4 Best Genealogy Websites Like Ancestry

Best Genealogy Websites

A family history is a great gift that you can leave for your future generations; this data can provide the information that your loved ones need to know more about their past generations and complete family tree.

Who were their ancestors? Where did they come from? How did they live their lives? So many different questions can easily be answered simply by using free family tree search websites like Ancestry.

Ancestry has over 18 billion records and more than 200 million photographs for you to browse. The data on this site goes all the way back to 1790. On Ancestry, you can find ancestry records of all kinds. Search this genealogy website to find birth records, death records, marriage records, census records, SSDI records, and military records from all over the world.

All that you need to get started is a family name. Ancestry has other cool features like the ability to find a grave site or a family’s health records. If you want to know precisely where you’ve come from, you can get your own genealogy test through the Ancestry website. This test can tell you exactly where your unique genes are from. Are you part Scandinavian, part Canadian, part European? Take the Ancestry genealogy test to find out.

We are fortunate to have access to sites like Ancestry in this day and age. With such an opportunity, finding out information about our past has become easier than ever. Ancestry is the most popular site found among all of the ancestry websites online, but it’s not always capable of providing us with perfect results. This leaves us with no choice but to look for Ancestry alternatives.

Websites Like Ancestry

Even the best genealogy websites like Ancestry can’t always provide us with results we’re looking for, and sometimes we just need an alternative to back up our facts. There are many factors that affect our results and records of our family’s history is one of the major reasons why results may vary. However, some sites like Ancestry have access to more information and can actually provide more accurate results.

We went ahead and found the very best websites like Ancestry online. Explore our list below to instantly access free family tree search tools online and start digging up your past today, one era at a time!

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OneGreatFamily is one of the best options if you need to find information about your past. This online ancestry search site uses 3 proprietary technologies to really give you accurate results with each search.

Not only is OneGreatFamily better than Ancestry, but it’s also much easier to use. This site can easily find information about numerous families and automatically removes duplicates so you can save time and energy during your searches.

There are more than 50,000 new names added each day on OneGreatFamily and their base collection of names has more than 19 million families. OneGreatFamily has a massive database that’s well worth your time if you want to search for people who are a part of your family, from today and years ago. Check out their website now if you want a high-performance genealogy website online.

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One of the best free genealogy sites on our list is MyHeritage. This family tree search site is available in multiple languages, MyHeritage is truly one of the top places to find your family tree online. This free family tree software is an excellent Ancestry alternative due to its impressive layout and intuitive features.

Building your family tree online is child’s play when using MyHeritage because of how well-built it is. Add names, dates, photos and so much more, allowing you to put your past on display in style. Start searching birth records, censuses, newspaper archives and more. On the MyHeritage site, you can search over 8 billion records for free for a limited time.

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With a massive database of over 4 billion names all across the world, FamilySearch is definitely among the best websites like Ancestry. With this addition to our list of free genealogy sites, you will be able to easily discover information about your family tree and you can quickly perform deep searches about your ancestors from long ago.

FamilySearch has a great layout and it’s available in multiple languages, making it well worth discovering. The indexing on this site is spot on, once you start using it, you’ll realize that it’s so easy to use that even kids can search on this site.

Find pictures, charts, and family information to create your own family booklet that can be added to and passed on for generations. FamilySearch is a website that brings families together, one search at a time.

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With over 2 million members, over 4 billion names in their database and over 700,000 family trees generated to date, Geneanet is among the best sites like Ancestry online. Choose to display this site in your native language and then you can quickly locate information about your ancestors.

Geneanet also makes it easy for you to create beautiful family trees using information that you already know. Geneanet also has a premium version which offers a faster and more complete service. Search the database for vague content like a family name or narrow down your search with things like places, dates, spouses, parents, occupations, and more.

Geneanet has a ton of collections for you to discover. Do you have a prince in your family? A kung fu master? Or a famous poet? The only way to find out is to start your search. Who knows, this search might inspire your next family vacation and it might push you in the right direction to add new family members to your social media account.

The only way you’ll know is to start searching so start using Geneanet now to find out!

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