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The protection of our information has become an issue of vital importance due to the ease with which it can be leaked from our mobile devices and computers. That is why digital protection insurance is increasingly used as a measure of protection and peace of mind. And this is where Walnut Digital Protection comes in, the insurance company that protects your passwords and financial assets against fraudsters and cybercriminals.

Although platforms that involve the traffic of money and financial assets have fairly strong security systems, many users still feel vulnerable to attacks by hackers and hackers. And with good reason, these people break through password and encryption systems with advanced infiltration tools and software. Every day, thousands of Americans report cyber fraud and information theft. That is why, for your peace of mind, Walnut offers Digital Protection coverage, a policy that safeguards your sensitive information and covers you at all times.

In the following Review, we will analyze what Walnut Digital Protection is, how it works, the associated costs, and the pros and cons of this product. Our goal is to clarify any doubts you may have about this insurance to help you determine if it is what you need in your particular case.

What is Walnut Digital Protection?

Walnut is an insurance company based in Canada but registered in most United States states. This insurer’s main mission is to create affordable policies to protect more customers and apply digital transformation to insurance to reach the young population in North America.

Its flagship product is Walnut Term Life Insurance, a 100% digital policy with a 10- or 20-year term covering people up to the age of 70, in many cases without requiring prior medical exams.

However, this post will focus on an equally important coverage since it is intended to protect the wealth that belongs to us. We are talking about Walnut Digital Protection insurance, a policy created to protect our sensitive information from cyber-attacks and hackers and to cover identity theft and fraud, of which the client may be a victim.

For this insurance, Walnut has created agreements with important companies dedicated to protecting the identities of more than 19 million customers worldwide. One of them is CyberScout, a company that, since 2003, has created a portfolio of more than 4 million customers in more than 45 countries.

The membership includes premium protection from Dashlane, a company dedicated to protecting passwords and personal information. Since 2012, this company has built a portfolio of more than 15 million customers, including more than 20,000 enterprise customers. This, undoubtedly, is a seal of quality for Walnut Digital Protection Insurance.

How does Walnut Digital Protection work?

Walnut’s Digital Protection Membership plan is a separate coverage from term life insurance, so you are not required to have both products. With this membership, you enjoy protection for your identity, personal information, passwords, and financial assets from the following partners:


Identity reimbursement coverage of US$ 1,000,000 if the customer becomes a victim of identity theft or fraud.

  • Ransomware coverage of US$ 25,000.
  • Social engineering coverage of US$ 25,000.
  • 24/7 cyber support line, which you can call to answer any questions, request reports, and even resolve incidents.
  • Credit monitoring services.

Dashlane Premium 

  • Unlimited password storage.
  • Encrypted file storage (1 GB).
  • Dark web monitoring.
  • Customizable security alerts.
  • Secure notes.
  • Password checker.
  • Random password generator.
  • Automatic password changer.
  • Auto-complete forms and payments.
  • Unlimited device access.
  • Secure password sharing.

By bundling these two products into a single membership, Walnut offers its customers complete protection to their personal and financial information and passwords on any website or transactional platform.

Digital Protection Membership can be ordered 100% online, which makes this insurance very convenient to sign up for. Simply create an account on Walnut, choose the billing plan that suits you best, enter your details and complete the payment process. Your CyberScout policy will be active in a few minutes, plus Dashlane Premium.

How much does Walnut Digital Protection cost?

One of the advantages of Walnut is that it is a fairly straightforward platform and the information about your rates is concise and without small print.

Walnut Digital Protection Membership can be paid for in two ways:

  • Monthly: You enjoy the CyberScout coverages and password protection of Dashlane’s Premium plan for as little as US$10 per month. The quote is very quick, and it only takes a few minutes to get your policy.
  • Annual: This plan costs US$ 100 per year, which represents savings of 17% over the monthly plan. If you are one of those who think long term, this plan is the most recommendable, since you will be protected for a year and, in addition, save money during this time.

It’s that simple. When you register on Walnut’s platform, you only need to enter your associated email address, fill out the contact information and select the payment method. And that’s it. All your information will be secure in just a few minutes and for a very reasonable investment. You will enjoy excellent coverage if your information is stolen or you become a victim of cyber fraud.

Payment methods

Walnut accepts bank account (ACH) payments for term life insurance and digital protection insurance. However, the company is constantly evolving to offer its customers the greatest accessibility, so we do not rule out that more payment methods will be available shortly.

Is it safe to use Walnut Digital Protection?

Yes, Walnut Insurance Inc. is a reliable company with the necessary licenses to operate in the United States and Canada. In addition, it is backed by Nimbus 7 Inc. Another registered insurance company serves as an intermediary in the states where Walnut is not yet licensed.


These are the license numbers held by Walnut in Canada and the United States:

Canada: Walnut Insurance Inc.

Alberta – Accident and Sickness: S-3294786-11208101-2021

Alberta – Life: P-3294786-11208101-2021

British Columbia: LIC-2022-0035351-R01

Manitoba – Accident and Sickness: AIA-48218-2952-2021

Manitoba – Life: LIA-48218-2952-2021

Northwest Territories: NT-A4-9361-2022

Nova Scotia: 21 3847113 00F2

Nunavut: 20219819

Ontario: 37990M

Prince Edward Island: 48248

Saskatchewan: 085760

Yukon: 2124-17-9900

United States: Walnut Insurance Services LLC

Alaska: 3001246354

Arizona: 3001278744

Arkansas: 3001246166

Colorado: 685626

Connecticut: 2715304

Delaware: 3001214667

District of Columbia: 3001224533

Georgia: 217886

Hawaii: 530686

Idaho: 840033

Illinois: 3001246191

Indiana: 3647445

Iowa: 3001267359

Kansas: 861926228

Kentucky: 1125064

Louisiana: 920054

Maine: AGN378024

Maryland: 3001267273

Minnesota: 40731559

Mississippi: 15040550

Missouri: 3001269780

Montana: 3001246175

Nebraska: 3001224668

New Hampshire: 3001246293

New Jersey: 3001224710

New Mexico: 3001263495

North Carolina: 3001224557

North Dakota: 3001224633

Oklahoma: 3001224640

Oregon: 3001237497

Rhode Island: 3001224644

South Carolina: 3001224703

South Dakota: 10028144

Tennessee: 3001224555

Texas: 2645548

Utah: 839926

Vermont: 3659516

Virginia: 151034

Washington: 1097949

West Virginia: 3001246661

Wisconsin: 3001224667

Wyoming: 459041

Walnut Insurance Services LLC is in the process of licensing the remaining states. However, it is possible to request your quotes through Nimbus 7 Inc. a licensed company in the states:

  • Alabama: 3000479673
  • California: 0M90634
  • California: 0M90634
  • Massachusetts: 2083017
  • Michigan: 118524
  • Nevada: 3414602
  • Ohio: 1229537
  • Pennsylvania: 887245


Walnut has a fairly explicit privacy policy in which the user can verify what kind of information the company collects from the customer and how it does so. It also specifies the information it collects through cookies, automatic data collection technologies, and third-party tracking technologies.

Walnut also establishes criteria for the use of such information and the transfer of customers’ personal information. These policies are required for registered companies, which gives confidence to the user.

What do other users think?

While you will find few users review overall regarding the Walnut Life insurance and Digital protection assets, the company is overall well taken by their clients. It has a solid 3.7/5.0 rate on review sites.

User support

If you have any questions regarding the products and services offered by Walnut, you can ask a question on their live chat, contact the company via email at support@gowalnut.com or call 1-888-966-5308. For questions about the Terms of Use or privacy policies, you can send an email to lega@gowalnut.com.


  • In the Digital insurance platform, all contracting is done 100% online.
  • Life insurance without previous exams and at competitive prices.
  • Fast quotes.
  • Discounts on additional coverage.
  • Simple and easy-to-use interface.
  • Transparent pricing and rates, with no hidden charges.
  • Fast processing of applications.
  • Excellent customer support.
  • Digital protection coverage of US$ 1 million for only US$ 10 per month.
  • Walnut has an affiliate program that pays each user who takes out term life insurance or digital protection insurance.


  • Not available in New York (United States) or the provinces of Quebec and New Brunswick (Canada).
  • Does not offer permanent life insurance.

At the end

In summary, the Walnut Digital Protection membership is a highly recommended product, given the steady increase in fraud and identity theft cases suffered by hundreds of thousands of Americans. It is best to pay for the one-year plan, which costs US$ 100. But if you do not have this amount, you can make monthly payments of US$ 10, accessing the same benefits and coverage.

One of Walnut’s advantages is that, despite being a relatively young company, it has managed to capture the attention of millions of customers, both for its term life insurance and digital protection coverage. And one of the drivers behind this growth has been the accessibility provided by the company, as it is a digital platform that offers excellent coverage in a simple and accessible way.

In the case of the Digital Protection membership, the coverage in case of fraud or identity theft is not bad at all. It is backed by a company trusted by nearly 20 million customers worldwide. It also offers the services of Dashlane, a password manager designed as a simple and practical solution to protect not only passwords but all sensitive customer information.

Another aspect we found very interesting about Walnut and its products is that it establishes clear and transparent rates with no hidden costs. It is not only competitive prices but a product with specific conditions, easy and quick to contract. Simple plans and instant coverage this is Walnut’s policy.

The only thing we may miss is that Walnut is not yet available in 100% of the United States and Canada locations. However, we are talking about a company that has just entered the insurance market and is still obtaining all the necessary licenses. We hope their products will soon be available throughout the U.S. and Canada.

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