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Top Gadget Sites

Founded in 2015, GiGadgets was created to share genius inspired products with the world. This site has cool gadgets to buy, and new additions are added all the time. GiGadgets scours the web each day to find the latest, coolest, smart technologies and gadgets that people should know about and adds them to their site with a short video and explanation.

If you choose to purchase the product, you will be redirected to a third-party site. Most of the interesting gadgets on this site are prototypes on sites like KickStarter, but some are ready for the market.

There are a ton of gifts and gadgets on this site. If you like new technology, you’ll love GiGadgets. Browse categories like robotics, kids & baby, pets, audio, wearables, and more. Inventors and technology companies should definitely contact GiGadgets for exposure. This company has millions of social media followers and visitors each day. On Facebook alone, GiGadgets has over 7 million followers.

Cool Gadgets To Buy

On this site, you’ll find detailed product information, comments, and reviews to know exactly what you’re looking at. Some gadgets are confusing, but GiGadgets has you covered. All the products on this site are authentic. If’s it’s not the original. It won’t be found on this site.

Use GiGadgets to see innovative new products, find a unique gift, or for the connections. Either way, you should bookmark this site for further usage. For more top gadget sites like GiGadgets, browse our list below. Discover genius and awesome technologies now!

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Official Site

If you’ve been searching for phone gadgets, the latest MP3 players, intelligent watches, or anything else that needs a battery or has to be plugged in, you’ll love this site. GearBest is a Chinese electronics wholesale company that specializes in technology.

You’ll find items up to 80% off retail cost, and new things added all the time on this site. GearBest will give you free items if you share the product with your friends on social media. Click on the link above to learn more.



Official Site

GeekBuying is another alternative to GiGadgets that ships internationally. Free shipping is available for all orders on this site, and if you add more than $20 worth of merchandise to your cart, you will also get a tracking number. GeekBuying has a wide range of gadgets and gifts.

This e-commerce site sells everything for up to 80% off retail cost. If you want to stay up to date with your gadgets and save a ton of cash, you’ll love GeekBuying.



Official Site

AxtroSports is one of the top gadget sites like GiGadgets to find the best new gadgets for men and women. The company stocks the largest range of wearables that include fitness trackers, smartwatches, and intelligent weighing scales.

AxtroSports also carries a complete line of sporting equipment. This company delivers worldwide, and their costs are very affordable. AxtroSports accepts all major credit cards and PayPal for their online payments.



Official Site

IWoot, also known as IWantOneOfThose, is an online retailer that sells gizmos, gadgets, toys, home decor, and work accessories. IWoot must be added to our list of top gadget sites like GiGadgets. This company was founded in 2000, and since then, it has become one of the world’s leading gadget suppliers.

IWoot has amazing discount codes found on their homepage, and worldwide delivery is available. Depending on your location, costs start at around $10.



Official Site

Zagg is an American company based in South Salt Lake, Utah. This online retailer found on our list of sites like GiGadgets is known for its protective coverings for handheld devices. These coverings carry the brand name “InvisibleSheild.” The invisible shield is available on most iPhones and Android phones.

This shield will protect your mobile device from scratches, impacts, and smudges, and each protection comes with a lifetime warranty. Prices start at $10 on this site. Take a look at the Zagg website to find out if your phone is eligible. It’s really worth the investment.

Outdoor Tech

Official Site

Outdoor Tech has the latest tech gadgets for the outdoors. Like GiGadgets, you will find mobile technology that is made for the outdoors on this site. The creativity found on this site is without bounds. New styles and new designs are added all the time.

On the GiGadgets site, you can find wearable technologies, mounting straps, wireless speakers, and more. Every item found on the Outdoor Tech website has been used and bruised outdoors and has passed the quality control test. Outdoor Tech only ships to the United States and Canada but there are brick and mortar locations worldwide.


Official Site

TechRabbit is one of the top gadget websites like GiGadgets. This company is committed to providing the best new and refurbished electronics, gadgets, and mobile accessories. TechRabbit has the lowest prices because of their amazing savings.

You can save up to 80% off retail cost with this tech site. TechRabbit aims to provide the best service possible. To do this, this company demands exhaustive cleaning and thorough testing before each item is added to their online catalog. TechRabbit is a website created by geeks, for geeks. If you live in the United States, shipping is free on any size order.

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