-customer cannabis seller. Instead of linking you to retailers, this company acts as one. It grows and processes weed to deliver to your doorstep. It provides access to relevant strain information and marijuana news like its competitors.

The front page features the latest sales and deals, while the discovery section houses filters for easier searches. You can track order status, refer friends, and collect Caliva Club points to claim additional discounts.

This app is perfect for shoppers who don’t want to spend hours browsing through dispensaries. This convenience comes at the cost of product diversity, though.


  • Streamlined shopping experience
  • Detailed filters for easy browsing
  • Club points earning feature
  • Plenty of discount offers


  • Comparatively small product selection
  • Limited to Californian shoppers
  • Available only on iOS devices


Our top-choice apps like Eaze are Weedmaps, Leafly, and Vana. PotBot has comparatively limited use but is perfect for medical marijuana users. Emjay and Caliva are narrower in scope but superb for Cali tokers on a budget.

All six are perfect for learning about cannabis and acquiring it without leaving home. Download them and enjoy ultimate convenience while buying seeds, buds, edibles, oils, and toking tools.

Jennifer Gallagher

Jennifer Gallagher, an experienced cannabis grower at SeedSupreme Seedbank. During a 7-year career in the marijuana growing business, Jennifer has gained a high competence in this field. As far as weed is concerned, she knows it all inside out. Jennifer is an expert in pot-growing and cannabis types and their effects. She’s also familiar with all legislation nuances.


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Yvan Lebrun

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