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Having an excellent credit record is a must. Often, economic advancement requires in-depth evaluations of our economy and the decisions we make with the use of our income.

When it comes to taking on greater responsibilities, such as a loan or some financial management, it is strictly necessary to access a financial counseling service, such as TransUnion.

What is TransUnion?

TransUnion is a sophisticated financial reporting company that thoroughly evaluates the risks and rewards of investing and lending. It works for individuals and businesses that want to expand their activities but require an accurate assessment to do so smoothly.

It is the result of many economic and strategic alliances. However, its constitution in Canada dates from 1989 when it was established in the city of Toronto.

It strengthens its tools of analysis and financial studies every year, offering its clients the best possible financial management.

The VantageScore 3.0 model provides a set of data necessary for decision making, studies, evaluations, and scores needed to establish the most appropriate relationship between creditors and lenders.

Besides, all reports generated by TransUnion will be published only with the client’s authorization. The affiliation allows that any management that is wanted to make to your name will arrive at you the alerts necessary to avoid fraud and violate the identity.

What does a TransUnion offer?

TransUnion is strategically when it comes to financial decisions. There are always risks involved when undertaking projects large or small. However, having the advice of experts will ensure the success of any project you decide to undertake.

To organize the products offered by this company, we will break it down as follows, firstly when it comes to individual clients:

Consumer Disclosure and Credit Reports: 

These are reports for individuals who need a guarantee to support their financial activities. This product is offered free of charge, but you can have unlimited access to your reports by obtaining the premium version.

Credit Education: 

All TransUnion agencies offer informational tools to your customers, such as credit reports, debt management, credit card monitoring, and identity theft protection, among others. Besides, they give access to resources for victims of fraud.

On the other side, when the tools are targeted to businesses, TransUnion offers the following benefits:

Analytics and Consulting: 

Consists of an in-depth analysis of each of the company’s economic procedures. TransUnion offers reports on all of these procedures.

Customer engagement solutions: 

It provides advice on public relations and legal issues that allow the company to move forward and respond to customers in the event of a major problem.

Fraud and Identity Management: 

TransUnion’s sophisticated analysis tools allow you to decode any fraud attempts and make decisions before it is too late.

Recovery Solutions: 

It allows you to manage workable collection systems.

Customer Acquisition and Marketing: 

Its analysis and segmentation are tools that direct you to work with potential customers.

Is TransUnion reliable?

Its reliability is based on its alliance with Expedia and Equifax, two finance giants. So, the bottom line, TransUnion and all their representatives are a reliable company.

On the other hand, their tools allow many people and companies to establish risk analysis and feasible financial management. There is no doubt that what it offers is of the utmost importance and reliability.

Advantage of using TransUnion

  • The company is solid, and its alliances are highly reliable.
  • The financial analysis services it provides are useful and timely.
  • For only $24.00 per month, you can access the service in full.
  • The application is easy to access and use.

Disadvantages of TransUnion

  • The website is not 100% transparent. Not all offers are part of the main subscription.
  • The reports only benefit one person, and there is no possibility to add family members.
  • The services are usually expensive

Bottom Line

For more than 30 years, TransUnion has developed a well-researched set of strategies, loaded with sophisticated data analysis, to give clients the right direction in financial management.

Its financial advisory resources have helped many companies grow considerably. Given the challenges we set ourselves to achieve different goals, it is necessary to use the right data to make the right decisions to ensure those goals are met.

Furthermore, they are a highly reliable ally you can use if you do business abroad. TransUnion Canada is for these reasons a company we can recommend for your business solutions. So, check their site and give them a try!

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