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There is a problem when buying a used vehicle. In most cases, after three years, your factory warranty expires, and if something happens after that time, you are faced with the harsh reality of having to pay thousands of dollars to repair the car.

Nowadays, some insurances have diversified their resources to offer people quick and real solutions, as Warranty Wise is.

What is Warranty Wise?

Warranty Wise is a highly original type of insurance that offers unique services in its field. It was founded in 1997 by David McClure Fisher and his son Duncan McClure Fisher, in response to a pressing need for an extended warranty to protect people who were purchasing used vehicles whose original warranties had expired.

The company then dedicated itself exclusively to offering car owners access to an extensive gallery of services, including warranties and preventive and maintenance services. This service can be enjoyed within the territory of the United Kingdom.

What does Warranty Wise offer?

It offers the possibility of purchasing a used car with an extended warranty that allows you to enjoy benefits such as when your car is just out of the dealership. Regardless of the brand and type of vehicle, they offer the following services:

  • Unlimited Repairs
  • Assistance in case of an accident.
  • If you can’t use your vehicle, Warranty Wise pays for the one you can use while yours is being repaired.
  • If you had an incident more than 250 miles from your home, the company pays for your hotel and return ticket by train or public transportation.

Besides, if you are about to buy a car, Warranty Wise gives you the possibility to make a deep inspection of the vehicle. Thus, giving you a certificate to make sure you are buying a car that will not leave you on foot and meet all the requirements to work.

Warranty Wise also works for companies with fleets of vehicles.

It also offers additional warranties for safety airbags, air conditioning, and repair or replacement of parts needed by the vehicle to operate properly.

Additionally, they offer maintenance services for home heaters. It is an additional bonus from this insurance company. This service is beneficial because some people face difficulty finding their broken heater when they start using it when winter arrives.

Is Warranty Wise Reliable?

A company’s website can tell you the best thing about it, to the point of exaggeration. However, it is the customer’s qualifications that can help us determine whether a business is reliable or not. In their case, we can see from the Trustpilot website, based on a sample of over 1600 people, that over 70% of the respondents are delighted with the extended warranty services and the additional services they could enjoy when faced with a problem with their car.

These figures show the service as reliable enough to position Warranty Wise as a highly reliable company.

Warranty Wise Advantages

  • It has an excellent website that allows users to receive all the necessary information.
  • The benefits it offers are desirable and functional.
  • The attention to the public is personalized, efficient, and timely.
  • You can access personalized car guarantees.
  • It offers you advice even before you buy the vehicle.

Disadvantages of Warranty Wise

  • Only exclusive in the UK.
  • Fairly expensive quotes

To Conclude

They endorse its satisfied customers, who position it in a reliable valuation that gives it a very respectful status before other insurers. It offers very original services based on the real needs of people looking to buy a used car.

Its multiple benefits guarantee the user a possibility of being protected before any use they have with their car. The additional guarantees cover what almost no insurance provider can, such as air conditioning and safety airbags.

Additionally, it offers a handy service for homes. Many times the heating is damaged without you noticing it. When winter arrives, and you want to use it, you realize the breakdown. Warranty Wise offers repair and maintenance coverage for these contingencies. Give Warranty Wise a visit and determine if their service is near what you expect for your vehicle.

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