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Websites Like WebMD

WebMD is a website where you can find credible health information. It can go as deep as you need, from a simple article to in-depth reference material about health subjects.

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Unlike other sites like WebMD that copy-paste information they find from other places, WebMD has a staff of professionals with degrees in medical illustration, nursing, medicine, clinical informatics, and journalism.

Health pros have previously reviewed everything you read here. You will find what you need in a simple, easy-to-use layout on the site. Feeling ill? Click on the Check Your Symptoms link and find out what could be the cause and what are the next steps to take.

Need a doctor? Use the built-in search engine and find one nearby. There is also a handy page where you can find the lowest drug prices in your area.

Websites Like WebMD

For other great websites like WebMD, check out the following list. Unfortunately, many shady sites will try to sell you online medication or gather your personal info, so stay away from them and stick to the ones we include in this review.

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Mayo Clinic

Official Site

This WebMD alternative is a nonprofit medical research and practice group that employs over 4,500 physicians and scientists who share their expertise with you. You can search for a nearby doctor and schedule an appointment, and after your visit, log in to your account and check out your records and results.

If you need information, read about medical health on any topic you could imagine; the latest clinical trials and publications are posted here and updated as soon as they are released.

Health on the Net Foundation (HON)

Official Site

HON is a non-governmental organization that promotes and guides the deployment of reliable and useful health information found online. You can search for trustworthy medical websites and access articles about medical and health-related topics.

In the Tools section, you can download a toolbar to check each website you visit to verify its reliability. If English is not your main language, you can select to use this site in French, German, Spanish, and Polish.


Official Site

Healthline is a website similar to WebMD, where you can use the Symptom Checker to determine probable causes of your illness and find out what treatments are available. You can also search for a nearby doctor using your ZIP code, but not many websites like WebMD have one feature: the Pill Identifier.

You can find out what that mysterious pill you found is by entering its imprint, shape, or color. There is also a vast catalog of health articles, from Addiction to Workplace Health and everything in between.


Official Site

On this WebMD alternative, you can access doctor-produced medical and health information. If you have health concerns, this place can offer you lots of advice.

Over 70 US board-certified physicians collaborate on this website. As with other sites like WebMD, here you have a symptom checker, but there is also a great pet health section where you can find out all about cat and dog diseases, nutrition, and training.


Official Site

Medscape is the preferred website for physicians and healthcare professionals. It has the latest medical news and drug and disease information, and a video section that was recently added. So if you are searching for a WebMD website with the latest medical trends and news, you have it here, sourced from over 200 medical conferences worldwide.


Official Site

Before WebMD and other similar websites were launched, Medhelp was already online, providing health information with the help of hundreds of communities where you connect with people and share your experiences.

There are communities about any condition you can think of, from diabetes and pregnancy to mental health and sleep disorders. Just post your question and get advice from fellow members. Thousands of questions are answered daily, and yours could be the next.

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