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Udemy is a virtual platform where people can upload courses.  Udemy has been accessible to everyone in different ways, seeking to connect both students and teachers.

They are in charge of providing a variety of courses to people with a variety of prices. Besides, Udemy has sought to connect with people using a wide variety of devices.

Because distance learning has become so feasible today, Udemy has positioned itself as an excellent option for those who want to learn something. It is also an excellent option for those who wish to impart their knowledge within the platform.

How does Udemy work?

The way Udemy will work depends on the way we are using the platform. This means that if we are students, we will be looking for canned courses within the options that Udemy offers us.

On the other hand, if we are teachers, they will offer tools to upload our courses. It all depends on which side we are on.

There is also a function for companies, which focuses on the education of large and small companies.

How much does Udemy cost?

The truth is that the prices we can find at Udemy are very variable. This is because their courses usually have different values. Although some of them are usually the same, not all of them will have the same value within the platform.

Some examples are:

  • Microsoft Excel – Excel from Beginner to Advanced: For a total of $21.99
  • Node: From Zero to Expert: For a total of $13.99
  • Create your Shopify Online Store with Dropshipping – Workshop: For a total of $13.99.

Also, within Udemy, we can find free courses on some occasions. Everything will depend on our luck within the platform.

Is it reliable?

They have positioned themself as a virtual academy that offers a wide range of high-quality courses and workshops. This is not only said by people who have acquired one of its courses, but also by former students.

Besides that, they gain more confidence thanks to the fact that the teachers make themselves known. This means that the same user can be the one who creates a course, offering more confidence in the community.

We can also find that large companies have recognized Udemy as a quality educational platform, not only by their students.


The advantages that we can mention about this virtual education platform are:

  • It allows users to upload their content as teachers.
  • It has a wide catalog of courses, from design to finance and so on.
  • They tend to offer great offers and free courses on a fairly constant basis.
  • They also offer education packages to companies, not only to individuals.
  • The courses you buy last a lifetime.
  • It has some of the lowest prices for well-recognized courses ever.


The advantages we can mention of Udemy as a virtual platform are:

  • There is no regularization of the prices of the courses uploaded by users.
  • Some courses require extra elements that must be purchased outside Udemy.
  • Courses that are not usually on offer tend to have a price higher than 100$.

What makes it better than other options in the market?

Today, many virtual education platforms have seen a great opportunity to emerge because of the global situation. What makes the difference is the content they can offer to interested people.

They offer several options for all those who are looking to learn something new within the platform. Unlike other platforms, they have courses on topics that can only be found on specific platforms or casually.

And thanks to the innovations made in daily life, more courses are added to Udemy. This is because even non-academic courses are available within the platform.

Final verdict

To be a platform with so much competence, Udemy positions itself as a good virtual education center. The market is big and competitive, yes, but Udemy has been able to make its name over the years thanks to the quality of what it offers.

And not only that, their trust has made users talk about the quality of what they can find within the platform. In this way, they managed to reach new users all over the world.

Therefore, Udemy is a good choice for learning and is on par with other “specialized” platforms.

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