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Traveling is one of the best pleasures in life.

Enjoying new places, tasting traditional foods from other parts of the world, music and even culture and customs enrich the way of seeing life, and all these experiences generate more pleasure to many than accumulating possessions.

However, traveling involves much more than a romantic idea.

Because we are all exposed to unexpected circumstances, such as theft, traffic accidents, contracting a local illness, among other things, it is necessary to purchase travel insurance.

VisitorsCoverage is a company dedicated to offering this kind of prevention service, helping both those who enter and those who leave the United States.

How Does VisitorsCoverage Work?

To enjoy the services of this company, the first thing you must do is complete an online form to register a user.

Next, you will have to choose between the type of insurance you are going to buy, for them they have prepared a tool named “Help me choose an insurance plan”, whose objective is to help you identify the type of insurance you need to buy.

We hope it is not necessary that you have to use it, but if it is the case you must show your insurance information in the hospital (particularly in the United States this is very necessary for the cost of medical services), so the charges are assigned to the safe.

Remember to demand your invoice, with which you can make a claim to the insurance if necessary.

In case you need to buy medication or medical items in the pharmacy you will have to pay with your money, then demand a refund to the insurance.

This is because pharmacies do not usually have information in their system for short-term insurance. Yet, it is convenient in all cases that you have the information about your travel insurance always accessible.

Reasons to Choose Them

VisitorsCoverage has been in business for more than 12 years, and its headquarters are located in Silicon Valley.

It has different certifications that guarantee your service:

  • They are members of the United States Travel Insurance Association (USITIA)
  • And, Certified customers of the Norton security system, through which they protect your data, and rated 4.8 stars out of 5 according to Google users.

VisitorsCoverage has more than 2 million customers in more than 175 countries and offers several unique plans striving to offer insurance packages at very low costs, to the point of offering their clients $ 10 if they get the same service at a better price.

Undoubtedly, the main reason to choose them is that you can hire travel insurance for yourself or someone who comes to visit you completely online, do not need to send medical exams or undergo a medical evaluation, nor should you go to a physical branch to hire the service.

Important Features

Even if you are not in the United States, you can buy travel insurance from this company.

From the above, a recommendation to acquire insurance once you have established the date to travel is shown.

Keep in mind that if you are at your destination (whether it is the United States or another part of the world) and you need insurance for an emergency medical reason you cannot buy it, it must be before, as a forecast.

You can also assure a relative or friend who comes to visit you, or who enters the country for other reasons, such as business or studies.

In case that you need to cover more than one person, you can buy individual or combined policies, but if visitors have different travel plans or return to their country on different dates it is preferable that you purchase individual plans.

The site is very easy to use, as soon as you enter you can see a section where you indicate the nature of your trip, the period of time it will cover, and also your age and citizenship status. They also have several articles dedicated to educating you in this matter, so that you are able to make the right decision, as well as a dedicated blog where experts answer important questions.

To Conclude

VisitorsCoverage is a very reliable insurance provider, which has managed to satisfy the needs of the majority of its clients.

It offers different types of policies, such as, for example, insurance for students or for green cardholders in the United States, and several other packages, in order to adapt to the needs of the greatest possible number of travelers.

They are licensed in all 50 states and with their service, you can go travel with confidence around the world –If you apply before.

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