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Varsity Tutors is one of the leaders in online education worldwide. Varsity Tutors aims to connect students with the best online tutors available. They claim to have a strict admission system for tutors, and very few approve of it. These tutors are professors from top universities, for example:

  • Yale
  • Harvard
  • Princeton
  • Stanford
  • Berkeley

They aim to create a personalized experience so that you can move forward according to your needs. You will also be interested to know that they offer tutoring in more than 3000 different topics. They seek to break down the barriers of typical learning technology. Thus, allowing students and instructors to enjoy a personalized experience.

What exactly do they do?

Consider them taking a test on the topic you intend to study. This helps them determine which course and tutors might be useful to you. And the classes start in kindergarten and work their way up to the post-graduate level. They handle three methods of working with those who use this platform:

Online tutoring and personal instruction:

This innovative learning platform allows for live connections in the form of video chat. It also provides interactive tools and workspaces. This way, they develop a unique and exciting individual session with the most suitable tutor for you.

Live virtual classes:

If you prefer to learn in a virtual classroom, you can connect to one. As it would be traditionally, there will be an expert tutor and other students in an online collaborative space, just like a classroom but without leaving home.

Instant tutoring:

You can connect to an online tutor and get immediate help at any time of the day. This is perfect for study questions, homework, or preparing for an exam.

Does it cost anything?

All online tutoring is paid. Only the camps are free, but they do not indicate how to get the service for free. Furthermore, to determine the right tutor for you, complete a test, and you will receive suggestions.

The prices will be related to the class level you are trying to get and the number of classes. On average, tutoring prices range from $70 to $95 per hour. But they offer packages that make the prices per hour cheaper if you buy more hours.

Is it reliable?

When we go to Trustpilot, we can check what is on the home page. Its rating is 4.9 out of 5 stars with over 2000 comments. That’s a clear indication that you can trust their service. This includes the tutors’ quality, the content of the class, or their commitment to you.

We address negative comments, and it seems that some tutors may not be up to the task. For example, they may cancel the class without notice, or they may not be qualified for the tutoring you need. But they work on correcting these cases and remove them from their staff. Also, if you have an experience like this, they compensate you with free hours.


  • They have tutors from the most prestigious schools in the country.
  • They cover more than 3000 study topics for your choice and your children.
  • You do not need to sign a contract to purchase their services.
  • Customer service is of the highest quality.
  • Instant tutoring for when you need it.
  • Their qualifications obtained from previous students make them trustworthy.
  • They offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.
  • Tutorials are available for all levels of education.
  • Backed by organizations such as CBS and U.S. News
  • They have more than 40,000 tutors to attend to all their clients.


  • They’re not completely free of shoddy tutors.
  • Although they are customer-oriented, when they make a “refund,” they ask for a better rating.
  • Some tutors may be boring for your young children.
  • The process of logging in and taking classes may be a bit cumbersome for some.
  • Sometimes tutors are overloaded with classes and may cancel yours.


Varsity Tutors aims to be an innovative online study tool. The possibility of instant tutors is quite an interesting resource if you are assigned a suitable and available one. Its high tutoring intake system should ensure that the classes are top quality. And some major companies in the country support their work.

They seem to be working on correcting the bad grades some students or parents give them. That explains their miraculous rating on a platform like Trustpilot. But it also indicates that their goal is to make you comfortable with them. This customer orientation is also intended to generate your loyalty when selecting who to study with.

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