6 Secret Sharing Sites Like PostSecret

Secret Sharing Websites

Secrets can be a burden, and sometimes we need a place to share them with the world without being judged. Unfortunately, finding the right friend to share your secret with can be challenging. Sometimes the person you trust is the person who’ll divulge your secret to the world.

A better option to open up your soul and share your burden is an anonymous confession site like PostSecret. PostSecret is free to use and browse site for everyone of all ages. You can share secrets online and advise others in need on this site. PostSecret is home to extraordinary confessions from ordinary people. This site is both a global art project and a confessional.

Anonymous Confessions

To get your secret added to their site, you must mail in a postcard with your secret on it. PostSecret will then publish the postcards they have received every Sunday. PostSecret is an advertisement-free blog that is currently on its 795 millionth visitor. This site has helped people in crisis, during the depression, an unfortunate event, a suicide attempt, and more.

Sometimes you need a place to open your soul and share what’s bothering you, and PostSecret is the place for that. This blog is also a traveling exhibit. PostSecret travels the globe and sets up the postcards they’ve received so you can read them all in person.

Sites Like PostSecret

Some will surprise you, some will shock you, and most will hit you close to home. There are many things that we’re afraid to say, and being able to express them while staying completely anonymous is a great way to let loose. If you like sharing your secrets online without being judged, you should check out these other secret-sharing websites like PostSecret listed below. 100% anonymous and free.

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A Softer World

Official Site

This Webcomic site. It is different from many. There are not even main characters to follow the story, the treatment and magnificent phrases about love, sex, or cats, and above all, beautiful pictures. It is a Webcomic that makes you smile. It is essential each comic has three panels with different views or pieces of the same image distributed in the frames.


  • It possesses qualifications.
  • The most outstanding cartoonists won awards.
  • Short text can be added to the photographs.
  • It is a series of interviews that Joey conducts with people.


  • In this one, the photos do not illustrate the text directly, if not present a similar tone, or are incomplete.

A series of satirical cover letters for job apps, these cover letters are generally written to imagine a degree of insanity in the imaginary author. Recurring themes include sexuality, accidents, and the over-natural.

Post Rejects


Official Site

Post Rejects is a Google platform that rejects posts for non-compliance with image guidelines, where it describes what kind of content you can post on your account. For example, posts must be relevant to your business, truthful, and appropriate for a broad Google audience. Usually, posts are rejected due to content, photos, and images used or in sensitive topic areas.


  • Owns and covers multiple mediation formats.
  • It also has multiple mediation formats.
  • Meager cost.
  • Possesses cultural connection and material and communicative support.


  • This site is selective and overuses free stock images.
  • It has an experimental character, the complexity of the design.
  • It also has unknown effects and difficulties.

It is a Google app that rejects posts for breaching guidelines, and is made due to the content, photos, images being used, or business in a sensitive topic area. It has more than 10 locations.


Official Site

Have you ever wondered what other people are genuinely thinking, or do you have something you would like to say without anyone knowing it’s from you? Then, a whisper is just where you need to share what’s on your mind.



Official Site

Confess is another one of the top-secret sharing sites. This secret-sharing website is the best place for moms to confess how hard some days are to wake up in the morning.

For men to confess their feelings for others of the same sex, teen girls fear that older men look the wrong way. So people get hit by someone they love and less harsh secrets like teenage romances and workplace crushes.

Confess is a place to let it all out and get advice about things that bother you. But, of course, your name is always kept secret, and Confess free to use.

Noteful      (Not Available anymore)

Noteful is the place to go if you have a great story to share, a problem that needs solving, or a sin to confess. Noteful was created so people could share their experiences, complaints, secrets, and confessions. Noteful is also a go-to place to vent about your boss, teacher, or husband. This site has mature themes and swears words covered by asterisks.

Every month has a new theme. This month’s theme is bad habits. Search the archives to find a theme of interest to start reading about others’ shames and secrets, and don’t forget to add your own.



Official Site

E-Admit is the last heartbreaking anonymous secret-sharing site found on our list. On this site, you can admit small shames and things that have been torturing you for years without anyone knowing who you are. In addition, E-Admit gives its users the freedom to comment on others’ posts and a personal inbox so people can talk to each other in private.

You can find the recent posts on their homepage or filter your search for something more specific on this site. Check out the polls each time you log in to give your input, and be sure to read the rules before you begin your adventure on this site made just for secrets.

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