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Weight Watchers Shop is a digital weight loss program. Its reach is greater as it is available on your cell phone through an application and the Internet. The goal of this program is to help you create a lifestyle where your diet is healthy. To achieve this, they use different tools and methods that will motivate you to consume better.

Their experience of more than 55 years will be advantageous to you in building a new lifestyle. Your job is to follow the instructions in the type of program you choose. And if you complement it with exercise, you will notice the change.

How does Weight Watchers Shop work?

As they explain on their website, they make a scientifically designed weight loss program available to you.

The goal is to get you to lose weight and help you achieve better well-being. It is a program but with different ways to apply it.

When you start your profile, you must complete a form indicating your age, height, weight, and sex. It is about calculating the calories you consume and what you should consume. With that information, the software designs a program for you based on three levels:

  • Purple Plan: This is the strictest. You should consume about 300 points in zero food and give a few Wellness Wins points.
  • The green plan is the most flexible, demanding that you consume 100 points in zero food. It awards more points in the WellnessWins system.
  • Blue plan: is the intermediate option by suggesting about 200 points in zero food and offers intermediate WellnessWins rewards.

Zero foods are essentially low-calorie foods such as salads and low-protein options. Zero drinks, such as coffee or water, are low in sugar or fat. And you accumulate WellnessWins points throughout the program. The more you accumulate, the more you will be rewarded with gifts.

Is Weight Watchers Shop expensive?

These prices are related to the program, not the plan you choose. There are three levels of programs, and you should choose according to your needs:

Digital plan:

You use the software and the app. You get to track your food consumption, recipes, and exercise guides. And also, you become part of a community with the same goal. The price ranges from $12 to $15 per month.

Digital plan and access to the workshop:

In addition to the advantages of the digital plan, you can enjoy guided workshops. On the website, there is an option for you to see what workshops are near you. The price ranges from $28 to $35 per month.

Personal Trainer Plan:

With this plan, you can have a weekly phone call with a Weight Watchers professional. The price ranges from $50 to $64 per month.

Remember that this is a program that you must follow to get results. You will cheat if you buy one of the plans and do not follow them or enter false information. We recommend you follow it only if you want to create a new lifestyle.

As for their products, all of them are free of chemicals and other preservatives. We did not find any complaints online about shipments or that they were misleading in their advertising. But it seems that unsubscribing is a real challenge. It seems necessary to contact someone on the staff to cancel.

Note: there is a cancellation fee.


  • Web-based program and easy-to-use application.
  • Free shipping when your purchase exceeds $25.
  • Discounts on selected merchandise and special coupons apply.
  • You can choose to have guidance in a workshop or through a personal trainer.
  • Exercises are not part of the weight loss program. It’s your choice.
  • The scoring system rewards you with useful lifestyle accessories.


  • You must prepare most of the meals yourself.
  • Meals are not always easy to prepare, and making an equivalent is not easy for us.
  • Canceling the program when you reach your goal is a challenge.
  • Tracking your food is a manual process, which makes it tedious.
  • Talking to a stranger about your eating habits may be uncomfortable.

In the end

Losing weight is possible with all the tools and methods of the Weight Watchers Shop. It’s not a lifestyle, as they say, but rather getting you to eat healthy food. Most of us seek to eat what we like rather than what helps us. So they will help you improve your eating habits.

You may have complications when you end the service, but it won’t be too much if you follow their instructions. The price is reasonable for its service. And the rewards for achieving your goals in the program make it an interesting option.

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Diana Muniz

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