Vegan and Vegetarian Websites for You to Follow

Changing your lifestyle to live in more peace with nature isn’t as easy as most people think. Nevertheless, there are several benefits to stop eating meat and allow you a sweeter entrance into the vegetarian world. We listed here the best 6 vegetarian sites that you can join!

Vegetarian Times

Official Site

We’ve opened our list of top veganism and vegetarianism sites with the Vegetarian Times website, which contains one of the largest collections of vegetarian recipes and Lifestyle content on the web.

Many are the experts on health, the environment, and climate change, who say that we should all eat much less meat and more cereals. This ensures the sustainability of the planet we live in and whose preservation and care is everyone’s responsibility.

Whatever recipe you need, you are sure to find it on the pages of Vegetarian Times, a portal that prides itself on supporting a more conscious lifestyle that includes a sustainable and ethical way of eating.

Among the Vegetarian Times news, we can tell you that since 2017 they have their online magazine, where you will be able to visualize super-reliable recipes, as well as handy information that will help you maintain your vegetarian lifestyle.

If you finally opt for a recipe that has caught your attention from all that this website presents you, don’t hesitate to tell us how it was. You can even share the preparation process and the final result of your newly learned recipe.

We are sure that you will be excellent at putting your hands to work behind the kitchen counter, and you will charm not only yourself but also your family and friends with unusual, innovative, and special culinary options that will make you stand out as a great chef in front of your loved ones.

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Official Site

Some studies establish that meat consumption should be completely reduced compared to the ingestion of the rest of foods such as grains, fruits, and vegetables, which must be ingested in each food day. This is an excellent reason for people who do not yet live a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle to try.

So to continue on this line, we present the HappyCow online site. Well, the HappyCow team is vegan, and their website operates from a vegan perspective and is run by vegans and vegetarians. The site aims to make all those healthy foods much easier to find and more accessible to make.

The site was founded in 1999 and functioned as a public service to help travelers or people worldwide who wanted to find vegan, vegetarian, and healthy food options.

This online community now includes members from all over the world who are passionate about veganism and healthy, environmentally sustainable lifestyles.

So, beyond being a guide to healthy food stores and restaurants, the HappyCow website is an online place that is always evolving and provides solutions for people worldwide.

You can join the site’s community by becoming a member, or you can donate, so with your help, the HappyCow team can continue building the best website for vegetables to get known.

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With Food and Love


Official Site

We know that some may ask, is it possible to lead a vegan or vegetarian life and get all the energy and nutrients from those who consume meat?

Absolutely yes, this is possible if diets are done the right way. In this way, they will achieve that the organism fulfills the appropriate functions and guarantees an adequate development and growth of the individual. We have an ideal website for you to find alternative feeding options.

Sher Castellanos is the face behind With Food + Sher’s renowned blog. A plant-based chef, former health trainer, and endometriosis advocate. Furthermore, Sher creates recipes with anti-inflammatory features to help those who need different options to feel better and explore chronic disease issues through her wasteful writings of honesty.

This interesting website was a finalist in the Saveur Magazine Food Blog Awards in 2015. It has even appeared in Better Homes and Gardens, Buzzfeed, MindBodyGreen, Food and Wine, Oprah Magazine, Shape Magazine, Self Magazin, Vegetarian Times, Urban Outfitters, and many others.

Among the most recent awards, features, notable mentions, among others, Sher Castellanos can be mentioned:

  • Healthline for Best Vegetarian Blog in 2017
  • Louis Magazine to list in 2016
  • Finalist in the Saveur Blog Award in 2015
  • Winner as Philadelphia magazine’s best wellness blog for 2014

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Official Site

Kathryne (or Kate, which is one of her many nicknames) is an Oklahoma native, photographer, and self-taught cook who decided to start her blog in 2010 and added the name of her faithful companion, Cookie. She currently lives in Kansas City and no doubt loves to devote herself full time to her blog.

Kate loves food and recipes, so much so that she even wrote her recipe book, which you can purchase through her blog with fantastic vegetarian recipes, in which you will also find beautiful and high-quality photos of the food that Kate photographs, prepared by herself, of course, that will surely serve as an inspiration to jump into the kitchen of your home and venture into preparing healthy and delicious food.

On the other hand, we have Cookie, a half schipperke half dachshund dog, which is Kate’s faithful mottled companion who accompanies her everywhere, being her culinary adventure partner since the summer of 2009.

If you’re not too familiar with veganism or vegetarianism, venture into new ideas, new lifestyles, innovative recipes, and arguments that show you that you can eat without even a piece of meat and still have an explosion of flavors will make you feel delighted.

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The Veg Space

Official Site

And if you’re a modern-day vegetarian, and so far you feel like you haven’t found the right place, then at The Veg Space you can have a pretty good time.

Do you like to eat, cook, or just read about vegetarian food? If the answer is yes, then rest assured that on this website, you’ll find something that interests you among the number of book reviews, recipes, tastings, and a few other things you’ll find at The Veg Space.

Kate Ford is in charge of this website and has been a vegan for over 20 years. She won the Vegetarian Chef of the Future Competition in 2009, which was under the direction of the vegetarian society; later, in 2011, Ford was the creator of something known as the tastiest Meatless Dish in the UK; she also has a professional diploma in Vegetarian Cooking from Cordon Vert.

In this site related to the vegan and vegetarian lifestyle, you can find delicious and healthy recipes to maintain a more purified life of foods that can be harmful to your health in the long term. Being vegan or vegetarian does not mean that you should eat boring food. You will notice this by visiting these websites. You will be caught with their recipes.

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My New Roots

Official Site

My New Roots is a blog that has been around the internet since October 2007 and has become a space for its creator to share all those culinary inspirations that are part of his moments behind the kitchen counter, showing his love for whole foods.

All the recipes and what you can find on this website revolves around the food based on plants, embodied in simple but delicious dishes that will allow you to discover and explore a new world of taste and health, nutrition.

This blog was born through its creator’s desire to share her education in Holistic Nutrition.

Holistic Nutrition is a discipline that can be defined as a system of care that is based more than anything on the integration of different nutritional components, such as physical, environmental, emotional, and even spiritual, of any person’s life, and emphasizes responsibility.

It is from there that, not wanting to keep so much information for itself. Still, to share it with the rest of the world, the My New Roots blog is created to show the diverse knowledge about this field of holistic nutrition, where people can access and learn more about diet, health, lifestyle to achieve positive changes every day, one small step after another to achieve great results.

Visit this website and discover impressive and delicious recipes that, in addition to having delicious flavors to delight your palate, represent a series of complete options and healthy and beneficial to your entire body.

At the End

There is a vegan and vegetarian site for you, regardless of your tastes and knowledge. If you look for a place to be part of a community, then HappyCow is a place to start, while The Veg Site would be a nice option to stay updated.

On the other hand, any of these sites will be great for you to get recipes, which is the main issue. Let us know how this worked for you.

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