Best Websites to Help College Students

College requires time, effort, and a lot of information. So, to help you loosen a little bit, here is a list of the Best Websites to Help College Students:


Official Site

edX is an online platform where you can put the concept of e-learning into practice. On this free website, you will find many digital courses. The fields of interest within your options are quite wide. So it can be useful for you and several at home.

Its mission is to make first-class education available to everyone in the world. And you can benefit from this now and make the world available to you. Something truly unique is that the language section will allow you to learn several languages easily. And it’s effortless to navigate the site.

This website was founded in 2012 to help people like you access college courses. It is managed by Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. As a result, it offers high-quality courses with professors from the most respected universities.

Another interesting aspect is that if you own a company, you can get courses for your employees. All courses are eligible; you need to choose a plan that suits your company’s needs. This way, you have a tool to stay within the competition with the latest developments in the field.

The areas in which they teach courses, with some highlights, are:

  • Computer Science
  • Blockchain
  • DevOps
  • HTML
  • Javascript
  • Language
  • Chinese
  • English
  • Japanese
  • Sign Language
  • Data Science
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Big Data

The average satisfaction rate is above 4 on Trustpilot, which is good. But you will always find complaints from users for some reason. The most common one is that the courses are too expensive. Another complaint is that the material for some courses is poor. So we recommend those that the platform itself approves with a verification stamp.

Backboard Help

Official Site

Blackboard is a site with multiple functions that all students can use at different levels. In addition, the site is presented as a solution to problems that all students usually go through at some point.

The Blackboard platform has many tools at its disposal to compare tasks and verify information, among several other things. This makes it a community where getting help is not a problem. Perhaps the best thing about the whole platform is that you don’t have to pay a penny to use it. All their material and information content is free for all kinds of people.

In terms of the trust, the company has been in the US market for a couple of years and has won several awards from educational institutions for being an innovative platform.


  • Multiple tools to check tasks.
  • Available in multiple languages simultaneously.


  • Platform little used outside the United States.

A great solution for students who need help and even for teachers who may need a helping hand. Help Blackboard is, without a doubt, a great tool.


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Want to improve your grades in an educational and freeway? Then you’ll probably love Quizlet. A learning platform that uses educational flashcards to teach young people different units on social sciences, arts, mathematics, letters, sports, computer science, languages, and others.

It was created in 2005 by Andrew Sutherland to learn vocabulary more easily for a Spanish exam. Since then, its learning modes have evolved. Today, it has a live game mode, learning mode, diagrams, and lessons designed for viewing from your mobile.

Quizlet is a teaching platform adapted to all those who need to promote their student habits. Within the site, we can find different sections and topics to improve their knowledge and skills. Best of all, it is also a mobile app, so using it outside the home is never a bad idea to learn more.

Using Quizlet has no defined price. Therefore, people can use it whenever they want for free and can take advantage of all the resources on the site without any problem. The confidence of Quizlet has been built by the number of students, parents, and teachers who use the site to improve the quality of teaching. Besides, the students have appreciated the content of the site, and their testimonials prove it.


  • It is a didactic learning platform.
  • It allows you to create study units and save them in your cloud.


  • Tools here are difficult to understand at first.

As a verdict, we can say that Quizlet is an excellent site. It allows you to work as a student or teacher, and also, because it is a didactic site, it is less heavy than traditional platforms.

Koofers – (Docsity)

Official Site

Koofers is a teaching platform aimed at both students and teachers. The site offers different tools that can be used to improve the study’s quality or teach respectively.

Within Koofers, we can find a variety of tools that will help students improve their study habits. For example, Wikipedia files, techniques, various tools to create schedules, and so on are what we can find on the site.

The price of Koofers is and will be completely free for students. Therefore, they can use all their resources without spending a penny and without worrying.

On the other hand, the site has gained enough confidence to recognize various important media, such as The New York Times or Facebook.


  • Completely free site.
  • Variety of useful tools for students.


  • Internship opportunities for specific nationalities only.

Koofers is an excellent study site, but it has the detail of being a little centralized. Apart from that, it is worth taking into account as a student and teacher.


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StudyBlue is a mixed teaching platform. The site is divided into various resources tailored to the study level of people looking for learning materials.

The StudyBlue platform allows you to study with already designed materials or design your materials with an alternative tool specific to the site and better record what you should study.

There is no cost to use StudyBlue or its partner platforms since they are designed to help students.

The confidence of the site is not in doubt because a recognized educational company creates it, and besides, users have left positive testimonies about the platform.


  • It has external tools useful for other types of tasks.
  • Materials in a variety of subjects.


  • They do not have a virtual classroom.

It can be said that StudyBlue is a site that allows students to diversify their ways of studying without getting lost along the way. This, along with the materials they offer, makes it a high-quality site at all times.

Wolfram Alpha

Official Site

Wolfram Alpha is a multi-category site for learning from many different assignments. It is presented as an educational platform with multiple tools for students.

The site is segmented into different fields, and each one has a different way of presenting its resources so that students can make the best use of them.

In terms of pricing, Wolfram Alpha is free to use but with certain limitations. For example, it has a paid version that does not exceed $5 in its Pro version, and the Pro Premium version costs $8.

The company has more than 30 years of experience in teaching and has been certified by many companies. This is proof not only of its quality but also of the confidence of its users.


  • Platform segmented into subjects.
  • Simple but complete design.


  • There are no good language topics.

We can say that Wolfram Alpha is an excellent choice for students and teachers. Even though it is not as expensive, its resources are sufficient to compensate for the expense.


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eFollet is a site that is not dedicated to improving a person’s student life. The platform focuses on selling merchandise from different campuses to interested parties.

The platform is presented as a marketplace of the major institutions in the United States and sells all kinds of merchandise related to those universities or colleges.

As for the price, everything varies from the garment you want to buy, so you can not mention a specific price for the site. However, the most expensive are the laptops, which easily exceed $200-300.

eFollet’s confidence is more than enough due to the years they have worked as a company and directly contact different student centers.


  • Clothing and accessories can be purchased from various campuses.


  • They do not offer anything useful to students.
  • They have no resources for teaching.

For an average store, eFollet meets the required expectations. But to serve as an alternative to help college students to improve in their student environments has nothing good.

The Owl – The Purdue Writing Lab

Official Site

The Owl is a segmentation created by Purdue University, where they offer various courses for those interested in writing.

The site does condense varied information about different writing courses and offers the possibility of developing as a professional in that field. But, on the other hand, they also have spaces for improvement in the form of help groups.

Using The Owl is free of charge. So people can take advantage of all its features without spending a penny and get a great deal out of everything they have to offer.

In terms of confidence, suffice it to say that Purdue University backs the Owl, so having a problem, or something similar to them is unlikely.


  • It is an excellent option for people who want to develop their writing.
  • It has employment options for people who participate in its courses.


  • All topics are related to the Purdue University

For those who serve, The Owl is a platform with unique opportunities for both students and employees. In addition, it is an excellent site to train professionals in the field of writing.

Ted Talks

Official Site

Ted Talks is an innovative idea that has been on the market for years. From the beginning, it was a trend, and today it is one of the best events worldwide for a variety of people, including students.

The platform does bring together professionals or people with different skills to provide various topics to a specific audience. This has made them recognized as one of the best platforms today.

Best of all, Ted Talks can be enjoyed at no cost on platforms such as YouTube or your website. If you wish to attend one, tickets are available for sale weeks in advance.

As far as trust goes, there’s not much to say. However, the site has earned the trust of everyone since its inception and is now established worldwide.


  • The talks are on all kinds of topics.
  • Most of the talks are given by professionals.
  • They are available in several languages.


  • We could not find any disadvantages.

With this, we can conclude that one of the best platforms to help college students is undoubtedly the Ted Talks. Variety of topics, speakers, and no doubt the topics will give fresh air that will improve the students’ quality of a study.


Official Site

Big Think features many interviews, roundtable discussions, conferences, and multimedia presentations of all genres. This site also includes some of the most popular TED talks.

Big Think is like YouTube, but instead of being full of movie trailers, silly animals, and stupid stunts, this site is filled with ideas and learning tools and tricks. Big Think has worked with companies like PBS and popular figures like Charlie Rose.

Master your own universe by gaining the knowledge you need to succeed on this site. Big Think will change the way you look at the world. So start using this site to understand more about the significance, relevance, and application involved in the things we do every day.

Talks on Google

Official Site

Talks on Google are home to some of the world’s most influential creators, thinkers, doers, and makers in the world. This is where great minds come to meet.

Talks on Google is also completely free to use. On this site, you will find categories that range from food to entertainment to culture and hard-hitting interviews about subjects like harassment, tribes, and history.

Talks on Google adds new content all the time, and you can search the archives to find something added in the past.

The DO Lectures

Official Site

On this site, founded in 2008, you will find hundreds of talks by influential speakers like Maggie Doyne, David Allen, Sir Time Bernes Lee, and Marion Deuchars.

The DO Lectures are available across the globe and in numerous languages. On this site, not only can you find a ton of lectures, but you will also find book recommendations, a place to buy tickets for conferences near you, Instagram pictures, Podcasts, quotes, and a whole lot more.

The DO Lectures is simple to use, and its main purpose is to inspire you to go out and do something. So if you’re looking for a new life passion, check out this site now. You won’t be disappointed.


Official Site

99U is a creative community conference site made to help people value their creations and pursue their creative journeys.

On this site, you will find some of the best speeches that have been made in the world, books that are worth talking about, conferences that are worth attending, and more of the genre. In addition, 99U gives you big opportunities to mingle with companies like Uber, Jet, and Airbnb and learn from the best in Silicon Valley.

You will find employers, agencies, startups, and fortune 500 companies on this free-to-use website. 99U has many tools to discover if you want to grow your business and succeed in the world. This site will become your guiding light when it comes to any business, either online or off.

The educational videos for students can help with work opportunities and with things like support and encouragement. So if you need a push in the right direction, check out 99U now.


Official Site

It is one of the best English dictionaries on the Internet, providing people with a wide range of words to increase their language knowledge.

The page looks for people to learn and improve their skills within this language since it allows using games, courses and brings with it dictionaries of words that are rarely used or that are on the rise, as they are:

  • Emojis dictionary.
  • Dictionary of idioms.
  • Dictionaries to identify people’s genres.

The best of all this is that it is free of charge and has been on the market for more than 20 years, so both its users and reviews are quite good and its use is recommended.


  • It is a fairly complete page, with several ways to learn the language.
  • Is constantly updated, seeking to innovate their teaching methods
  • Has a mobile app


  • The material is a bit messy so that people could get lost inside all the content.

Therefore, Vocabulary is a page that is recommended to use due to the quality of its service and the breadth of knowledge within it.


Official Site

A dictionary in English seeks to innovate with the way words are taught since it seeks to make the teaching methodology through the visual area.

The page looks for people to learn about words using diagrams to connect a word with other meanings or similar words.

Furthermore, Visuwords is free for people who want to use it. The only thing necessary is that people enter your website and start using it. The page itself is quite reliable, mainly because it does not ask for people’s data, so the information is kept anonymous at all times.


  • You don’t need a membership.
  • It is an excellent option for writers, students, or artists.
  • Where there is the internet, you will have access to the dictionary.


  • Its use can be a bit complex due to its interface, which is quite confusing.

Therefore, Visuwords is a recommended page to broaden the knowledge of English words. It is only necessary to have patience when using it to learn how to manage its interface.

In The End

Here you have a comprehensive list of tools that may ease your way through college. Try some of these and enjoy having more allies than enemies while you look to grow as a person and professional –Also, remember to take some rest now and then.