Best Websites to Help with Homework

Several Websites to Help with Homework are out there, and you may spend more time looking for the right one than applying. So, we decided to narrow your search to the best offers we could find.


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It’s an online platform designed to get people to write your papers. In this regard, Nerdify is one of the Best Websites to Help with Homework because it uses real nerds.

Furthermore, to make everything work out as well as possible, they test the nerds for handling what you ask them to do.

First, you register on the website. Then you write to a bot about what you need. The bot finds the ideal nerd for the job you need. Finally, you tell it everything it needs to know and find out the price.

How much does it cost? It depends on the number of pages and the delivery time. For example, you could pay $20 per page with four or more days for delivery.

On the other hand, Nerdify offers a 100% money-back guarantee if you are unhappy with your report. But, of course, the quality will depend on the nerd. And, just as some people are satisfied, you will read about disappointing others.


  • 100% money-back guarantee.
  • Automatic nerd selection process.


  • The data for finding the nerd should be more extensive.
  • There’s no clear rate.

In the end, this is a useful website to support you when you’re on the edge of your college assignments. But it tries it out with lightweight assignments -Or just those where you can easily recover.

Common Core Sheets

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As its name suggests, Common Core Sheets is a library of spreadsheets based on Common Core. Designed for math teachers, this site allows you to get a lot of benefits.

This is the place to be if you are a primary school student looking for the best way to get motivated. First, you can download worksheets for various subjects, especially math. Then, you can use them on a computer or print them out.

Besides, you can use all the content on this page for free. They only ask that you never remove their address online from the worksheets. And, as long as you can, put the link in.

Is it reliable? Since it’s free and you don’t have to work with anyone, you can be sure that any info is safe. Besides, the site is acknowledged as a reliable source.

On the other hand, the content is prepared, especially for high school students. So it will be quite useful during the school year, but this is a big NO if you are in college.


  • It’s free.
  • Easy to use design in digital or after printing.


  • Limited content.
  • Basic mastery of worksheets is required.

An excellent resource for advanced or special needs students but more valuable for teachers. You can easily use it when teaching or evaluating.

Top Homework Helper

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Designed for university students, Top Homework Helper offers you help for over 100 subjects. And it says you have over 3000 experts ready to help you. Besides, Live help and live classes are also available.

What exactly does Top Homework Helper do? First, you register. Then you fill out a form describing what you need. At that time, you will know how much you have to pay. Then you wait for the solution to be sent to you by email or even on paper.

How much does it cost? Well, this will depend on the solution you need.

The minimum price is around $5. But if you register you get a 30% discount. Other rewards of $20 for registering or $5 for updating your phone number, among other things. But they don’t mention having a return policy.

On all the evaluation sites like Trustpilot, most customers are satisfied. They say the money paid was worth it, and the solutions have lived up to their expectations.


  • Effective solutions and online support.
  • Over 3000 experts in more than 100 academic subjects.


  • You know the price until you pay it.
  • Strict usage policies.

Top Homework Helper can provide solutions for short-term students. Or with compromised grades. All previous customers confirm the quality of their work.

Khan Academy

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Khan Academy is a non-profit organization. The lectures are short and consist of YouTube videos. Although the primary language is English, you can also find Portuguese, Russian, French, Bengali, Hindi, Turkish, and Spanish.

Their test prep section is trendy and offers SAT, MCAT, GMAT, IIT JEE, and NCLEX-RN practice tests. Khan Academy seeks to offer you a first-class education at no cost. Besides, resources are available for you in 36 languages, and the site can be explored in 4 languages.

You can register using your Facebook to make it easier to log in. Then select the topic you will study and at the end of each lesson you are suggested the next one. The content covers:

  • Math at various levels.
  • History and history of art.
  • Economics.
  • Computing.

Furthermore, Using Khan Academy is free. They have a group of benefactors who finance the site. And you can also donate if you like.

As for reliability, despite being free, users are satisfied with the quality of the tools. And they don’t require much of your data to be a member. Nor will they fill your mail with spam because donations fund them.


  • Free material of excellent quality.
  • They explain various primary and secondary school subjects.


  • The classes are never personalized, so sometimes, you must watch the video more than once.
  • It depends on donations.

This site is not for paying and getting a last-minute allowance. But it’s a great resource if you have a limited economy. On the other hand, it is Excellent for clearing up class doubts.

My Assignment Help

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My Assignment Help has over 5600 professional writers ready to do your assignment. This site offers you help on more than 100 different topics. And they cover high levels, from first-year college students to Ph.D. students.

To use this site, you must complete the online form. You will then receive a quote and pay with the medium of your choice. Along with the quote, you know the delivery date. Normally they will complete the work before the deadline.

The price will depend on the subject you need, the number of pages, and the degree of urgency. But in comparison with other similar sites, its price is meager. Besides, they have a nice refund policy if your paper goes wrong.

Is it reliable? Research on different reviews confirms that their work is outstanding. Furthermore, they claim that their goal is to help and educate you. So, if you need help, you can get a tutor by chat or phone.


  • Reliable writing service for all types of assignments.
  • Great customer service.


  • Tutoring is only when you make claims or modifications to the work you receive.
  • You receive the work only through their platform.

Many students trust them. They claim to meet your demands and have a refund policy that you can apply if you fail. Overall, the site is easy to use and has good customer service.

Fact Monster (for Kids)


Official Site

Over 20 years of online, Fact, Monster has content aimed especially at children. Here You’ll find information for your kids that’s easy to read and understand. And they’re professionally certified.

What exactly does Fact Moster (for Kids) do? They claim to follow a strict research system using only reliable sources. Experts then prepare educational content, tools, and games to help your child in class or at home.

On the other hand, It’s free. Besides, They are KidSafe, and COPPA certified. So you can rest assured that your children won’t see anything wrong here.


  • Specially designed for children.
  • Free and certified content.


  • Monsters could scare your children.
  • Ads can be annoying.

This is a free resource for children without fear of monsters, with content prepared not to bore them and easy to find and understand, in addition to games and other interactive activities.



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Reddit is a trendy online community. Its content is extensive. Although you could spend hours wasting your time, you can also find useful academic information.

This website is a collection of forums. You can use the search engine to find forums on the topic you need (National history or social science). Then, browse from the most popular to the least popular content.

Registering on Reddit is free. But you can pay a monthly membership of $6 that offers tools that regular users don’t have.

When it comes to reliability, the issue is highlighted. Being a social network, you can find any information. So, The moderators strive to keep the forums clean of useless content (depending on the topic). The rest depends on what users post.


  • Easy to use.
  • You can find information about many things.


  • The moderators are very strict about what you say or publish.
  • It is not a reliable source.

It can be useful in finding information. But it’s straightforward for you to end up sailing aimlessly. And the quality of the information could let you down. So, unfortunately, it does not belong to the Best Websites to Help with Homework category. But it’s not completely disposable.

Academic Earth


Official Site

Academic Earth makes it because of its respected providers, such as UC Berkley, MIT, Princeton, and Yale, which offer astronomy courses, chemistry, law, philosophy, religion, etc.

There are over 1,500 videos in the catalog, some of which are grouped into classes, and you can download them to watch when you are offline.  

Cosmo Learning


Official Site

Cosmo Learning is free and designed for both students and teachers.

It works as a free online school and is used by many as a great homeschooling tool, ranging from health sciences and technology to languages and humanities. There is also a fascinating documentaries section where hundreds of videos are on hand. 

To Conclude

While you can go out for free resources, most sites that help you with your homework will ask for payment. On the other hand, you could even get the work done by a specialist. So, try out sites like Nerdify if you need “complete” help. You may be better with an online tutor than alone.