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Sending money and remittances internationally sometimes seems like very complicated management. There are so many companies, among wallets, banks, and shipping companies that offer this service, that choosing one to work with becomes a difficult task.

Western Union stands out as one of the oldest remittance companies with the most connections worldwide, reaching more than 200 countries and having a network of more than 500,000 nodes – in the form of specialized agents – that allow you to connect with almost any city in the world.

However, we know that not everything that shines is gold, so we decided to make this Western Union review a money transfer service. Keep reading.

What Is Western Union Do?

The premise is simple. Western Union allows you to make money transfers through your agents from one place to another in exchange for a deduction based on a fee, which varies depending on how the recipient gets the money you sent.

Western Union has been active since 1851 when it was founded as the New York and Mississippi Valley Printing Telegraph Company.

This company offers its clients money transfer services, bill payment services, and prepaid cards allowing transfer money or schedule payments of bills online, through your mobile phone, from more than 100,000 ATMs, by phone, or by going to one of more than 500,000 agencies located throughout the world.

Is It Legal?

Actually, yes, Western Union is a legitimate entity regulated by the Austrian Financial Markets Authority in addition to local regulators in each country. This includes the FCA in the UK and FinCEN in the US-.

How Does It Work?

Western Union works basically in two ways: directly through an agent office or the internet –via website or app-.

This service is one of the main services to carry out international money transfers since they keep money in stock in dollars and currencies according to each office country, which allows the withdrawal to be faster once the deposit of the sender is confirmed.


You can ask for transfers and either cash deposit, via debit or credit card, and even proceed transfers through their offices. You can also make cash withdrawals if that was the requested release method when someone sent you the money.

In offices, Western Union moves a total of almost 5,300 million dollars a year.


As expected, the technology allows the methods to change, and the use of the internet and the app have grown in recent times thanks to the convenience of making secure transfers from home.

As a curious fact, the total turnover of internet transfers through this company is around 300 million dollars.

Rates and Fees

Western Union calculates exchange rates and commissions based on several factors.

They do not charge any commission for sending money to any person located in the United States, but for making international transactions.

To make international transfers, the minimum rate is $ 5 and a maximum of $ 10. In case you want to accelerate the process, their fastest service will only charge a commission of an additional $ 5. -These commissions are valid if debit and credit cards are used, both for mobile wallet agents.

Money transfer fees abroad, however, are more expensive. For example:

  • 4% for online transfers to AUD
  • 6% for EUR
  • 3% for Romania
  • 1% for Spain
  • 1% for Nigeria
  • 5% for South Africa
  • 1% for India

For which all final commissions are quite high when compared to newer methods.

To Conclude

Western Union has some great user reviews and the support of a really long history of service. But, even when they are aiming to get on with the new technologies in money transfers, the rates and rigidity of their terms and conditions could make you turn away, so:


  • The largest network of agent offices allows money to be sent and received in almost every country in the world.
  • You can send the money through several channels, including the Western Union agent offices, website, mobile apps, and even by phone.
  • You can send your transfer and receive money in cash.


  • Sending to certain countries or sending cash in an agent’s office can be quite expensive.
  • Not all channels are available in all countries.
  • The rates and fees can fly high.

In the end, it is a matter of choice. If you have all required to work with Western Union, it can be an amazing way to send money, especially inside the US. Still, if you don’t have a bank account fit to their terms, or need to send money abroad, then there are other options that, while less reliable, can be more useful.

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