5 DIY Websites Like Instructables

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Stop buying things and start making things with your own two hands. You’ll be more proud, and the things you make will be much more unique than what everyone else can shop for in retail stores. Instructables is one of the best sites to learn how to do just about anything.

On this site, you can learn to craft, cook, build, sew, and more. Instructables was founded in 2005, and since then, it has accumulated hundreds of thousands of user-submitted instructions for all to use and share. This site explains all the steps needed and the supplies you’ll need to start any project.

You will even find alternatives to the materials you need if you don’t have a certain thing on hand. The Instructable projects are rated from easy to hard, so you always know what you’re getting into before you start. In addition, the huge community on Instructables is always available for a helping hand if you have any questions.

This site has new content added all the time, and everything is listed in specific categories to find what you’re searching for quickly. This is one of the top DIY websites available for anyone that wants to get their hands dirty and try something new.

Websites Like Instructables

If you like the idea of making something yourself and learning skills without having to pay for an expensive course, you’ll love these other DIY alternatives to Instructables listed below. Every site on this list shows you the step-by-step process of doing things and includes pictures and videos to make your next project much easier.

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Websites Like Instructables

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eHow is the best free website to find things like making a haunted house and how to change film in a camera? This is one of the best e-learning websites to understand how things work and make them yourself. eHow has a tremendous amount of content that is very easy to sift through.

The only thing wrong with this addition to our list of websites, like Instructables, is that it’s a little outdated. If you want to learn how to cook or make trending things right now, check out another site on our list.


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If you’re the family handyman, you’ll love this site called HackADay. HackADay will make your life easier with the simple hacks you need to know. Some are so simple that we don’t understand why we didn’t think of them ourselves.

This free site, found among sites like Instructables, adds new content and covers everything from computer programming to dressing in the morning. You will also find blogs about the latest gadgets, technologies, and trends related to electronics on this site.


Websites Like Instructables

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People that love to make things will love this site called Make. This website is a do-it-yourself website for inventors and people who have a curiosity for creation. On this site, you’ll find projects that range from elementary school science fairs to engineering complexities.

Make videos with step-by-step instructions so you can pause and rewind all the steps to be sure you get everything right with you make something from this site.

DIY Network

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DIY Network is great for people of all ages. This site covers projects that can be done indoors and outdoors, like gardening, crafts, and woodworking. They have many quick craft ideas and long-term projects that require a few extra hands.

You will find instructional videos, resources, and links to sites selling the items you need for cheap on this site. DIY Network is great for homemade gifts and home improvement projects. DIY Network is also a tv channel; its shows are listed on its homepage. You can watch these free shows just by clicking on the link. Check out a few to get inspired for your next project.


Websites Like Instructables

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Pinterest is a social media and instructable site all in one. On this list of websites like Instructables, you can find cool ideas for your following DIY projects, tips and tricks from others who have made it themselves, and the instructions you need to complete your project.

Some instructions aren’t found directly on this site, but the links are provided so you can find the precise starting point for your project. Pinterest is popular with moms, brides, and people on a budget. Create your free Pinterest account to save all your favorite finds for further use.

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