9 Best Websites for Teachers to Discover

Teaching implies a lot to do, including preparing content, tests, reviews, and so much more. So, as we know that you don’t have the time, here is a nice list of 10 Best Websites for Teachers:

EdCan Network


Official Site

EdCan is a platform dedicated to making known everything related to the world of teachers in different aspects.

The platform seeks to educate and publicize topics of interest with news and articles of value to teachers worldwide. It is also a precious network of resources that can be used at any time of the year.

People can visit EdCan free of charge but in a superficial way. To access all of its content, they must pay a membership fee of $50-$75, depending on their country of residence.

Trust does not lack at EdCan because they have years of experience working in this area. They have also been awarded a couple of times for the way they work.


  • Useful resources for teachers in a variety of settings.
  • It has an online magazine with information from around the world.
  • Available in English and French.


  • High prices

Overall, we can say that EdCan is an excellent site for educators to feel at home with all the tools and information they get.


Official Site

EdHelper is a simple platform that goes straight to the point in terms of what you want to give. It focuses on tools that teachers can use to improve their classes.

On the site, we can get various tools that can improve or make the classes more didactic without the need for a teacher to break their head creating new materials.

The site is free to a certain extent. For example, some materials are available after paying $40 per person or $950 per institution.

EdHelper has been in business for 20 years and has become a trusted tool for individuals and institutions. Several important entities have also recognized it.


  • Variety of templates to use.
  • Easy segmentation of materials according to education level.


  • Few payment methods for membership.

EdHelper is a complete site but limited by language issues. However, as long as a person understands and knows how to use the templates, they will have access to high-quality material.


Official Site

Classtag works differently from other platforms used by teachers. Instead of being a resource site, it is a virtual classroom in every sense of the word.

Classtag offers various tools and possibilities to create classrooms, spaces with information resources, and communication spaces within the same platform. In the same way, it offers calendar options to keep the activities in order.

Using Classtag is completely free. The platform was designed to be used by all people and can take advantage of its virtues.

In terms of confidence, we can see the testimonials of users on its home site, and we will realize that they are reliable at all times.


  • Different types of resources for all types of classes and assignments.
  • Completely free at all times.


  • The platform requires a stable internet connection to load all its resources.

We can say that Classtag is an exceptional platform for teachers. It brings together everything you need in one place and allows it to be uniquely exploited in any way you want.


Official Site

One of the great websites for teachers available, AdLit is a platform specialized in providing literary resources to teachers of a particular age group.

What distinguishes the platform is that it provides teachers resources to work better with teenagers and young people finishing elementary school. It is a great library and, at the same time, a space with useful strategies for teachers.

There is no cost involved with AdLit because an organization runs the site. However, donations are accepted.

The platform has been running for more than 20 years, has won several awards, and has several external sites where you can see the trust people have placed in each of them.


  • Content available in multiple languages.
  • Professionally created teaching strategies and materials.


  • They do not have a mobile app.

In general terms, AdLit is a useful site for teachers to find all kinds of resources to improve their management of classes and teaching material. Without a doubt, it is a recommended platform.


Official Site

LessonPlanet is a site created to provide more didactic materials to teachers at all educational levels.

The site segments and creates spaces divided into videos, texts, and interactive areas for teachers to implement in the way they want in their courses.

People can access free but limited material. The membership payment is also not so high, and it costs 3, 5, and 9 $ per month depending on the category chosen.

As for trust, the company has been in the market for 21 years. In that time, it has managed to win a couple of recognitions, and besides, the testimonies of the users give faith in the platform’s excellence.


It offers different solutions for a variety of users.

It has a cloud for storing lessons.


They have no translation for their resources.

LessonPlanet is an excellent site for education. Despite the language barrier, it is a quality option for teachers to create and use the resources on the site.


Official Site

CK-12 is a platform similar to Khan Academy. It has its bookstore and is also a non-profit organization.

The platform has a variety of courses in most assignments and also provides useful tools for creating classes. It works perfectly with platforms such as Zoom, Classroom, among others.

CK-12 works for free. The income they have is only from donations from individuals or companies.

We can get the testimonials of users who have used the site in a section of the platform, attesting that it is a clear and useful platform at all times.


  • Content available in several languages thanks to Google.
  • Variety of assignments to studying within the platform.


  • Sometimes the Google translation is not perfect.

CK-12 is one of those platforms that bet everything on education. As teachers, it isn’t easy to find a venue with such quality and dedication as this one in the market.


Official Site

ReadWriteThink is a site dedicated to teachers to make it easier to obtain educational materials.

The platform focuses on providing resources for teachers from kindergarten to advanced levels of education. Besides, it has a segmentation of useful subjects for a wide variety of tasks.

The site has no cost. The way to collaborate is by writing or reviewing the content that is already embodied within the site.

In terms of the trust, the site is certified by a couple of universities across the United States and has a large base of active teachers.


  • You can create new content for the site as a collaborator.
  • Educational workshops on a variety of topics.


  • Few language contents

There is no doubt that ReadWriteThink is a useful platform for teachers in different fields. For example, teaching educational workshops can be delivered thanks to the content they offer.


Official Site

Symbaloo is a teacher-oriented search system where you can get a variety of sites for educational content.

The site’s purpose is to offer various micro-searches so that teachers can get material of all kinds on more than 10 educational sites.

The site can be used completely free of charge as it is a simple search engine that refers to external sites.

As far as trust goes, there is not much to say. The site offers reliable results at all times without involving third parties.


  • Wide variety of sites with educational results.
  • Easy to use at all times.


  • It is not an educational site per se.

If we want to save time, we can use it to look for information on other sites. It is advisable to use it only in these cases since it does not offer anything else.


Official Site

ClassDojo is a platform created for teachers to share their educational materials in one place.

The platform allows teachers to share, create and deliver their materials in a fast and comfortable way.

A strong point of the platform is that it is completely free. Teachers, students, and parents can use it without paying monthly fees for its services.

In terms of the trust, we have that the platform has a section of testimonials in which people attest to the quality of service and resources there. Besides, the platform is supported by several renowned companies.


  • Variety of resources depending on the person who enrolls.
  • Available in a variety of languages.


  • They have centralized opportunities for people in the United States.

ClassDojo is a good opportunity for those who wish to have more educational spaces. The platform manages to segment and attack the needs exceptionally, creating a unique space for teachers and students.

In The End

Sites like Khan Academy and CK-12 can offer you a good deal when it comes to material. On the other hand, Class Dojo is also great if you are getting started. Nevertheless, EdHelper is our pick on this list of websites for teachers. Despite a somehow high price, it does help a lot in organizing everything and keeping the information under control, which is nearly important when dealing with tons of students.